Can I Use a Dash Cam As a Reversing Camera?

The dash cam can be used as reversing camera what you should not miss out is there are dash cam models which comes with rear cam along with front cam, the usage of rear cam is that it can give you footages from the backside of your vehicle. The same rear dash cam does help you in parking along with reversing as the footages shows the distance between the back of your vehicle and the objects behind. If your dash cam does not have rear cam, you can still use it for reversing one thing you have to make sure is that your dash cam should have built-in sensor but as there are certain models like that which can rotate backwards and works as a reverse camera but there are some downsides to using your dash cam as a reversing camera these includes:

  • The dash cam faces difficulty recording in low-light conditions.
  • There is difficulty coming from the seeing through the tinted glasses.

Does dash cam record rear view?

The dual channel dash cam record front view along with rear view, these dash cam gives you footages combined from both the front cam which is placed on the front windshield facing the road, and rear cam is placed on the rear widow making sure that you get a wide-angle view of the backside of your vehicle. The dual dash cam provides you with footages that comes a solid in times of accidents or collision, as well in the issues of road disputes or even in the instance of insurance claims the use of dual channel dash cam gives you footages of the events in the times of accidents from multiple perspectives. The usage of dash cam with rear view comes effective in the instance of parking accident as well as in the time of rear end accidents. If you are using a dash cam with front cam it would come of no use to if the accident that occurred to your vehicle from the rear end or backside of your vehicle.

These are dash cams that comes as dual channel which are:

  1. Thinkware U1000
  2. Cobra SC 400D
  3. Nextbase iQ
  4. BlackVue DR900S-2CH
  5. VIOFO A129 Pro

Do Dashcams drain car battery?

In order to dash cam to drain the car battery it can be decided upon considering two factors which includes how the dash cam is set to record and how the dash cam is connected to the car. If you are using dash cam with parking mode features there is chance for battery draining as in the case by which if you have left the car in parking mode for an extensive period which would lead to battery draining which could cause wear and tear to your vehicle’s battery. It is recommended to use additional battery packs or usage of hardwiring to prevent battery draining it also recommended to use dash cam models which comes with power saving features.

Should I unplug my dash cam when car is off?

It is recommended to unplug the dash cam when the car is off, this is done to conserve the battery life that is if you have no use of dash cam when the car is off it is always recommended to unplug the dash cam for not waking up to a flat vehicle battery.

How do I keep my dash cam from draining my car battery?

If the dash cams have not been installed properly it can become a reason to flat car battery, here are some ways you can prevent battery draining while using your dash cam:

  • It is advised to use dash cam that comes with power saving features that is to use dash cam that gives you high-quality footages with lower power consumption rate.
  • Use a battery monitor to check your vehicle’s battery voltage level to make sure that your dash cam is not draining.
  • Install dash cam that comes with built -in voltage cut off system which cuts off power when the car’s voltage levels off which prevents any further battery draining from the usage of dash cam.

Summing it up

The dash cam can be used as reversing camera as well, as certain models of dash cams come with of possibility of that. There are dash cams that comes as dual channel which means that they have front cam as well rear cam. We have also discussed about the downsides of using dash cam as reversing camera above. These dual channels dash cams give you the benefit of getting footages from multiple perspectives over the events of accidents, road disputes as such. Along with this we have also spoken about ways to prevent battery draining as well.


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