Best 4k Night Vision Dash Cam!

The REDTIGER HD Dash Cam is a dual channel dash cam that comes 4K resolution front camera and the rear camera comes with 1080p resolution providing you with high-quality images and footages with all the intricate details on the road like street sign as well as license plates.

The dash cam comes with wide angle lens of 170 degrees in the front and a wide-angle lens of 140 degree in the rear cam.

This dash cam comes with built in GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity which helps you to pin-point your location as well with the use of Redtiger app you view the data as well along with this it carries high-spec Sony STARVIS sensor which provides you superior night vision features giving you enhanced security as well clarity footages in low-light conditions.

It also comes with 24-hour non-stop parking mode, along with the presence of built in G-sensor aids you to detect any sudden collision shock which would enable the dash cam to lock and save the footage on detection of any such impact.

The dash cam is a very easy to set up dash cam that comes with 1 year warranty as well as this has smartphone app functionality with Redtiger App, and the dash cam can be mounted using the suction cup.

Overall, the dash cam comes with superior night vision along with safety features as well user-friendly interface all at a price of $149.99 which is quite affordable in terms of what it offers.

The dash cams that can be placed next to the Redtiger HD Dash cam is as following:

  1. AZDOME 4K Dual Dash Cam
  2. Garmin Dash Cam Tandem
  3. Thinkware U1000
  4. Nextbase 622GW
  5. Vantrue N4 Night Vision Dash Cam
  6. BlackVue DR900X-2CH Dash Cam

Is 4K worth it for dash cam?

A 4K dash cam gives you footages of superior quality which comes as crystal clear as the result of higher pixel density.

These 4K dash cams has about 8 million pixels when compared to those 1080p or Full HD dash cam that comes with about 2 million pixels in snap shot.

When you zoom in for details in a 4K dash cam captured video or images there is zero chance of distortion that can happen.

The higher the resolution the higher the file size of footages captured this leads to taking up of large amount of space on your storage device and mostly 4K dash cams are quite expensive so go only for these type of dash cams if you have budget for this as well your needs require this type of a dash cam.

The SD cards of 128 GB and 256 GB is recommended for the usage of 4K dash cams as such.

Should I get 4K or 1080p dash cam?

If you want to go for 4K dash cam make sure you have the actual requirement for one ,as in if you are someone who wants to vlogging then you can go for these 4K dash cam which would give you high quality videos for your social media platforms but if you want a dash cam for day to day purpose the is better to go for a dash cam of 1080 p or Full HD since this is best for drive recording ,as per the dash cam market this is the standard resolution which you can see in most dash cams in the market.

Is it better to have a front or rear dash cam?

The rear dash cam can give you footages from the backside of your vehicle which can be very handy if the accident had occurred from the backside of the vehicle, and only opting for front dash cam will not be useful in such cases, it is good to for dash cams with dual channels.

Do dashcams record when car is off?

The most dash cams in the market goes off when the vehicle ignition is off as they are connected to the 12 V accessory outlet which runs only when the engine is on, however there are dash cams in the market which works when engine is of, they have a feature called a parking mode or if you hardwire your dash cam you can make it function when your car goes off.

Summing it up

There are dash cams in the market that offers you with superior night vision features in 4K resolution in the above we have discussed about the Redtiger HD Dash cam which comes among the best among night vision featured dash cams along with this we have also listed out the dash cam that can be placed next to Redtiger HD dash cam when comparing each other, the features of Redtiger have been discussed as well. We have also discussed about the need of having front or rear dash cam as well.


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