Dash Cam Vs Gopro: 7+ Shocking Differences Before You Buy!

Dash Cam and Go Pro are far apart in what they provide to the vehicle owner, the differences are quite well enough to make them stand out.

Go Pro should come to you if off roading is on your plan as they come quite durable as well as video quality of Go Pro stands out well in comparison to Dash cam making it very portable option apart from that Go Pro misses out on various features like safety alerts which are of great importance for the vehicle owner.

so ultimately this leads to what the end user is up to ,what are the requirements and whether its matching to that and so on. Now we have just given small differences about Go Pro and Dash Cam will be further looking at the differences between them in terms of Video Quality and Resolution, Mounting and Installation, Field of view and Perspective, Battery Life and Power Source, Specialized Features and Functions and their usage.

1, Video Quality and Resolution

The GO Pro comes with footages of the resolution 1080 P which comes for superior high resolution and at the cost of getting footages for an instance of accident or threats is of not a big requirement as dash cam footages comes clear crisp with their resolution that gets you enough details in your footages.

The Go pro comes covers footages with 4K resolution at the rate of 120 frames per second, in comparison to Models of Go Pro 7 and 8 with advanced image stabilization that brings crisp and clear images bringing images to life when engaged in activities like bike riding, off-roading, mountain climbing all those high energy activities.

The dash cam comes with a resolution of maximum up to 4K, and this varies by different dash cam models in the market, and this clarity well enough capture accident footages or other incidents of threat with the necessary details like road sign or licensed details,

However the image stabilization in most model like have very basic stabilization for images whereas only few models come with advanced stabilization unlike Go Pro that carries with this feature.  

2, Mounting and Installation Options

The Go Pro can be mounted on to number of surfaces that includes helmets, chest, handlebars with the help of mounts or accessories but it comes at the cost of an inconvenience as well as every time you park your vehicle you should remove it, as permanently mounting is not an option at all, that too in a proper location you must mount it.

The dash cam can be easily mounted on to the dash board of your vehicle or on the windshield of your car with the help of adhesive mounts of suction cups.

3, Field of View and Perspective

The Go Pro come with multiple lens that does Super View, Wide and Liner View and now let us understand each one of them better.

The Super View captures in 170-degree field of view giving a wide field of view footage that is recommended for activities like cycling, mountain biking, motocross.

The Wide is recommended for general use action activities like skiing, surfing, automobile.

The Linear View is recommended for non -action shots that fits family, travel footages and that is quite like DSLR.

Although, the Go Pro has limited field of view which can be fatal as you might not be able to capture much details and can invite collision.

The Dash Cam has wide angles as required to capture footages ahead of the road as much as possible.

4, Battery Life and Power Source

The Go Pro battery life is a couple of hours post that it cannot record footages, maximum up to 140 minutes of continuous recording unlike the dash cam that has better battery life than the Go Pro and longer battery life then Go Pro making it comes very handy to be used in vehicles as they run on power by which they are plugged to car’s power source through the cigarette port.

5, Overheating

The Go Pro’s are prone to overheating whereas the dash cam is not prone to overheating in comparison to Go Pro, the dash cam is not overheated when they are used prolonged period whereas Go Pro gets into overheating on extended period of use. In case to be used in a vehicle for extended period go for dash cam to avoid overheating issues.

6, Night Vision

The number of models of dash cam in the market comes with Super Night Vision and gives you good quality footages from low light conditions or at night, with Go Pro you come with a risk of getting into any kind of accidents as it lacks the capabilities to capture any type of footages at night and you lose the chance of getting evidence to an accident if occurred at night.

7, No parking mode

Most dash cams come with parking mode whereas as no Go Pro comes with parking mode, at the cost giving threat the Go Pro is existing in your vehicle as no footages would be recorded if any kind of threat is there near the vehicle when its in parking whereas dash cam comes with parking mode features so it comes very handy in capturing any type of threat at the detection when the vehicle is in parking mode.

8, The usage

Dash cam is used for capturing footages on incur of a threat or an accident, they are made as such to serve this as their main purpose to get footages at the time of parking your car, while moving through high or low light conditions as such it gives details to track any kind of incident that had brought any type of damage to your vehicle.

The Go pro can work like a regular camera and can capture footage for high energy activities like cycling, motorcross, under water activities, mountain biking, skiing.

Pro’s and Con’s of Dash Cam and Go Pro

Go Pro

    Compact design -quite tiny or smallSuperior Video ResolutionGreat warranty Great image stabilization        Battery life is low No night vision or low light performance Overheating on recording No interchangeable lens

Dash Cam

    Reliable WitnessSuper Night VisionAdded layer of security Can prevent frauds      Concerns on privacy Comes of quite expensive Risk of theftNot all dash cam promises high-definition video

Why Dash Cam over Go -Pro?

Now we have understood in detail what both Go pro and Dash cam are lacking in and what all factors that they are good so its now to look at a perspective on why we should go for Dash Cam instead of Go Pro, let us see how we can come at a conclusion like that, looking at those reasons:

  • Go Pro’s do not come with the automatic recording like the dash cam, that is do not automatically records footages unlike the dash cam that does automatically record the footage and stops when the ignition is turned off, whereas the Go Pro must be manually turned ON and OFF when you are in the vehicle or outside the vehicle
  •  The Go Pro comes off quite expensive in comparison to the dash cam.
  • Limited Battery Life
  • Lacks Voice control command- dash cam comes with models that has voice command whereas Go Pro model lacks these.
  • Go Pro does not come with a parking mode, so at the time of parking no footages get recorded at the time of any type of threat has occurred,
  • Lacks any type of safety alerts such as lane departure, collision alerts.

Do not use Go Pro as Dash Cam

The benefits you can get if you are using the Go Pro as Dash Cam

  • The vehicle owner will get superior quality videos with crisp and clear footages, with super clear images due the advanced image stabilization the Go Pro carries.
  • The functionality that it can be used a regular camera, for capturing events of high energy and adventure.

What you miss out on

  • The Go pro misses out on G-sensors, because of this on any smaller vibration or other threats will not get detected and footage that got recorded during the event of any threat get erased as result of the accident or collision occurred.
  • At the adversity of extreme temperatures, the dash cam can still work and get you important footages whereas Go pro is not capable so at the times of extremities you lose out footages if you are using Go Pro as Dash Cam.
  • As there are no parking mode in Go Pro you will miss out footages of your vehicle at the parking, at the time parking any type of threat occurs no one can be held accountable as there are no footages to the incident occurred.
  •  No continuous recording as there is limited battery life for Go Pro, so once the battery losses the power no further footages get recorded which leaves at your risk, if you cannot find alternative power source.

Summing it up

The Go Pro and Dash cam has its own advantages and disadvantages and vary in what they provide to the user. The Go Pro comes with superior quality of video as it comes a higher resolution when compared to dash cam’s resolution offered by various models in the market, as well as they differ in other features as well.

We have discussed above the pro’s and con’s of dash cam and Go Pro as well ,laying out in what all matters they are well above each other and what are the major things the Go pro is lacking on to be used as dash cam in for your vehicles which needs to read and understood thoroughly taken into consideration that

if Go Pro is used as Dash Cam that these would be countereffects such as no parking mode features which leads to no footages at the time of parking the vehicle as well as limited battery life leading to shutting off the Go Pro and no footage can be recorded. Consider all this in and get at decision what works well for you at your needs.


Is it possible to use GoPro as a dashcam?

The Go Pro must be attached firmly to the windshield to get videos that are not blurry.

Can a stolen GoPro be tracked?

It does not have a definite way of tracking the stolen or locate the Go Pro

Why is GoPro so bad in low light?

Small sensors accounts for the low light performance.


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