Does Dash Cam Insurance Discount in Insurance? Actual Truth!

The reason for the growth in the usage of Dash Cams can be linked to the inevitable safety factor – it provide invaluable evidence in cases of road accidents.

It records and saves road footage and this can, in turn, be used to determine faults in accidents and resolve claims in the procedure of seeking legal compensation.

Dash cams can be easily installed in a car by mounting it upon a dashboard which makes it able to capture road footage along with the interior footage of the car.

This comes in handy in situations of robbery, vandalism, assault etc where the recordings can be provided as invaluable evidence.

Although it is generally associated that dash cams are a key instrument to accessing discounts on insurance claims in some countries, it does not usually lower the rates in the US apart from a few auto insurance companies.

Why Use Dash Cams for Insurance?

Road monitoring:

Dash cams can come in real handy in times of need for monitoring your surroundings and other drivers on the road. The obvious legal factor parallels your personal safety since these devices can easily track distracted driving behaviors on other drivers or obstacles.

It is proven that most insurance claims made are within the age range of 25 years old and thus, dash cams can also be implemented as a great tool for beginners who are yet to familiarize themselves with the road.

Tackling insurance fraudulence:

In many cases, there are incidents where there is absence of substantial information to determine the resolution of a road accident. This complicates legal procedures more and gives way for a chance for fraudsters to enact staged collisions for the sake of claiming insurance benefits.

Dash cams provide tangible evidence to counter this problem. The unbiased footage captured can be used as a shield to protect insurance companies against such fraudulent cases and avoid financial losses.

Capturing interactions:

Police brutality cases are rampant in the US and there are multiple incidents where the victims are subjected to mistreatment and wrongly accused of violations.

When such cases are summoned in court, the footage covered by dash cams can stand for the innocence of the accused and provide the actuality of the scene. Many dash cams also have in-built microphone systems that can capture good audio quality besides video footage.

Eases parking:

Driving can be easy but parking? Not so much. In a certain report, CBS News states that almost 20% of accidents occur in the parking lot owing to distracted drivers being unaware of their surroundings. Many people tend to engage with their cellular devices while swaying away from keeping in track with other vehicles in the area.

You can hardwire connect (Installing Dash Cam Without Wires )your dash cam with your vehicle’s fuse box and with the help of smart features like motion sensing, dash cams can ensure the safety of your vehicle by sensing impact beforehand from a good distance.

Vandalism and damage:

The current upsurge in cases of hit-and-run, property vandalism, theft and other related offenses has increased the pressure of maintaining the wellness of vehicles much on individuals. Luckily, dash cams can be used to avoid these unwanted scenarios too since they can capture viable information in such incidents.

For example, these cameras can capture its surroundings even when the vehicle is parked or stationary and hence you can claim insurance for situations of break-in and robbery. Even while the engine is off, a hardwire connection can be established to ensure that the dash cam is actively working.

How to Navigate Your Way to a Good Dash Cam?

It can be rather confusing to choose a good dash cam regarding the multiplicity of options in the market. Here are some tips you can employ to scrutinize your way through a good one that will cater to your needs and safety:

A big SD card:

Memory cards that can store bigger recordings with good quality should be prioritized at the time of purchase. Along with emphasis upon the preservation of video/audio quality, the compatibility of the card with the camera should also be kept in mind. It is more convenient to rely on external removable storage devices than on the in-built memory system of the camera for safety and legal purposes.

Double edged sword:

Dash cams are considered to be a double edged sword as in it can cut both ways. In cases of road mishaps and the other driver has taken notice that you have a dash cam mounted in your vehicle, evidence will be demanded rightfully if you are in the wrong and hence, it would be wise to invest in generally unnoticeable cameras like Garmin Mini2.

Avoid being distracted by other “smart” features: The market also provides many dash cams with salient features on the rise such as AI driver assistance alerts, online cloud storage of data, smart voice commands etc. You should note that these features do not contribute to the pros of a good dash camera. Yet, AI features such as fog removal or flare decrease can be considered a good point to be considered at the time of purchase.

Don’t forget about audio:

This feature is also a double-edged sword since it can also be a violation of two-party consent laws in some areas or prove to be substantial evidence against any claims made by you vouching for a certain statement. But above all, audio features play an important role in capturing the conversation/interaction between two individuals and this can come in handy against the face of crime scenes where video footage might not prove sufficient.

Dash Cams: Necessity or Not for Insurance Claims?

Oftentimes, the mere presence of a dash cam visible to other drivers can significantly reduce unwanted behavior/reckless driving. These footages are quintessential in proving to be a great alibi even in cases outside of road mishaps.

It is always strongly recommended that commercial/public vehicles are always equipped with dash cams with appropriate emphasis upon maintenance and the proper working of the camera.

Insurance companies can avail the benefit of making dash cam setups in a vehicle necessary for the sake of avoiding fraud and alongside that, customers can also reap the safety factor and the indispensable evidence in times of legal demand.

Wrongly demanded financial compensations can be frustrating for both parties and thus, this brings us to the undeniable nature of dash cam footage – impartial.

While having a dashcam does not certainly reduce the premium amount for insurance subscriptions, it can certainly reduce the insurance rate by a considerable amount by providing truthful footage that you are not at fault. This can be considered a winning advantage for both parties.

And hence, it is always recommended by many insurance companies to their customers to invest in a good dashcam.

Dash cams are also beneficial since they ease the process of claiming any form of legal or financial compensation. This guarantees confidence and ease of mind to the driver as it acts as a shield of safety against any undesirable circumstances that may involve tricky disputes that may be hard to resolve. This also places a sense of responsibility on other drivers as well to be more actively aware of their surroundings and their driving habits.

Safety tips to be kept in mind:

  • While setting up a dash cam, make sure that the recording obtained is clear enough and there are no obstructions present in the field of view that would diminish or interfere with the quality of the footage. Ensure proper maintenance and mount the camera at a good angle. This becomes beneficial when the footage is demanded to be used as legal evidence in any case.
  • Check for features such as G-sensor, loop recording, motion detector etc on your dash cam. The key to obtaining the full use of any product is to be resourceful and be aware of its abilities.
  • While driving, you can monitor the camera to ensure at times that the recording is still active since it may run out of power sometimes or you may accidentally forget to turn it on. Make sure that the footage is not being interfered with by any type of physical obstruction on its lens or microphone.
  • It is always best to rely upon hardwiring the dash cam rather than depending upon its internal battery or car battery for power. There is no use in installing a dash cam if it remains dormant in times needed for footage to be covered.
  • It is generally advised to not share car footage in case of any legal entanglement such as with your insurance company, law enforcement officials or any other third party apart from your car accident lawyer. On a noteworthy mention, it is advisable to look for cameras with a good resolution so that no detail slips from view which may sometimes prove to be essential for putting a certain claim.

Privacy concerns

Dashcams are legal in all 50 states of the US as long it causes no kind of blockage in the windshield. Regarding the consent of recording multiple individuals present in the vehicle, in some states in the US, it is mandatory for only one person to provide consent to the same. Contrastingly, in some other states the privacy laws apply differently, and thus, all the individuals present are supposed to give consent.


Dash Cams are necessary to ensure responsible and mindful driving. It is also a great tool to monitor young drivers who are naturally inclined to road rage, reckless driving and driving under the influence on busy roads.

Moreover, financial settlements can be extremely stressful since road accidents may involve a multiplicity of offenses such as hit and run, speeding and evasion of traffic rules. Road accidents can cause life changing injuries and the procedures to claim compensation can be cumbersome with lack of evidence. Dash cams are a great tool that locks your safety against various types of unwanted accidents or scenarios on the road – whether you are driving or not, whether your car is left unattended or not.


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