Car with Built in Dashcam (Really Worth it? NO!)

In most of the cases, brands provide car with built in dashcam for drivers and passengers and overall car safety purposes Like- BMW, Tesla, Mercedez Benz, BYD, Toyota, Cadilac, Subaru, Honda, Hyundai, and many other brands provide built-in dashcams with selected models. but most of the models do not include it in their lower trims. … Read more

Does Honda Install Dash Cam?

Yes, there are many honda models modan high trim come with factory-fitted dash cam, and unfortunately some of old and lower-trim models don’t offer factory fitted dash cam. but, Can I Install A Dash Cam In A Honda Car? In case your particular model doesn’t have dash cam function you can easily fit it from … Read more

Using Your Phone As a Dash cam [7+ Reasons keep in mind ]

In Today’s era everything we do using our smartphones like capturing photos, listening to music, chatting with friends, playing games, showing our identity on social media, shopping online, reading blogs online, and even sending money through our smartphone. so why don’t use our smartphones using a dashcam? right? Our smartphones have better cameras compared to … Read more

How Long Do SD Cards Last? (Unexpected Time!)

You take memorable pictures on occasion, store our valuable doc, pdf, etc files, and save important data for particular places (ex. songs, videos for cars, sound system) but because of our negligence. we lost them right, Very painful! sad! In this article! we will know, how long do sd cards last, and how to check … Read more