Best 360 Dash Cam with Parking Mode [Top5 Picks]

Ever thought about getting a dash cam that can give you complete view of your surroundings, if not then you should as the dash cam are readily available in the market that can give you this experience.

The traditional dash cam has its own limitations, whereas if you wish to give a try to this 360-degree dash you are not going to regret this purchase and the experience its going to give you.

Through this article we will get to know the 360-degree dash cam in detail as well as working of it and how it functions. Adding on we will be also be looking at best 360 degree camera for car available in the market, whose worth purchasing for.

What Is a 360-Degree Dash Cam?

In simple way, we can say we can it gives a 360-degree view of surroundings outside your car. These 360 degrees dash cam works like an extra pair of eyes for the driver to get full swing view of the surroundings where the car is, as they cover multiple angles including front ,rear left and right sides.

So,when the driver gets a 360 degree view of their car surroundings it comes in beneficial in case of reversing ,getting along through traffic jams ,and parking lot. The 360-degree dash cam provides you with high quality video resolution, and ultra-wide video recording, adding on they come in different types to rear and front dash cams as well.

The 360-degree dash cam features are highly spoken about in comparison to the features of the traditional dash cams. The 360-degree dash cams come to your rescue in the case of collisions or accidents, as they step as concrete evidence to the incident with complete 360-degree view of the surroundings in respect to the incident happened thereby aiding in conflict resolution over the accidents, analyzing driver behavior as well as gives clear recordings which works as the concrete evidence.

How Does a 360-Degree Camera Work?

When you are using the 360-degree dash cam you are getting multiple images from the places on the car like front grill, rear end of the car and the under the side mirror. So, you get a complete perspective of the surroundings as per the images coming from these sides of the car in relation to getting a complete view of the surroundings where your car has been placed on to.

The multiple images are received from the rear end of the car, under the side mirror as well as from the front grill and later these images are processed by car’s computer software to give you a single frame 360-degree image.

These images are free of any kind of distortion and other disturbances that cannot give a desired result to the driver. This final image is displayed on the infotainment screen with a single image that shows the complete 360-degree view, so to avoid distraction that comes a result of the car moving in different speeds the camera turns itself off.

Now we have understood what comes in a 360-degree camera, further let us understand the different types of 360-degree dash cam, as variations comes in these as well.

What Are the Different Types of 360 Degree Dash Cams?

The 360-degree dash cams come in different types; they are as follows

  1. Single Lens 360 Dash Cam-Their features carry
  2. Also known as fish eye lens
  3. Gives you panoramic view of the surroundings
  4. Comes handy as its very easy to install.
  5. Single lens
  • Multi-Lens 360 Dash Cam-Their features carry
  • Carries multiple lens
  • Provides continuous rear and front recording
  • Comes as handy as it is easier to install.
  • Enhanced vision
  • Hybrid 360 Dash Cam-Their features carry
  • Comes with multiple lens -regular lens and wide-angle lens
  • Very handy as it comes easy installation.
  • Provides higher video quality
  • Multi-channel 360 Dash Cam-Their features carry
  • Comes with four cameras
  • ’Footages comes in from different angle
  • Offers high quality video
  • GPS-enabled 360 dash cams-Their features carry
  • Tracks your location and speed
  • Extra sense of security
  • Wireless 360 dash cams-Their features carry
  • WIFI Connectivity
  • Transfer of footage comes seamless

Do You Know the Benefits of Using 360-Degree Dash Cam?

The 360-degree dash cam have several added benefits over the traditional dash cam, they are explained below”:

  • The 360 degree provides you panoramic footage: The footage that gets recorded this way comes greater coverage as these cameras get footages from the rear end, front grill and under the side mirror. The more coverage you get, the better will be your view of the surroundings. So, when you get better coverage of the surroundings of your car you have greater chances of avoiding any kind of collision or other incident of threats while parking or reversing your car.
  •  The field of view gets better and this in turn can protect you from thefts and vandalism, as the field of view gets better you have clear idea about the view of your area of surrounding and this can help in you getting better details of the incident happened in cases of theft, vandalism or about any road rage activities as well.
  • The cameras on the 360-degree dash cam offers video ad images that are of high quality, and there is no compromise over this any type of 360-degree dash Cam. This of greater importance as such higher resolution can give footages that does not lose details license plates, road signs, and minute details that are of use to you in case of an incidents like collision, or speeding tickets. These high-resolution videos give proper evidence with full details, and comes concrete on going further to authorities as well as in case of your insurance claims.(Does Dash Cam Insurance Discount in Insurance? )
  • The night vision provided comes top-notch, the footages that comes in low light time during the night comes in high resolution, so as not losing the footage to low quality.
  • Gives proper sense of safety to the driver as it gives proper alerts to the driver at the time of collision, or hazardous situation on the road in real time. Through this alert system the driver can get better sense of safety as alert system of the dash cam works well.

What to Watch Out for When Buying 360-Degree Dash Cam?

Before you buy a 360-degree dash cam, you should watch out these following factors to find a 360-degree dash that’s worthy of your money, and are given below to watch out for:

  • The dash cam should come with high resolution footage-a high resolution will give a better footage that carries the details required for the driver to navigate, this means the footage recorded are of good quality that itself becoming concrete evidence at the instance of any collision or road rage activities.
  • Whether it is having larger screen to showing the footage -this is beneficial as a larger screen shows the footage with full view and nothing gets out of the screen as minute details are important to keep yourself safe on the road.
  • The storage its going to take up for the footage it going to record -high resolution comes with high quality footage that takes a good amount of your storage space. This is to make sure the footages are getting recorded and nothing get lost out when their shortages of space if you are at places and you require extensive period on your recordings
  • Whether it is easier to navigate -as in the buttons and menu options should be easy to use and should not get sophisticated for the user
  • Additional features it carries as in night vision, GPS, WIFI connectivity-the GPS records the details of your location, speed which comes in handy in cases of speeding tickets and WIFI connectivity aids you in seamless transfer of recordings to your smartphones or any other device of your requirements.

The Best 5 Picks of 360 Degree Dash Cam

Among the various models of 360-degree dash cams available in the market, we have handpicked these 5 bests one among all of these.

1, Rexing V360 Degree

Price: $169.99

The Rexing V360 degree dash came comes with a built in G-sensor that comes at good in detecting collision ad giving accidents alerts to the driver, apart from that it also comes with loop recording features that aids in managing the storage space, as it overwrites the new footages generated over the older footages. The camera carries a higher resolution video quality which makes crisp and clear images or videos without any missing on details. The coverage of the Rexing V360 Degree is higher because of 360-degree wide angle it carries. This dash cam’s installation however is not an easy pill and requires professional assistance to set it up and energy consumption is not also down as it requires good amount of energy to function. The drawbacks are not here less as they do not come with GPS, and night vision becomes zero as result of no infrared, all of this at a price of $169.99, if it works for you go for it.


  • Built G -sensor that detects collision
  • Loop Recording
  • High resolution video quality
  • High coverage due 360-degree wide angle  


  • Installation does not come handy might require professional help
  • Consumes good amount of energy
  • No GPS
  • Infrared is not there so no night vision footages  

My thoughts on this: Go for it if you are ok with features and lacking of GPS and infrared works for you. Apart from this it works wells for the user.

2, WISEUP 360-degree Dash Cam

Price: $372

The WISEUP 360-degree Dash Cam is a dash cam comes with in built G-sensor that comes which aids in collision detection, as well has high quality video coverage that too in 4K resolution giving out high clarity footages as well as the technology in the dash cam balances out the varying exposure levels. The settings of the dash cam come as an easy access. Overall, it having user friendly interface making the navigation through the dash cam a simple thing and user experience as least sophisticated as possible. The dash cam gets comes a price of whopping $372 making it quite expensive in the category, and it also carries along a high maintenance for proper functioning. A good choice to go for in for the feature it does and the function of capturing footages at best from different angles.


  • A user -friendly interface
  • Comes with time stamped video
  • Comes with built in G-sensor


  • Quite expensive
  • Through and complete maintenance.

My thoughts on this: If you want to go for a 360-degree dash come, that worthy to the money you spend for even its quite expensive the go for this.

3, HUPEJOS V7 360° Dash Cam

 Price: $159.99

The HUPEJOS V7 360° Dash Cam comes with 1080P resolution for the footages it provides, and main screen can show footages from all 4 channels at the same time at a single screen, because of all the 4 channels can give more information with more angles thereby not missing out on important details of critical moments. The built in WIFI connectivity can help you transfer the footage from the dash cam to your smartphones very seamlessly, making it as any easy transfer. This dash cam too comes with built in G-sensor that brings collision detection and accident alerts. However, their limitations also pose question as they come with limited additional features and limitations on the storage capacity.


  • In -built G-sensor
  • Super night vision
  • Loop Recording
  • 3.16-inch IPS Screen


  • Storage Capacity is limited
  • Few additional features

My thoughts on this -if you are looking for a cost-effective solution go for this, and in case of you do not require additional features as well.

Do you know How Much Does It Cost to Install a Dashcam?

4, Garmin Dash Cam 46

Price: $149.99

This dash cam is a simple to use dash cam that comes easy with installation as well, they are good at their functions as they do decent work what features they are offering you by recording events free of problems, leading to proper coverage of the surroundings, we can say a must buy to the price point. The dash cam also detects red light cameras and speed as well. The alert systems give lane departure warning if you are off your lane, and go alert if the traffic ahead of your moves, in case you have stopped at the traffic jam. They also come with voice command features with brings the ease of start and stop to the recording at the step of voice command. If the overall features are apt for you, at this price this gets you the best buy four your pocket.


  • Very easy to install
  • Resistance towards high temperature


  • Has a very limited field of view
  • Comes with no built-in screen

My thoughts on this, go for only in case you are ok with features that comes with limited field of view, and you are ok with that price.

5, RAZO DC3000A 360° Dash Cam

Price: $349.99

The RAZO DC3000A 360° Dash Cam captures all the footages from the front, rear end, all other sides of your vehicle to give you a full view of the surroundings, with a camera that comes very durable. There is ease in the installation process, making no room for professional assistance. The video is of 4K resolution giving a crisp and clear footage to the driver with no compromise on details as well as this dash cam comes with live streaming with low resolution. All this deal comes with a low maintenance to look after to. The dash cam comes with built WIFI and GPS making it shine through the additional features it carries along to that the installation of dash cam gets easy and this dash cam lacks fine details and night vision, go for it if price works for you and you are ok with not being much into fine details.


  • Comes with a durable camera
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance and longer lifespan


  • Cannot withstand harsh weather
  • Is not waterproof

My thoughts on this if you are ok with using the dash cam in ideal weather condition this is a very expensive option to go for.

Summing it up

We have discussed in detail about 360-degree dash cams and their workings, along with their various benefits. Moving along we have suggested the top 5 360-degree dash cams for your vehicles, as you have read along, I hope this article has given you better clarity on the same. If you are looking for dash cams that gets a complete view of your surroundings of your car ,go for a 360 -degree dash cam.


Is 360 cameras in car worth it?

Yes, they are worth it as it improves overall driving experience, and get along traffic jams as well as helps in reversing.

What are the disadvantages of 360-degree cameras?

As it captures too many information it loses focus.

How does the 360-degree camera work in a car?

You get a complete view of the surrounding from a top angle of the surroundings of your car.


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