Can You Mount a Dash Cam on the Dashboard?

The dash cam can be mounted on to the dashboard as long as it does not obstruct the view of the driver.

But before mounting the dash cam make sure that the law at the place of yours allows and does not prohibit the mounting of dash cam on the dash board while placing the dash cam on the dashboard might limit the field view of your camera but this can be overcome,

by making use of a dash cam that comes with higher Wide dynamic range making sure that you get a better field of view due to the mounting of your dash cam on the dashboard,

adding on the as the car moves through sharp bends or while car makes drifts these dash cams mounted on to the dashboard will fall off as they will slide due to strong movements of moving along bends as well as at the times of collision or accidents these dash cam can become to the driver on board.

The dash cam cane be mounted on the dashboard but they are as not recommended instead you can go mounting the dash cam on the windshield or behind the rear-view mirror, they can be mounted with the help of adhesive mounts or suction cups as well.

How to install the dash cam?

  1. If the chosen dash cam is a battery powered dash cam make sure to charge the battery.
  2. Now select the place of your choice for mounting the dash cam.
  3. The next step is to look for the cable length, why this must be done is that based on understanding the length that you will know how to route the cable.
  4. The routing the cable has to be done with the keeping in mind to give the dash cam a discreet look so that aesthetics of the car is not lost with tangling or loose wires.
  5. Now when you must route the wire make sure use clips and next step is to mount the dash cam.

What is the best place to mount a dash cam?

The best place recommended for mounting the dash cam is the windshield again at the time of mounting always check in with the local laws that are there any laws that prohibit such mounting apart from that make sure that you are mounting the dash cam in a way it does not obstruct the view of the driver.

The dash cam that is mounted on the dashboard will give you better angle to your dash cam to capture footages and provide you with wider view of your car’s surroundings.

The factors that suggests that placing the dash cam on the dashboard is the fact that it easier to remove the dash cam from their as well as the installation is also becomes quite easy as well when attached with suction cups this provides adjustments in changing the angles for better view as well.

What states prohibit dash cameras?

The usage of dash cams is not illegal as such in many states but there are differences to this as well so it always important to check with the local laws that restricts the usage of dash cam or whether there are laws that suggests that you can only mount the dash cam in a particular place, so such cases always abide with rules to not get into legal issues.

Along with this as certain dash cams comes with microphone which enables audio recording, but in states of Connecticut, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington this is prohibited.

There are laws in different states that have restriction on the dash cam choice of placement as well to the size of dash cam you should keep as well as there are states which allows the placement of dash cam on the dashboard only.

How much does it cost to install a dash cam in a car?

The installation charges for installing the dash cam in to your car comes from about $80-$480  and this will be based on the type of dash cam you have bought whether it front facing dash cam or it has both rear and front facing as well another factor that can add up to installation charges is whether it needs a custom installation as the wires and cable needs to tied and kept clean leaving a discreet look for the dash cam but this will take time to do with precision and no damages this will also rely on the expertise the installing professional has so the charges comes down as per these matters.

Will a dash cam lowers my insurance?

By using the dash cam you cannot get discount on your insurance premium however the footages collected from your dash cams will become concrete evidence at times when your car gets involved in a collision or road rage these footages will help to back up your claims.

What are the disadvantages of dash cam?

These dash cams can obstruct the view of the driver and become distracting to them leading diverting their attention from driving apart from that dash cam can be intrusive or they lack privacy as usage of footages that carries faces or audio of individuals without their consent can lead to legal issues as such.

Do Dashcams drain the battery?

Mostly likely no if your dash cam is plugged into their power source via cigarette lighter outlet if hardwired to your vehicle fuse box it can drain car battery.

Summing it up

The recommended place to mount your dash cam is the windshield as this placement will give you better angle of view along with that there is ease in the installation and removal of the dash cam if mounted using the suction cup.

Before mounting the dash cam make sure that local laws in your area or state allows place of mounting the dash cam or not. Even though usage of dash cam is not illegal there are restrictions on their size, place of mounting etc.


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