Best Dash Cam for Electric Car :Expert Choose!

We know that all cars do not come with built in dash cams and the same matter applies to electric cars as not many of them comes with dash cams. There are certain factors that you must keep in mind while you are planning to get a dash cam for your electric car which includes:

  • Whether the dash cam of your choice has features of cloud connectivity, high quality video resolution and image stabilization.
  • The dash cam has parking mode features as well as advance safety features like collision detection with G- sensor enabled as well as lane departure warning along with provides you safety alerts in real time.
  • The availability of additional battery pack as this can improve the overall performance of car’s battery as well as improve the life span of your battery.
  • The presence of an OBD cable as this more user-friendly way to hardwire your dash cam.
  • Whether what mode of installation is better a professionally done or installation done by yourself, ideally do what is best for your car vehicle since EV are more sensitive therefore professional installation is recommended for them.

The dash cam that can be recommended as such the best for electric car shall be Blackvue DR900X Cloud Dash cam. This dash cam comes with front camera that records in 4K resolution at 30fps with a wide-angle lens of 162 degrees and rear dash cam records in 1080p resolution at 30fps with a wide-angle lens of 139 degrees.

This dash cam comes with its own app that allows you to configure the voltage cut off as well as a timer to prevent battery draining. Along with this the dash cam comes with Dual band Wi-Fi connectivity as well as configurable motion and impact detection features as well.

Can you put a dash cam in an electric car?

Most dash cams in the market are compatible with many numbers of vehicle, and so if the dash cam goes with your car as well as your semi-truck the same rules applies to putting dash cam into your electric car as well.

The electric cars have appealing nature which is known to invite attention of thieves in turn leading to your car getting stolen with the installation of dash cam you can protect you EV from theft, vandalism, or any attempts of break in as well as gives footages while you are driving and threat like scenarios occurs while being on the road as well which enhance the driver’s safety with features like lane departure warning, collision detection or collision alarms as well.

Now the dash cam installation is again based upon your needs and requirements as well, so go for that one which matches to your needs as well as provides you safety and surveillance you require for your electric car.

Does Tesla have built in dash cam?

Yes, Tesla carries built in dash cam that gives complete view of the car’s surroundings ,and that dash cam is known by the name Tesla Cam which gives you footages from front side ,rear end as well as side of vehicle as well. The Tesla dash cam comes with sentry mode that captures footages when the car is parked at a place at the time when the vehicle is off, this can lead to capturing of any events of theft or vandalism that had happened to your Tesla while you were being away from the car.

What is the downside of dashcam?

The dash cams have their downside as well along with their numerous benefits as such that includes:

  • They can distract the driver and end up diverting their attention from driving if they are coming across while adjusting the dash cam for a better angle as such.
  • The dash cam is privacy invading as the video footage or the audio recording collected is used without the consent of the individuals containing in the recording would become offense that can lead to pressing charges against you and leading to arrest, so check with local laws as well.

Can police use your dash cam?

The police can use your dash cam at cost of the if the footage recorded by the dash cam contain footages that shows your involvement in speeding tickets or collisions as such.

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Summing it up

The dash cam can be used in electric cars as well, and there no restriction on that as well.

We have discussed about what factors you should keep in mind while buying a dash cam for your electric car apart from that it is recommended that professional installation is better for dash cam in electric cars.

The dash cam can provide the EV with security and surveillance as these cars are appealing and can invite theft.


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