Best live stream dash cam

The BlackVue DR750S 2CH dash cam is one of those best dash cams that offers live stream option among other dash cams available in the market.

This is a dual channel dash cam that comes with 1080p full HD at 60fps in front and 1080p resolution at 30fps in rear dash cam along with this it comes with a wide-angle lens of 139 degree. The 2.1MP Sony STARVIS CMOS image sensor that does great work in low-light which gives the superior performance to the dash cam as it comes with the super-night vision feature.

The dash cam has built in GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity as well that it has built in 4G LTE connectivity and G -sensors on the dash cam aids in the impact detection, and with the availability of GPS it enables vehicle tracking.

The dash cam automatically switches between driving and parking mode and gives you live view of driving as well as for parking of your vehicle. The design of the dash cam is modern and comes in stealthy black design. There is two -way voice communication on the dash cam along with all the other features present in the dash cam, and this dash cam supports up to 128 GB SD card over 12-hour video and this has an internal capacitor instead of a battery that powers it.

As with the availability of cloud storage your dash cam captured footages can be backed up and you will be able access those video footage remotely from any place of your choice, and dash cam does not have an LCD screen which means you have to use the BlackVue App in order to change the settings.

This is a quite expensive dash cam as it is being priced at $449.00 but going by the features the dash cam is quite worth a buy.

Can you view dash cam remotely?

There are dash cams available in the dash cam market that comes with the feature of remote viewing of the footages captured by the dash cam of your choice.

These dash cams are called as cloud capable dash cams which allows you to watch or review footages live along with that this can help you to track your vehicles in real times as well as aids fleet managers and parents of teen drivers a monitoring.

It also provides you with instant notifications or alerts as well the option to download important videos from the dash cam being remotely.

As for the dash cam to be cloud capable it must have built in 4G/LTE connectivity or with the use third party Wi-Fi hotspot device.

Dashcams with remote viewing

These are the dash cams that rated fair enough for their features along with their remote viewing capabilities:

  1. Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2
  2. Garmin 67W
  3. Thinkware U3000
  4. BlackVue DR970X-2CH

What dash cam has the best video quality?

The Nextbase 622GW is rate overall as the dash cam with best video quality. The dash cam is quite large, and the video resolution of the dash cam is in 4K which gives you crystal clear images and footages along with it carries a wide-angle lens of 140 degrees.

The dash cam gives image resolution very clear in day and night as well but at night when you check upon the footages of license plates, they have an intense blur on them. The dash cam provides you with emergency SOS services as well as parking mode features without missing out on the Alexa support.

The dash cam has large screen which has very receptive and accurate ,and the menu options are simple and easy to navigate making the overall user experience easier as it has user friendly interface. The dash cam lacks that it does not comes with Micro SD card.

The night mode of this dash cam is quite enhanced it come with use light sensor technology which is very latest technology that capture images and process them to give the output of superior quality and the dash cam does not miss out on capturing footages or images in extreme weather condition this is possible for it to do because of the availability of image stabilization, extreme weather mode and super night vision.

This dash cam is quite priced high with comes at $379.99 and works well for those who are first timers to dash cam using as it has simple user -friendly interface with 4K video resolution along with great safety features as well as enhanced parking mode features.

Which dash cam records while car is off?

The most dash cams go off when the ignition is of but there are dash cams in the market that works when your ignition is off and your car is parked at a place, these dash cams have feature called parking mode.

One example for this type of a dash cam is Redtiger F7NP which is kept on as with the help of hardwiring kit, when the dash cam is hardwired to the fuse box, it gets the power to function the dash cam when the ignition goes off while your car is being parked at a place.

What is the most advanced dash cam?

The most advanced dash cam is being given to the  Wolfbox G890 priced at $339.00 with best image quality along with other impressive features like enhanced night vision capabilities and GPS tracking and other features as well.

Summing it up

In the above we have discussed about dash cam that comes with capability of remote viewing of footages, there are quite models of dash cams that offers these features which we have listed above, along with that we have also talked about dash cams that is best of all the others in providing you the feature of live remote viewing as well as to who this of great benefit as such.

We have also discussed about the dash cam that has the best video quality as well.


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