Do Dash Cameras Record When Parked?

The most dash cams in the market goes off when the ignition is of and goes on when the ignition is on, however there are certain dash cams that come with parking mode feature which enable the dash cam to record even the ignition is off and the vehicle is being parked at a place.

These dash cams with parking mode feature continues to record footages of any event of threat like theft, vandalism, or any sorts of hit and run incidents while your vehicle was parked at a place.

The most dash cams do not offer 24/7 round the clock security and surveillance as they go off when the ignition goes off but dash cams with parking mode features provides your vehicle with security and surveillance as they get triggered by the action of impact and motion detection with the help of G-sensors which comes built in which triggers the dash cam to capture footages on sensing any type of vibration in regards to their sensitivity settings. 

💡However when these dash cams with parking mode features are kept functioning for extended period of time can bring battery drain which leads to wear and tear of your battery when your vehicle has been parked at a place for an extended period of time ,in such case make sure that you use dash cams that comes with power saving features along with that usage of hardwiring kits or additional battery packs are recommended to be used as an additional source of power for your dash cam if you get into instances of using your dash cams for longer period of time in your parking lots.

Is parking mode worth it on dash cam?

The parking mode feature on your dash cam is utmost worthy as it works as a great system to provide security and surveillance to your car when it is being parked a place and you are away from the car.

When your vehicle is attempted of any sort of theft or vandalism by an intruder from the surroundings of your vehicle, the dash cam gets triggered from their motion or from the action of their impact the dash cam captures footages of the event happened which can come to be of great help to you if you want to procced to police to capture the culprits these footages come as your evidence for aiding in capturing that intruder.

The dash cams capture footages when your car door gets dinged while its being parked at a place, if the car got involved in hit and run while it was in parking lot along with getting any sort of parking ticket claiming it as traffic violation in all the above events your parking mode dash cam footages comes as great evidence that can get you the fairness as well prove your innocence if you are falsely accused at any cost.

The dash cam of motion -activated are recommended better than those dash cams that comes as impact-activated, the motion activated dash cam with parking mode features as these dash cams records leading to the events as well away from the incident whereas those impact-activated are most least likely to capture any sort of footages before the impact as well after the point of impact.

What should not be missed out is the fact that those dash cams with parking mode features are quite expensive comparing to those dash cam that comes with basic features which lacks parking mode feature.

How does dashcam know it is parking mode?

The dash cam knows automatically to switch from normal recording to parking mode as soon as your vehicle ignition goes off and gets parked to a place and this happens without any assistance from the driver and there are certain dash cam which goes in to parking mode with the help of G-sensors which get relied on foe detecting any sort of inactivity from the vehicle which switches the vehicle to parking mode ,the sensors gets activated at any impact and starts recording footages.

Which dashcam stays on when parked?

These are the dash cams that stays on when your vehicle gets parked at a place:

  1. Matrack Dash Cam
  2. Nextbase 622GW
  3. Garmin Dashcam Mini 2
  4. Vantrue N1 Pro
  5. Nexdigitron NEO Dashcam

Will dashcam parking mode drain battery?

There is chance for battery draining if you are using dash cam with parking mode for an extended period of time ,that is when you have left your vehicle in the parking lot for a long period of time with the parking mode functioning continuously since the ignition of car has gone of while your car has been parked at that place ,

however there are solution to this you can used additional power sources like usage of hardwiring kit or additional battery packs also opting for those dash cam models which have power saving features comes of as great benefit that can prevent your battery from getting drained.

Does dash cam reduce insurance?

The using of dash cams cannot reduce your insurance premiums however if you have got your vehicle involved in a collision or any sort of accident these footages from your dash cam recording aids to get your insurance coverage as the footages brings you with concrete evidences which can support your claims.

Summing it up

In the above we have discussed about dash cams that comes parking mode features as most dash cam goes off when the ignition is off those dash cams with parking mode feature remains on when the vehicle is parked and ignition is off and they provide you with footages of any events of theft or vandalism that occurred to your vehicle while you were away from the car from the place of parking.

We have also recommended dash cams that comes parking mode features, along with do not miss out that extended usage of parking mode leads to battery draining of your vehicle.


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