Dash Cam Not Recognizing SD Card? [Easy & Quick Fix]

The Dashcam or dashboard cam is a type of camera that gets mounted on the vehicle’s dashboard. It is often called a silent witness in the case of accidents as the dash cam is designed to record the nuances of the detail that occurs on the road.

Well, it might not be a new thing that dash cam does not detect, and we can panic out of the blue seeing it. Well, it is a simple fix if you follow the steps below. The normalcy of jumping to conclusions, without following steps can be very devastating so it is better to look out simple fix then if not nothing works you can look for professional help if needed.

The recordings can be recovered with the help of software like a data recovery tool, they aid you in keeping your files from any further damage before fixing the discrepancy.

Simple Fixes

Check Is It Locked?

Now have a look at your SD card, and see whether it’s locked or not. If you see that it’s been locked slide it and unlock it. If the card is in its locked state the card will not read, so unlock it.

Look out for your Dash camera’s settings

Make sure that the settings of your camera are in configuration with the SD card, and not just that thoroughly look at your SD card and inspect for finding any kind of scratches, dents, or any other form of damage that can occur due to wearing. The problem may or may not persist if that latter happens make sure you follow our simple hacks to fix this issue.

What is in the technical information of your Dash Cam

We should understand the fact that all Dash cam will have requirements that differ from each one for their compatible SD cards. The requirements are of capacity, then in terms of rate of speed of reading and writing, it is always better you first check all the technicalities and technical information to avoid discrepancies.

Refresh, by restarting your Dash Cam

1.Firstly you should make sure that camera is off, this you can do my removing dash came from the power source that is you can keep lens cover closed, followed by red light which would not be on and then later press the power button which OFF the camera completely. Now it is in OFF mode.

2.Next have a look at your Dash cam’s SD card slot lid, and look whether it has been properly inserted or not if not, then that becomes a discrepancy for our problem.

3.Now insert the battery and turn ON the Dash Cam power

When you do this, you can see dashboard and the welcome screen. This says that your Dash Cam is reset fully to factory settings, now you can use it as how it was.

5 Hot Stake Why Dash Cam Not Recognizing/detecting/reading Sd Card

The issues pertaining to why which SD card is not recognized or detected is as follows:

  • The SD card have not been properly inserted into the Dash Cam
  • SD card currently at use is not compatible with the present Dash Cam
  • The SD has pertaining physical damages as well bad sectors which are commonly talked about.
  • No proper formatting on the SD card.
  • There might be files instead of video recordings instead of the SD card.
  • SD card locked or write protected.
  • Them camera’s SD card slot might be broken.

Keep a Tab on Formatting Your Sd Card to Normal.

Well, this can be done with the help of your Dash Cam, and later format your SD card. This is important as certain types of cards are only formatted on the computer. The good thing is that in most of the cases they can be formatted from the dash cam interface itself which makes it easy regulating it.

IMPORTANT: Try to understand that formatting your SD card leaves you to factory reset.

The counter consequence is that in certain cases, it can be fatal as it leads to wiping out all data from the memory card. For exception, emergency footage from a G sensor cam can be wiped out, so as a precaution back up your important files to avoid missing out on your important files. If these hacks are not working well for you, the next solution is to try and test out different SD cards.

Recovering Your Data, and Procced Next

When inspecting through the SD card, if you come across that the memory card is having any kind of physical damage ,or its corrupted ,the next step that you can try yourself is by trying a hand  at formatting it. It is very known, in the cases of having your important files on them, the key step to follow is save all of that recording before proceeding further, this can help in saving files from loosing out. For such purposes go for tools like Data to recover your recordings before fixing the problem

Let Us Try Testing Out Various Micro Sd Cards

If the same issue persist wherein the Dash Cam is still unable to recognize the SD card, we must check what we can do further. Even after applying the various steps mentioned above, the same issue continue we can conclude that there are high chances that your SD card is physically damaged, and the issues you may not know how they happened.

Everything that comes memory cards now narrows down to the compatibility factor, as different models of Dash Cams have differing compatibility with SD cards and that is nothing new, but it very prevalent case in Dash Cam made in overseas. To all people who have a habit of hoarding multiple SD card, have a good luck to try this out get the result and see whether this works or not.

Even after multiple attempts of trying out with different SD cards, the Dash Cam does not recognize it then let us wrap it up as the previous card is very defective.

However, even after trying all other SD cards available, and still the issue persists we can conclude that your Dash Cam needs to get fixed itself and sorted it out. What you should not miss out is to if you are carrying your SD cards its important to check for their lifespan remaining after this, for that you look for the manufacturer or other software tools to check how long the SD card is going to work well and perform good.

Next Follow the Formatting the Sd Card to Normal

Well, formatting might be only known method to you what you miss out is that it is an optional method only. We have different tools to perform as such and one among known is that of is Disk Management or MiniTool Partition Wizard that does SD card formatting.

You might have heard of bad sectors in the above steps, this is also a factor that the issue is persisting. We can very much get the fix done by blocking those bad sectors and solving this issue from happening further.


Why is my dash cam not detecting my SD card?

The SD card might not be properly inserted to the Dash Cam

Why is my camera not reading my SD card?

This happens due to corrupt or physically damaged card, file system error, or virus attack

Will any micro-SD card work in a dash cam?

The Dash Cam require SD cards with high write speeds to make sure that there is seamless recording with out lag or buffering

How often should I format my dash cam SD card?

For a parking mode dash cam, a 64GB card that gives extended parking recording.

Summarising it..

The reasons to which SD cards can become corrupted and other are innumerable. There are several reasons to this a few of them are improper formatting, power surges, and a lack of anti-static precautions.

I hope this article can help to get the fix and make it easy to resolve the problem. The steps have been curated to make it as easy to perform and done with ease without my technical knowledge make it easier for everyone to follow. However, feel free to reach out for professional help if the simple hacks do not fix the issue, since the equipment is at your stake. Do not forget to share this post with others if you find this interesting and useful.