5# Best Dash Cam Apps for Android & iOS [free, paid]

The Dash Cams are not just an accessory to the car, the purpose it serves and overall surveillance it does gives a sense of calmness and safety to the driver.

People still does not look for the Dash Cams even after understanding the great aspect of security it provides, and missing out on the security the system of cameras provides its users. There are several types of Dash Cams that comes in the market with respective specifications and requirements as per the needs of the vehicle owner.

In fact, certain models of car brands come with in- built dash cams (ex, honda)with no additional cost (keep in mind –How Much Does It Cost to Install a Dashcam?)charged to the vehicle owners. So, if you are someone who looks out for safety at your parking space of your vehicle or when the car is in motion, dash cams are your go -to buddy.

So, this is to those who think there are not any other option other than installing a dash cam, well you at a good place if you have arrived at this kind of thought. The technology has developed to occupy you with other alternatives if you have a dilemma in deciding to go for only a Dash Cam.

The ease is that you have Dash Cam apps that can performs the same functions of as like the Dash Cams.It is more likely that when you buy any kind of product you tend to get confused if they come in huge varieties and variations. This dilemma can happen to you when you must choose the right dash cam as well.

How to use your smartphone as a Dash Cam?

Do not get surprised if we are going to say this to you, you can use your smartphone as your Dash Cam. Let us look how this is possible with the help of your smartphone. Afterall a dash cam is just another camera connected to a power source in your car, so why not use your smartphone to establish this.

The pros to use your smart phone as your dash cam can save you money as well as comes with a kind of convenience. Now we are looking at how is this could be achieved, you should know how to mount the smartphone in way that the view of the driver does not get blocked and have great field of view, make sure to connect with the charger so as there is no other discrepancy that can occur.

Steps to mount smartphone as Dash Cam

The requirements are: A smartphone, a mount and charging cable. As we procced let us see how to go about this and the steps are as follows:

What we also need an app that is doing the work to this in sync to get the recording along with the smartphone, choosing this can be tricky for Android as well as iPhone.

Follow the steps as below:

  • A Smartphone: This can be an Android or an iPhone, and any spare phone you can use for this purpose. Do not forget about the mount or the charging cable what you should know if you are using the camera app on your phone, this can lead to taking up huge file space so to avoid such scenario. It is always good to for the Dash Cam clubbed with the Dash Cam app according to your smartphone type.
  • Position the smartphone using the mount at the cost of not missing the field of view of the driver. Always look for the proper angle while mounting, this brings the footage at standard quality if it is compromised the results will not be that great for your purposes.
  • What you should not miss is while the connecting the smartphone to the dash cam is to connect to the charging cable so the smartphone gets a constant supply of power and gets good footage without any fail.

If you follow these the next step is finding the best app for your smartphone, as this decides the final output you receive.

In what cases can you go for Smartphone instead of a dash cam?

  • The scenario where you are with a vehicle that is not known quite to you, like in case of going for a rental car if you are a place that is not familiar to you. The smartphone dash cam can come to your rescue with the help of suction cup mount the smartphone on to the car with the usage if your dash cam app this will give you perfect footage to you in an unknown place in that car you are using.
  • It’s not common you are up with a situation where you dash cam gets stolen, in such a scenario your smartphone can get handy and gives you the footage when your car is in motion, at the cost of any incident of threat happens and footages gets recorded as evidence to be submitted as proof.
  • As vlogging has become a day today aspect to all of us, this smartphone can get the perfect footage as like your dash cam works, making up good content for your social media and other media platforms.

As we are proceeding, we are looking at what dash cam apps would be suitable for Android and iPhone, bringing the best output to user for their requirements.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Dashcam App

These are the factors to consider you have thought by when choosing a Dash Cam app  

  • The Compatibility Factor: The dash cam app must be compatible to your smartphone whether its android or an iPhone.
  • The storage it’s going to take: There are limitations to this when it comes to many dash cam apps so choose wisely.
  • Whether it’s a paid or free app: There are plenty options of dash cam apps that comes as free as well as paid, decide the one based on the features you want.

We have curated a list of apps based on these, procced further to know the apps better.

5 Best Dash Cameras Applications for Android

Here we are looking at the best 5 dash cam apps for android

  1. Autoboy Dash Cam App

Features of Autoboy Dash Cam App – Continuous background recorder, till there is power in the background. This app provides various screen mode like length, width, reverse length, and width as well as available in various languages like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish and many more. The camera features include Zoom, Focus, Sound On/Off and Flash and the recording features include Auto deleting recorded file that is when new ones are recorded the older one gets deleted, adding on it also supports capturing video and photo at the same time. It also includes features like YouTube backups as well apart from other features it carries.

  • DailyRoads Voyager App

Features of DailyRoads Voyager App-This too comes with continuous video recording like Auotboy Dash Cam App, the other features include background mode which allows you take calls and other functions as well without losing out on recording the footage, even the GPS function will work fine with this mode, the loop recording feature on this saves the newer footages when the storages get full and older files get overwritten. The videos are put into safe zone when the app detects any triggers on the road and thus the videos get protected.

  • Dash Cam Travel

Features of Dash Cam Travel includes: This app comes with features like loop recording as similar to DailyRoad Voyager App apart from that they also carries features like Recording with and without  Graphics so this means if your app is recording with graphics you can all details ,that is whatever you have seen on the screen will be recorded into your video without missing out on any details ,and if the video is recorded without graphics then the details you see on the screen will not be recorded on to your video. This is also a very user-friendly dash cam app that comes with a limitation on its recording time as it limits the time to only about 60 minutes and after that a new file would be recorded and not continually it records footage over its time limit.

  • CaroO

Features of CaroO includes: This dash cam app is compatible with other smartwatches as well and is free of use. The dash cam app gives video resolution up to 1920×1080 with no compromise on footage quality, along with that it comes with the feature of collision detection. It again a very easy app to like its other counterparts as well. This dash cam app stops the recording when the car stops and begins the recording when the car is in motion, it works very automatic as such.

  • Drive Recorder Dash Cam App

Features of Drive Recorder Dash Cam App incudes: A free dash cam app like CaroO, that runs background recording like Autoboy Dash Cam app, that supports sharing files of recording or footages to the cloud. The other feature we should not miss out taking about is the playback screen, so with the use of this feature the users can split the screen in half which one half showing the footage in the top and the down side shows the route you have taken along the car is in motion.

5 Best Dash Cameras Applications for iPhone

Here we are looking at the best 5 dash cam apps for iPhone

  1. Nexar AI Dash Cam App-The features of this app include continuous recording, like the dash cam apps that are compatible on the android platform, they also come with crash or collision detection, for this feature the app uses AI algorithms and sensors. This is a free app as well.  
  2. Smart Dash Cam App-The features of this app includes it supports about four languages as well as has cloud storage options along with this it carries flexible setting for the user to follow. It also carries features of auto loop recording and collision detection as well.
  3. Car Camera DVR. Pro App -This dash cam app comes with features like it supports 12 languages but this is not a free app. The resolution of the video is of high quality and provides data overlay for files. These high-definition video carries details like time, location, and speed.
  4. Navmii AI Dashcam-The app is a free app with no advertisements along with this it comes loop recording, and speed tracking. This dash cam app uses AI to analyze the difficulties on the roads or detects collision as well as alert the driver on the speed signs to avoid situation of speed ticketing. The app carries features like background recording like other dash cam app available, other feature is to be talked is the single -tap snap shot which provides the safety to the recorded video from deletion.
  5. OsmAnd DVR Dash Cam App-This dash cam app comes with features like speed and altitude updates as well as speed limit notifications. By using this app, the resolution can be set up to 1080p HD, adding on it comes loop recording as well. It also comes with G-sensors that detects collisions.


Can I use my iPhone as a dash cam?

Yes, you can use your smartphone as your dash cam, with the help of Dash Cam App

Is Garmin dash cam app free?

The free Garmin VRB allows you to share video and photos on smartphone

Is there a dashcam with GPS?

MiCam is a dash cam with GPS, bringing the function of GPS and navigation into a single hand.