Do I Need a Rear Dash Cam [5+ Benefits]

The vehicle owners think that they only require the front camera and that is all they require, what they miss out on is the requirements of a rearview dash camera.

but those who wants to know Do I Need a Rear Dash Cam?

📌You get benefits from rear dashcam- Complete Coverage, Accident Evidence, Hit-and-Run Protection, Parking Surveillance, Peace of Mind, Insurance Discounts, Capture Interesting Moments

Well, they might have come to this kind of conclusion without knowing what purpose the rear-view dash cam is. The front dash cam is mounted near the windshield whereas the rear-view dash cam is mounted on the license plate, on the back of a vehicle.

A proper system of dash cam should consist of both front dashcam as well these two gives a full view of the vehicle’s surroundings with no details to be missed out by the driver.

As we progress through this article we will understand the importance of the rear dash cam!

really! do you need a rear dashcam? and why it should not miss out on any cost now let’s look at the rear dash cam in detail.

Do I Need a Rear Dash Camera?

The complete view of an incident can be only recorded at the price of using both the front dash cam and the Rear dash cam, without the use of the rear dash cam, the footage would look incomplete as it can only capture the footage of the incident from the front and the footage would not be recorded as in the case of the rear dash camera not being installed.

The rear camera is not only used for recording footage of incidents of threats it becomes handy for reversing and parking as well.

It has been said to avoid people who have bad behavior on the road when it comes to their driving space they are also called tailgaters, they tend not to be very happy to engage with a car that comes with a rear dash cam,

so if you want to keep of tailgaters out of your driving space on the road the rear dash cam comes to your rescue.

According to data published by NHTSA, about 28% of road accidents include the involvement of rear-end collisions. As per the data, we are surely to look at the importance of the rear dash cam to get a recording of the back of the vehicle at the time of the collision from the rear end of the vehicle.

This footage can help you get proper evidence of the collision and is useful to you post the incident of collision.

The rear dash cam gives solid footage if the collision had occurred from the rear end, so the front dash cam and rear dash cam footage together build concrete evidence to proceed further.

Pros and cons of Rear Dash Camera

The Pro’s

  • Gives solid and concrete evidence -As the camera is placed at the back near the license plate it can capture all the events that occur at the rear end of the vehicle. In times of collision, the footage is mostly recorded from the front dash cam as many vehicle owners do not know the importance of rear-view dash cam, what they miss out on is that when the collision occurs from the back the front dash cam comes off no use, in such a scenario your rear-view dash cam captures all the details of the collision presenting itself as solid evidence to the authorities.(Does Dash Cam Record When Car Is Off)
  • Aids with insurance claims -Having this cannot reduce the premium of your insurance claim but can get you the necessary aid required for getting your claim covered, since the proof comes out as solid in proving whose mistake it was in the time of the collision, in this way, it comes to a handy matter in getting your insurance claim and getting your insurance company to believe your side of the story.
  • Green Flag to Safer Driving
  • They come with customization, as more dash cams with a variety of features, give the driver an easy pace to driving with no attention being lost on to the screen, this comes with built features like WIFI as well.
  • Quite Compatible, most of the rear dash cams are quite compatible with all models of car.

The Con’s

  • It comes with a price, the better the features the price will vary accordingly as good quality comes with a price.

How to Use a Rear Dash Camera?

The rear dash cam is installed on the back of the vehicle near the licensed vehicle, to get the footage from the rear end of the vehicle. The setup to install is quite simple and can done single-handedly with no help.

Once the installation is done properly the footage comes directly to the screen with no discrepancies. The footage shows the view from the back of the vehicle and is of utmost importance in case the collision occurs from the rear end of the vehicle, this footage captured gives solid evidence to be given to the authorities,

What are the benefits of using a rear dash cam?

The rear-view dash camera works as an extra set of eyes, which gives solid evidence at the time of collision not missing out on details from the end of the vehicle. It will also give alerts on the threats that can occur to your vehicle. Let us further look at the other benefits as well.

  • Aids in reversing and parking -As the camera is behind, we can get a clear view of what is in the back, the driver can see what obstacles are in the back if any, and move the vehicle accordingly without any damages and ease to the driver.
  • Gives out concrete evidence that the footage is fully solid as it shows all the details from the back, and if the collision had occurred from the back, this footage would do the work when presented to the authorities.
  • Gives a clear idea about surroundings -Removes any blind spot to drivers as now they get a 360-degree view of the surroundings, as the front dash and rear-view dash cam are working well together.
  • Helps in improving your driving habits footage shows the parking habits of the driver, so it can show the mistakes or the pattern the driver must change in the case of faults, and getting their driving improved.
  • Works as an additional layer of security
  • Provides a sense of relief to the driver
  • Can get you saved yourself from theft or vandalism

Drawbacks of Using a Rearview Camera

  • It brings a big privacy concern-The faces of people, and the license plates all can get recorded and if it is not handled with consent it can lead to evading of privacy.
  • The installation of certain models of rear-view dash cam requires professional help models are quite easy to install whereas certain models are quite sophisticated in that case you must get professional help to set it up.
  • The rear-view dash cam is quite expensive
  • It can quite distract the driver -Always looking at the rear-view footage can become very distracting as well lead to losing the attention on driving.

How to Choose a Rear Dash Camera?

  • The easiness in installing it-whether you can install it on your own or requires a professional to do the installation work.
  • Whether it works in extreme weather conditions or not -this should be investigated with no delay as this marks a very important aspect as your camera can be exposed to extreme heat and cold.
  • Storage-as the camera gives high-quality videos, this means the footage recorded would take up a good amount of space, so find out about how much storage space it would take up
  • The video resolution resolution of the video is not up to mark, the money is totally wasted, so look for a good resolution that can give you quality footage day and night.
  • For the placement you are looking for portable option a portable or wireless rear dash cam will work, and if you are looking for a permanent installation you must go in-vehicle model.
  • The price it comes-a good quality and an ample number of features on the rear dash cam comes with a price which is quite expensive. As if you are someone who looks out for quality, you should be ready to pay the price that it comes by, making the rear dash cam quite expensive as such.
  • Look out for field of view -this means more the coverage the greater you get a chance to record a greater number of details, in case of collision or other threatening incidents that could happen.

What are the best Rear dash cameras in the market?

  1. Thinkware U1000
  2. Viofo A129 Pro Duo
  3. Garmin Dash Cam Tandem
  4. BlackVue DR900X-2CH Dash Cam
  5. REDTIGER HD Dash Cam
  6. AZDOME 4K Dual Dash Cam
  7. Garmin Dash Cam Tandem

This list of dash cam comes as overall best performers as they are best at both front and rear-view cameras.

Recommended Dash Cam!

1,TYPE S S402 Pro Ultra HD 4K Dual View Dashcam with 2K Cabin View Camera

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2,Type S P200 PRO Smart 360 Dashcam, with 2K Resolution, VR Recording Mode, GPS and G-Sensor Built-in!

Summing it up

The rear dash cam has its own benefits that comes very handy to the driver as well as it comes bigger disadvantages as well.

As you have read through this article you might have understood that by now. It is not good to believe that you only require a dash cam that captures the events happening in the front of the vehicle’s as important to look out for what is happening in the back of vehicle as well.

The rear dash cam is installed at the back of the vehicle near the license plate. In case of any kind of collision or any other types threat this rear -view dash cam can give you a solid footage to what happened at the back of vehicle with full details that can be presented to authorities as well as insurance companies in getting your claims. Overall, it’s up to the driver to go about the rear dash cam considering its good and bad, hope this article has been beneficial on that.


What is the purpose of a rear dash cam?

To get footage from behind of the vehicle, in case of an accident or a collision

Should I get a rear camera?

This can reduce the chances of getting your vehicle into accidents while reversing your vehicle.

Do Dashcams drain car battery?

Dash cams can drain the battery if they are constantly doing the recording overnight.


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