Are Dash Cameras a Good Idea?

The dash cams are also known by the name of silent witness, this is to the fact which they start to record footages of any event of threat or collision that your car might have got involved as such.

The dash cam is installed on to dashboard or the windshield of your vehicle to capture footages from the best possible angles so that no details on the road care missed out while the footages get captured including the road signs ,license plates

which comes very important in case of event of accidents or collision that had happened as the from the actions from the driver in the opposite vehicle along the same way a lot of dash cams today comes with front as well as rear dash cam

💡making sure that no you get footages from the front of the vehicle as well as from the rear or backside of your vehicle this works to bring you concrete evidence in the case of if the accident had occurred from the backside of the vehicle as well having rear dash cam can make the tailgaters backoff from causing any kind of damage to your vehicle.

The dash cam turns automatically on when your vehicle ignition is on and goes off when the ignition is off ,

so once the dash cam is on its starts recording automatically giving you footages from the surroundings of your car when you car is in motion, although most dash cam goes off when the ignition is off those dash cams with parking mode will remain to work even the ignition is off

and your vehicle is being parked at a place they give you footages of any event of theft or vandalism that had occurred to your dash cam when you were away from the car giving your vehicle with security as well as surveillance.

What are the disadvantages of dash cam?

Along with the benefits of the dash cams they do come with certain disadvantages as well, which comes as:

  • These dash cams become very distracting to the drivers as they when the driver gets involved in adjusting the angle of the dash for better viewing as well does the change in settings while the vehicle is in motion it leads to matters of distracting of the driver and ending up making the drivers get the attention away from their driving.
  • If the accident that had occurred did happen as a result of your fault and not the other driver on the road and the footages captured on the dash cam suggests that then your coming at the case of getting charges pressed against you as the result of the dash cam that had got installed by you and tampering of those footages can make you get into even more bigger legal trouble.
  • Many dash cams in the market comes with microphone features along with their other features such that when video footages gets captured you are getting audio recordings simultaneously as well this can be intrusive as well as invading privacy of individuals as this captures the faces of individuals along with their conversations which when used without their permission becomes invading of privacy and certain local laws as well as certain states have strict laws that prohibits the use of audio recording along with video recording.

Is it worth it to get a dash cam?

The footages that you get from your dash cam comes as concrete evidence in case of going to the police or as well as insurance companies if your vehicle had got involved in any sorts of collision or accidents along with that those dash cams that come with GPS connectivity comes handy to in case of speeding tickets as the footages captured would contain speed, location details all with a time stamp ,aiding you to prove your innocence if you were falsely accused as such.

By the use of those dash cams that has dual channel -front cam as well as rear cam you are the cost of getting solid evidence at the event of an accident that occurred from the backside of your vehicle ,a single channel dash cam would be of no use at that instance of time.

Do cars get broken into for Dashcams?

If the dash cam wired are not hidden or not kept as discreet as possible it can bring unwanted attention to your vehicle from thieves which leads to theft of your dash cam or nay other valuable items from your car, but however if you are using dash cam with parking and motion detection you would get footages of such break-ins as well the alerts to the events would be send to you as well.

Do Dashcams run out of memory?

The dash cams come with a feature called as loop recording so due to this feature when the dash memory gets full the older footages are overwritten for new footages to be stored, in this way the memory of your storage device is managed.

So, but not all SD cards might not able to handle of stress of this continuous loop so it is always recommended to use SD cards from reputed brands to manage the stress of this continuous loop such that these SD cards would not get damaged as well as get corrupted as well.

Summing it up

The dash cam has great benefits to the vehicle owners in the case of their vehicle has got involved in any kind of accident or speeding tickets as such, it comes to your favor when you go to insurance companies as well as solid police evidence as such.

These dash cams have their own disadvantages as well which includes invasion of privacy along with distracting the drivers as well.

Along with this we have also discussed about a features called loop recording feature that aids you to manage the storage when the memory gets full on your SD card.


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