Do I need a 4k dash cam?

Those dash cams that comes 4K resolution provides you footages that are of superior quality which gives you images and video that are crystal clear with more sharpness to the footages captured.

In 4K the high-quality footages come with 3840×2160 pixels giving you highest resolution possible.

What should not be missed out is the fact the higher the resolution the better the clarity again that comes with the fact that these high-resolution footages would take up larger space on the storage device and the requirement of power processor is needed to manage these files of larger size.

However, those dash cams of 4K resolution provides you additional layer of security as the footages that comes out of them is very clear which give you the benefits of knowing the presence of any type of threat on the road, along with the clear footages shows any suspicious activity that is happening around your vehicle and while you are using 4K dash cam you come with no distortion to the images or details when you zoom into it.

Well,4K dash cam are quite expensive so when you go for these type of dash cams there is to look into whether you have the needs or the requirements which would be sufficed by the dash cam as well as whether you have budget to get this.

Is 4K better than Full HD dash cam? 

We can say this by considering the amount of pixels that is contained in a 4K dash cam captured snap shot and the amount of pixels in full HD dash cam.

In a snap shot taken by 4K Dash cam would contain about 8 million pixels whereas those snap shot taken by Full HD dash cam will have only 2 million pixels, and the higher the number of pixels the higher would be the pixel density whereas smaller pixel density can give you images with depth along with more accurate colors.

In 4K dash cam footages or the images you will see more refined and clear images than what you will see on the footages captured by a dash cam who is having Full HD. The 4K dash cams provides you with images of license plate with more refinement and clarity along with improvement on contrast as well as color range.

When you zoom in for details into your 4K resolution dash cam footages you will get images with zero distortion which you will miss on a Full HD dash cam.

Which resolution is best for dash cam?

The standard resolution in the dash cam is 1080p, this is well enough for image clarity as well storage efficiency as higher the resolution the greater would be need of space on your storage device. The 1080 p also known as Full HD has a total pixel count of 1920x 1080 which adds up to total of 2,073,600 pixels.

A dash cam with 1080p resolution can capture the details on the roads such as license plates, road symbols, street light as well as other road signs as well.

If you are someone who want a dash cam for getting your drive recording on day to day basis along with the need to improve the security or work as additional layer of safety ,a 1080p dash cam would suffice your day to day requirements.

If you are someone who is not vlogging trips as such you can go for dash cams with 4K resolution as vlogging would require more details and the need to see more colors contrast on the footages.

Is 128GB enough for 4K dash cam?

A 4K dash cam footage would suffice in 128GB SD card, but this is decided as per the bitrate as well as frame rate of the camera.

On average a 128GB SD card can store about 4-6 hours of 4K dash cam footage at the bitrate of 60 Mbps and 30fps well what we should not miss out is the recording time decided upon the dash cam’s setting as well as video quality of the dash cam of your choice, you can go for 256 GB SD card if required.

Summing it up

The dash cams with 4K resolution would have much clarity than those dash cams with 1080p, however the 1080p of Full HD is standard for resolution in the dash market however with high quality footages comes with files that are larger size which can take up a lot of memory of your storage device, as well these 4K dash cams are quite expensive go for this only if they match with your needs as well budget of yours.

The dash cams with 4K resolution can go for SD cards of 128 GB or 256 GB as per the needs of the vehicle owner.


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