Car with Built in Dashcam (Really Worth it? NO!)

In most of the cases, brands provide car with built in dashcam for drivers and passengers and overall car safety purposes

Like- BMW, Tesla, Mercedez Benz, BYD, Toyota, Cadilac, Subaru, Honda, Hyundai, and many other brands provide built-in dashcams with selected models.

but most of the models do not include it in their lower trims. make sure they lower trims have their own benefits which I mentioned below in the article!

Let us know who they are deeply, as we go further with pros & cons, recommendations, and a lot more in details.

Do You Necessarily Require built-in Dash Cam?

A dash cam is of utmost requirement as nobody can guarantee what is the course of action while you are on the road.

So, for your safety and to your vehicle’s as well it is not a bad idea to install a dash cam system, or having a dash cam.

What a dashcam brings you is a set of systems that can alarm you from threats as well by live recording with Sound Recording of footage can save your day with proper evidence being provided to you in going further to authorities.

You are on the luckier side if your car doesn’t come with one built-in dashcam.

Why? you can get the best quality dashcam compared to a built-in dashcam at an even lower price

so, go for aftermarket option! many other points are there in the below section.

Built-in vs Aftermarket Dash Cams

Let’s start comparing those to scenarios where you’ll understand if you go smartly you would have saved a lot of money!


Aftermarket Dash Cams: ✔️

  1. Available in lower price tag
  2. More reliable than built-in one
  3. Easy to upgrade
  4. Easy to maintain
  5. Full of customization options
  6. Low Repair Costs
  7. Dual facing and 360 degree option.
  8. Parking mode is there
  9. 2k, 4k option is there

So, to users who carry a certain car model from other brands or watened to add your non dashcam car should not be of no worry as dash cam with required specifications and compatibility are readily available we mention below!

Recommended Dash Cam!

As you can see these dash cams comes various specifications and are very easy to install, these features include WIFI connectivity, night vision, GPS and lot more.

Built-in Dash Cams:❌ 

The availability of in-built dash cams is very common to a lot of car brands today, and even though

  1. It require high upfront cost when you buy your car unnecessary if you elevate properly. also less accessible for budget-conscious consumers
  2. Car companies do not offer a fully functional dash cam even if you pay for a premium price.
  3. Who carry a certain car model from brands if they want to up there is no options, as everyone wants to update because of overall quality, advanced features, and reliability!
  4. The built-in dashcam comes with limited customization options. so users have only few options in terms of camera placement, field of view, Connectivity option, and other settings, without those things how you can go with mindfully driving?
  5. Those who have built-in dashcam in case of Repair Costs will be much higher compared to aftermarket dashcam because built in one work with cars’s infotainment system or other essential components.
  6. When Comes to dashcam software which runs the system built-in dashcam system may become outdated sooner and in importent software update most of the cases you have to go brands workshop to update (takes extra money for the job)
  7. Most of the built-in dashcam doesn’t come with dual facing and 360 view option. so even if you have dashcam with front-facing coverage , rear view is missing, compromise is there
  8. Some of built in dashcam comes with limited field of view coverage don’t ability to capture wide area and missing important details in the periphery.
  9. Parking mode is very important in any dashcam, but limited built-in dashcams have that feature.
  10. Built-in dashcam comes with president storage capacity, and can be limited for those who go with long recording.
  11. Camera regulation is an important thing to capture clear details (ex, car number plate, human face) but most of built in dashcams are not have enough clearly.
  12. Most of the built-in dash cams have lithium polymer batteries which can be defective by sun heat.

Which Cars Have Dash Cam Built In- by Models!

As we talked about above there are brands that provide car with built-in dashcam features apart from that there are brands that keep the users away from these security features with of course additional charges for the provision of this security feature.

Here its do any cars have built in dash cameras with which models:


The built-in dash cam is available in models like 3 Series, 7 Series, X5, X7 which work on their operating systems called as i Drive 7.0 or Operating System 7. The models that work on this operating system, come with a built-in dash cam.

Preferably, this was launched after July 2019, so the model that carries this operating system got later to this after this feature got premiered in 8 series G15 in July 2019. Alike Tesla, BMW offers a 360-degree view of the vehicle through a BMW drive recorder. The BMW drive recorder comes with two setups and that includes Manual Recoding and Automatic Recording.

The automatic recording does cover the footage for about 40 seconds to the incident of threat that is 20 seconds before and 20 seconds after, and in this mode, the footage gets recorded continuously.

In the case of manual mode, the setup is chosen as per the situation, and in this mode, you have the choice for the duration of video length, unlike the Automatic mode. The BMW Drive recorder has a very hassle-free way to provide the user with the recorded footage for that purpose get the use of a USB stick and get your recording for providing evidence of incidents of threat, you can just download it to the USB stick from the TRSV’s control unit where the recordings are stored.


Tesla carries In-built dash cam that provides 360-degree view of the surroundings when the car is in Motion Detection and as well as it has been put into parking mode. The footage is recorded live and it is getting stored to car USB flash drive with the designated storage space.

The car comes with the sentry mode which works like a system of alarm when a threat is detected, this works as in way that when we park the car in this mode, on detection of any threat these headlights start with pulsing with a loud sound from the car.

Mercedez Benz

The built in Dash cams are available on models like  E, A, CLA, CLS, GLA, GLC, GLS, GLB, and GLE Class models.The Mercedez Benz dash cam  comes in rear and front facing camera which functions in full mode to detect any incident of threat, or other accidents to the car, the company claims that these dash cam can detect any instance of accident fraud as well. The dash cam system as such it is a very simple as compared to Telsa and BMW.

The camera systems offer footage that is of high quality as the camera comes with specification as such high definition-high quality HD Video Resolution throughout the day and night. The same systems that you are familiar in case of storing the footage comes handy here as well, you must carry an external storage device or USB stick that does work for the same.


In BYD the dash cam feature is known as Vehicle travelling recorder, and this too comes with  360 degree recording. We must use SD cards to get the footages of the recordings.

The BYD vehicle recorder gives full convenience to driver as it provides the driver with continuous recording, incidents of threat or other driver faults with option of optimization which is not quite prevalent in other brands. It provides these features at a place where brands selling cards thrice its price, making it such a go to deal.


The Toyota dash cam comes in all in full purpose as in comparison to its counter parts with provision of multiple features and connectivity to other devices with ease.

The models that carry these in-built dash cams are Toyota Camry, Toyota Highlander, Toyota Prius, Toyota RAV4, Toyota RAV4 Prime, Toyota Sienna Hybrid, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, Toyota Venza.

What works wonders on these are G sensors that are built in to the Dash Cams that detects the impact bringing the surveillance to full potential by protecting the footage of the accidents during and after occurrence of threat.

The connectivity factors are the prime factor to the dash cams as they are very much compatible to PC and smart phones with wireless connectivity easing the accessing to the footage at the hand of the user.


The Cadilac call its built in Dash cam as Surround Vision Recorder, it was unveiled in their model named 2019 Cadillac CT6 V-Sport.

However, it does not do full justice to the functionality of the Dash cams as such and just perform very basic aspect of it, no additional features which misses out GPS functionality.

It only captures front or rear view and not side view, and to record this the driver must enable the alarm system in a such case we can say it does the basics and not what full function it supposed to be doing as its being set up like this by the company.


The Subaru’s in-built dash cam is named as Subaru Eyesight. The Subaru eye sight works on 2 camera system that works on a system of sensors. except the BRZ

They are near the rear-view mirror, these two cameras are dual colors with features like Adaptive cruise control for keeping the car at a safe distance with no unprecedented threat, and other features includes Lane Departure Warning, Pre-Collison Breaking and Pre Collison-Throttle Management. These features do functions

like accident detection or the instance of detecting the pedestrian on the road ,keeping a vision for the car on the road from getting to incidents of threat or accident.

Also Chevy has his Performance Data Recorder (PDR),

These PDR cams don’t just catch your sick moves – they log speed, RPMs, gears (Gear Position), even that sweet g-force pulling! A gear-head’s dream for rippin’ up the track.

Tips to Consider When Buying Your Dash Cam

Type S Dash Cams
  • The Recording Quality

The video is recorded in 4K or not, if not what to extent the quality it has to offer. Good quality images and video can only bring you evidence in case of a threat or collision in motion, or at the stake of hazardous parking environment.

  • Watch out for larger storage device

If you are someone who look out for your car in love recording what you should know is that it can take huge space of your storage device (as some of owner think 32gb is enough) , irrespective of what device you are carrying. To avoid changing your device very now and then get storage devices with higher space as your go buddy in this case.

  • Day and night recording feature

This should be kept as a point as if you are someone who looks out for night vision and select the appropriate one as per the specification you require from the options available in the market.

  • Connectivity to phone and PC/laptop

For seamless transfer of videos as per your requirement choose the dash cams that are very ease in connecting to the device you want to connect whether it is your phone or laptop.

  • GPS

At the time of occurrence of any accident or a Collison, if you miss out on time stamp and location, that is never a well option for reporting such an incident. Understand more about dashcam gps

  • Look of the cable and wiring

This should not be of complicated look and should give a neat look when proceeding to install, so do the wiring to the device in a neat and sleek manner.

Front and rear cams? You’ve got options galore – from rides rocking interior lenses to those packing front-and-back snappers.


Do BMW have built-in dashcams?

Yes, they have built in dash cam on models that got premiered in the quarter of 2020.

How many cars have dashcams?

It is said that one in five cars have dash cams, adding on car brands of today are very particular about the safety feature to their users.

Where not to put dash cam?

Make sure to place in a manner that it doesn’t block the view of  the driver when it motion ,or not blocking the sight of the driver.

Do in-built dash cams have wires?

In-built dash cams are all about that sleek, seamless look – integrated right into your ride’s system for max aesthetic appeal. No messy external wiring to cramp your whip’s vibe, just smooth video recording on tap. Sure, aftermarket ones can get their wires tucked away too, but built-ins just hit different with that factory-fresh style game.

Why don’t all cars come with integrated dashcams?

Those big auto makers are sweating bullets over built-in dash cams – it’s a data privacy minefield. These bad boys don’t just record your sweet driving moves, they’re scooping up all the juicy audio too. Can you say (Privacy Laws)lawsuits waiting to happen? Plus, by the time a new whip with integrated cams hits the lot, that video tech is already playing catch-up to the latest aftermarket gear. Corporate lawyers ain’t having it with that data privacy hot potato.

Conclusion 🔔

The Dash Cam has been mounted onto the vehicle to record the path and record incidents that can help us to avoid harassment and give easy evidence. It is often referred to as a silent witness for the purpose it carries when its motion and when it is put into a parking space.

Interior cams are all the rage these days – some whips rock ’em solo, others pair ’em with rear-facers.

So, it’s important to choose best of the best in this case, from my 15 years of experience good quality aftermarket dashcam is always best for car owners.

Don’t forget, those in-car cams also help with self-driving tech(Semi-autonomous Driving, Autonomous Driving, Autopilot). More Vehicle Data means smarter rides down the line