#5 Best Dash Cam with Motion Sensor and Night Vision

If you are driving your Personal car of Truck drivers, Taxi and rideshare drivers, or Delivery drivers, it’s so important to have Best Dash Cam with Motion Sensor and Night Vision

Because no one knows, some idiot hit you can run!

For example, People who park their cars outdoors frequently, People who drive frequently at night, over that when you enter in high-crime areas it is very risky for Car owners with valuable vehicles its a needed product for People who value safety and peace of mind,

List of -Best Dash Cam with Motion Sensor and Night Vision

These are the dash cams that comes motion sensor and night vision as well:

1,TYPE S S402 Pro Ultra HD 4K [Highly Recommended Product]

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    2, Nextbase 322GW [2nd best]

    Features – The dash cam has 4K UHD video resolution that provides you crystal clear footages with superior night vision as well as it has advanced image stabilization that gives images free of any discrepancies and complete clarity in the low light condition as well. It also carries Emergency SOS response as well comes with built in Alexa control.

    This dash cam is compact in size as well as had GPS capabilities that provides you with speed, location, and time in your video footage. The dash cam carries intelligent parking mode features along with superior night vision feature as well as crash detection feature. This dash cam comes in a premium pricing and lacks SD cards so you have to get that separately after the purchase of your dash cam. The dash cam is total yes with the features it carries if the price fits your pocket.

      3, Vantrue N1 Pro (Not that Reliable )

      Features- Vantrue N1 Pro gives an overall discreet appearance along with gives you 1080 P resolution footages with a wide-angle lens of 160 degree which gives you better view of the car’s surroundings and the presence of Sony Night Vision Sensors on the dash camera gives you footages of excellent quality in low light conditions.

      This dash cam comes with built G-Sensor as well as parking mode features and emergency collision detection as well. Apart from this the dash cam withstand temperature range from -20 degree Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius. For the price and the features, it carries that are night vision capabilities along with excellent 24-hour surveillance with collision detection as well with the option of GPS and Microphone the dash is total worth.

      4, Nexar Pro (for Truck)

      Features- This dash cam comes with 1080 P resolution as well as with a wide-angle lens of 135 degree with an interior view and it carries SD card with a capacity of 256 GB and the interior cam come 720 P resolution. The dash cam has a very attractive design

      The dash cam comes with superior night vision along with that it has built in Wi-Fi connectivity and unlimited cloud storage. The overall design of the dash cam is slick and the dash cam comes with hardwire constant voltage kit as well. It carries incident reporting, parking mode as well as motion detection. Overall, the usage the dash cam is very easy and price of dash cam is quite high and it lacks display as well as day time image quality is not up to mark.

      5, Rove R3 Dash Cam

      Do really dashcams have night vision?

      There are dash cams that comes with night vision features although this is not a common feature in all dash, there are multiple dash cam companies that offer this feature in their product, a few of them includes:

      1. TYPE S S402 Pro Ultra HD 4K 
      2. Nextbase 322GW
      3. Vantrue N1 Pro
      4. Nexar Pro
      5. Rove R3 Dash Cam

      All dash cams that are mentioned above comes with rear- and front-end dash cam and there are few things that needs to be considered while purchasing any night vision dash cam which is to look for their low-light performance along with that ease of use and their setup for installation and do they come front and rear dash cam with superior video resolution as well.

      Should I turn on motion detection on dash cam?

      It is good to keep your motion detection on your dash cam as this can give concrete evidence to any trigger event that had been detected by your dash cam.

      This saves the evidence footages from getting overwritten due to loop recording. Dash cams that come with this feature with the help of their G-sensors detects vibrations that can be a threat to the vehicle and starts recording the footage as well as giving alerts.

      In any case of collision this footage becomes the evidence to the incident occurred.

      Is night vision worth it on a car?

      The requirements of the driver or the vehicle owner decides whether to have this feature of night vision feature.

      If you are someone who clarity on the road during low light condition as well as you work requires you drive along night time this feature is coming to you of great help as it helps you to clearly see what is on the road and aids in safe driving at instance of total darkness.

      Summing it up

      In the above we have discussed different models of dash cams that comes with night vision as well as motion sensor.

      We did also spoke about the features of these dash cam along with their pricing.

      Apart from that we also discussed about the factors we need look for while buying dash cams that comes with night vision features which includes low light performance, video resolution as well as their ease of use and installation.


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