Best Dash Cam That Can Read License Plates

The following list contains those dash cam works well in reading license plates; they are as follows as by comparing on factors of field of view, clarity of footages, how well they capture license plate on day and night.

  1. HawkEvo DC001 -This is a dash cam that comes with dual channel recording that comes with 4K resolution in the front and in the rear, it comes with 1080 p resolution and even though it misses out capturing other details due to underexposure at night it was decent enough to capture the license plate in regards to other dash cams which did become overexposed.
  2. Thinkware U3000-This dash cam had good day time clarity and as sit lacks standard image HDR processing it misses out on details in light and dark areas because of being lacking in HDR images of license plate gets blurry at night.
  3. Vantrue N4 Pro-This dash cam performs well enough in night and day time along with that it comes with a built-in screen, with 3 channels and lacks buffered parking mode.
  4. 70mai A810-This dash cam comes with the largest field of view among the other dash cams whereas Viofo A139 pro had field of view slightly lower to that of this and night time clarity in license plate is decent enough but not of superior quality.
  5. Viofo A139 Pro- This dash cam comes with front camera of 4K resolution and the rear and cabin camera come with 1080 p resolution as well it carries Sony Starvis 2 sensors and can clearly identify license plates in the day along good field of view as well the dash cam footage quality in the daylight is well. Although at night the quality if capturing the license plate was not up to mark in comparison to the daylight.

Do dash cameras work when the car is off?

Most dash cams turn on when the ignition is on and turns off when the ignition is off but there are dash cams available in the market that provide you with round the clock protection which comes working when the car is off and parked at a place.

These dash cams come with a feature called as parking mode that captures footages of the events that occurs while the car is being parked at a place, these dash cams are connected directly to the car’s electrical systems to get the constant supply of power when the engine is off.

But if the parking mode goes for an extended period of time this can lead to battery draining as such.

The usage of parking mode can be very beneficial to you in order to get footages of any events of theft or vandalism as well detecting any vibrations around your car’s surroundings which can be a threat, such that these footages give you good evidence to get the culprit pressed with charges.

Which dash cam keeps recording while parked?

There are dash cams in the market comes with parking mode features however it is not a common feature in most dash cam, here is a list of dash cam that comes with parking mode feature:

  1. Matrack Dash Cam
  2. Nextbase 622GW
  3. Garmin Dashcam Mini 2
  4. Vantrue N1 Pro
  5. Nexdigitron NEO Dashcam

Out of all these dash cams the Nextbase 622GW strives as a top parking mode surveillance camera.

The Nextbase 622GW comes with 4K resolution at 30fps with give superior quality images and footages along with an option to add rear camera of 1080p at 30fps.

The dash cam comes built G-sensors that does motion detection as well it has the intelligent parking mode features along with the dash also has superior night vision capabilities all of this in dash cam that looks very compact in size however the dash cam is off a premium pricing and comes at a price of $349.99

Is parking mode worth it on dash cam?

The usage of dash cam with parking mode improves the security and surveillance of your car when its being parked and where it is being stationery at a place.

These dash cam gives you continuous footages of what is happening in the surrounding of your car where it is being parked it can give alerts and real time footages at the times theft, vandalism or accidents that occurs in parking lots and later these footages become your evidence to these events that can get culprit caught and pressed with charges.

Summing it up

The dash cams available in the market that has good quality camera with image stabilization as well super night vision along with good field of view which will help you to see license plates of vehicles at day and night, we have discussed about those dash cam above along with that we have also spoken about those dash cam that comes parking mode features which offers security and surveillance to your car when it is parked at a place.


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