Best Dash Cam for Lexus -Expert Choice!

The reasons to get dash cam for your car are accordingly what you want to look out whether it is to keep a watch on your car while it is being parked or your security while the car is in motion, there are number of dash cam that will suit your Lexus car, but before you jump into getting one consider these factors well in mind:

  • How well the dash cam works in low light as Lexus model cars have tinted windows through which direct light does not make an instead you have low light condition which works well for night vision as well, to watch out for is to get cameras that have lower aperture or F Stop of 1.8 along with specifications like WDR and HDR are a necessity as they give you footages with wide spectrum of colours so check for these in your required dash cams.
  • The look and feel of your car should not be compromised at any cost so at any given time always go for dash cams that elevates your car’s aesthetics that does not come with an extensive wiring as these needs to taken care to give a discreet look for improving aesthetics such that dash cam adds on beauty to the areas of its placement.

The Dash Cams of Choice

  1. Fitcamx Dash Cam for Lexus RX/NX/ES/IS/UX -This dash cam is a wireless dash cam that comes with 64 GB SD card. The dash cam has superior video quality as the footages gets recorded in 4K at 30 fps as well as carries wide angle lens of 170 degree which gives a wider view and the night vision of superior quality as it comes WDR which performs well varying lighting conditions the dash cam is getting exposed to. The dash cam comes around the price of $159 and this dash cam has been designed to be suitable to different types of cars, the wireless element of the dash cam would give a look to enhance the aesthetics of Lexus.
  2. Viofo A119 V3 -This dash cam comes in wedge shaped design ,it has a lens of f/1.6  with a field of view of 140 degrees and has a super capacitor battery . The day light and night low light footages have superior clarity which giver sharper and clear images and footages, along with that they come with parking mode features. The dash cam is priced at $79.90 and we can say this is small dash that is feature packed but lacks Wi-Fi connectivity that has a minimalistic design.
  3.  BlackVue DR900X-2CH -The dash cam has a modern design that comes packed with features of built in GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity. The footages are high quality because of 4K ultra-HD camera offering crisp day and night footages along with that it has a 162-degree wide angle lens and the dash cam is priced at $ 400 quite premium

Does Lexus Cameras Record?

Yes, the Lexus cameras record when the ignition is ON, with no further assistance. The recording is happening on a loop plus it comes with three modes for recording which are  Adventure ,Parking Surveillance -this mode on detection of the impact  records up to 60 seconds of footage. and Incident Recording

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Lexus Dashcam?

The installation cost adds up on to Lexus Dash cam plus the dealer fees which leads up to 600-800$.The cost would be based on the Lexus model plus HST.

Is it Worth Putting a Dash Cam?

The dash cams are definitely worthy of being placed on to your cars for the sake your car’s safety and surveillance, and at all cost these dash cams gives you concrete evidence for the incident happened while the car was in motion or while being parked at place.

The dash cams are an added layer of security which gives sense of peace to the drivers. The dash cam footages can save you in claiming your insurance premiums as well apart from that they can bring assistance to the young drivers from their parents that works as a monitoring system.

Summing it up

There are dash cams available in the market that adds the aesthetics of Lexus with their design and look we have discussed about those models of dash as well as their features along with their pricing.

We have also discussed about the factors we need to consider before buying dash cam for the various Lexus models.

The Lexus dash cam gets on when the ignition is on with no further assistance as well adding on dash cam installation on the Lexus is based on the Lexus model plus HST.The dash cams are worthy to be purchased for the sake of surveillance and safety of your car.


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