Can You Use a Dash Cam in Your Home? Expert Guide!

The dashcam can be used as security camera in your house as well however this has to be done keeping in mid of few things which at any cost should not be neglected at all, we are looking what are those:

  • This might be of no issue if you are someone who lives in your own house, but to those who plan to install dashcam in their apartment look for your HOA documents as well as on your lease agreements that restricts the use of dashcam at your apartment make sure to have through look at these.
  • The placement of dashcam in the interiors should be done cautiously if the dashcam is installed at the face of camera lens receiving direct sunlight can invite image distortion and leading to faulty images that are of no-good purpose for their owner.
  • Make sure the dashcam is connected at the place where is direct place for power outlet as the dashcam needs good amount of power when used continuously at the place of apartment or home interior.

Benefits of using dashcam in your house

  • The dashcam works as a security system for the car same it does for your home as well it can give you a sense of security and protection as it gives footages at the time of attempted theft, robbery or give you check on any attempt of break in to your home.
  • At the time of when you are away from the home this can provide you a sense of peace of mind as your shown footages from the interiors of your home of your child, as well as other parts that works to give surveillance when you are away.
  • The dashcam comes quite less expensive as compared to usual camera surveillance system used in house set ups as well as offices.

Difference between Dashcam and home surveillance camera

  • A surveillance camera can transfer footages to your smartphone or laptop because of their wireless connectivity whereas dash cam most of them do not come with wireless connectivity so you have to take the SD card and transfer the files to your smartphone or laptop.
  • The dashcam are only required to see images in clarity from the front side of the vehicle less than 10 meters, whereas surveillance cameras have to see images in clarity from more than 10 meters distance.
  • The installation method of dashcam is different from that of surveillance camera.

Can I use a dash cam as a security camera?

The dashcam can be used as security camera as they come features like motion detection and loop recording which is recommended to be beneficial for home security what you should know they lack the features of home security camera like wide angle lenses or 360 Dash Cam with Parking Mode as well as two-way audio communication along with that continuous use is not recommended for dashcam as they are not designed as such which when used like a home security camera on a continuous basis can affect the life span of the dashcam.

How to set up dashcam in your house?

  1. Find a location in your house where the dashcam can be directly connected to a power source, and this location should also be good enough that you get footages that will provide you with details for the surveillance you need for your house.
  2. Next mount the dashcam on to your place of your requirements with use of a suction cup or an adhesive mount, now firmly place the dashcam with the help of these mounting agents on to your choice of location.

Do dash cameras record all the time?

The dashcam gets turned ON when the ignition is ON and goes OFF when the ignition is off, but there are certain models of dashcams that comes with parking mode features which gives you footages when your car is parked at a place showing you proof nay type of threat that might have happened to your car when you were away. So, in order to solve the problem of battery draining if you are going on extended period of parking, you can use additional set of battery packs or hardwiring the dashcam to fuse box.

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Summing it up

The dashcam can be used as security camera in your home, it can become a good sense of safety and protection with its loop recording features as well motion detection it carries. The dashcam must be provided with direct power source for their functioning but at the cost of continuous use the dashcam’s longevity gets affected as well. The dashcam and surveillance camera differs in their installation and their purpose of capturing footages, as dashcam cannot give you clearer images for distance more than 10 meters of place of mount.


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