Does Dash Cam Record When Car Is Off [Would you believe?]

Are you familiar with dash cams? If not, then there is nothing rocket science about it the are system of cameras that provides footages and recording to an incident occurred under any c circumstance of threats or collision.

They are also called as silent witness to the functions they perform in providing evidence at the event of an accident. They come in different specifications in the market with built in features (ex.dashcam) that aids the user in giving complete sense of safety if let at a parking space.

In most cases the dash cams records footage when the engine of the car is turned on and in other cases if the dash cams that you have installed has a parking mode feature then you are at a bet that these cameras are giving you footage even at the time when your engine is turned off. But is it your dash camera keep turning on off unnecessary.

You must be wondering how it is possible and what are the workings that makes you achieve this. As we go along this article, we can get a better understanding of this scenario.

Dash Cam Recording Basics!

The dash cam starts recording when the ignition is turned on and gets off, once the engine is turned off. This is a simple matter to understand but that is not the case all the time. The understanding you should have been that there are dash cam models that are available in the market that gives you footage in the ‘parking mode,” when the ignition is turned off. Let us dive in to the basics of Dash Cam recording by looking at their respective features.

  • Auto Start and Auto Recording: Your dash cam starts recording automatically as the ignition is turned ON and goes OFF once the engine is OFF. This is a simple automatic work you can see, and it is easy understand as well, as they rely on 12V accessory outlet which gets OFF as the ignition is OFF. In the above we have said that there are different models of dash cams that are available in the market that comes with this Parking Model which gives you surveillance footage even at time when the ignition is OFF.
  • Loop Recording: This feature is that as we know the footages are recorded to a USB flash drive or another storage device, it is common that this storage device gets full due to the continuous recording happening. So, to keep the old footages that are important, safe due to this feature’s availability the new footages recorded are over the oldest footage, that means the footage that are earliest are written over old data. So, to keep the process at ease it recommends to use storage devices that are have bigger storage capacity to avoid any kind of mishap from happening. It is suggested to use larger SD cards  like SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE microSD Card (32 GB-256GB),Samsung PRO Endurance microSD Memory Card (32 GB-128GB). (Dash Cam Not Recognizing SD Card?)
  • The secure attachment: This comes from how well the dash cams are mounted on to vehicle, when, where and how. Typically, as the car moves whether its small or big the camera is going to experience a certain amount of G- force so to keep it intact its ideal to use a suction cup or an adhesive as per your requirement, the ideal place shall be the windshield of the car. This saves your dash cam in any case of movements along the road in un even paths.
  •  Field of view: The ideal field of view is about 125 degrees to 165 degree, anything other than this can be fish eyed and not be good enough to get the side views. To be precise to get not distorted videos keep it at about 130 degrees to 160 Degrees.
  • Audio Recording: These features are of very beneficial to the both parties involved at instance of any conflict that can happens, if the audio is not there the chances of these footage are only evidence without the important audio that can be primal evidence to establish your claim. In most case these get turned when the ignition is on. So, most of the dash cams in the market comes with a microphone to serve this purpose at no cost and be beneficial to the driver.
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In what ways Dash Cams are powered for recording?

The Dash Cams are powered by accessory ports, apart from that another simple and easy method is to connect the dash cam cable to cigarette lighter.

  • The other simple method is to make the dash cam battery powered for recording the footage.
  • In the above we have spoken about connecting the dashcam to 12 V accessory outlet, this also powers your dash cam
  • The OBD 2 power cable can also be used to power the Dash cam if you opting for this you can power the dash cam without using power from battery box. This is a more convenient method for enabling the parking mode as its easier to install if you are someone who fuses about wiring as such.

Do Dash Cams Come In Multiple Types?

There are different types of dash cam comes, and are categorized accordingly, let us discus few of them below

Single Lens: This dash cams does forward facing recording which are put along the windshield.

Dual Lenses: The dual lenses on the dash cam does recording for front, rear and inside of the car with improved all round visibility. The examples include; cabin view camera, rear view, rear window camera.

Professional Dash Cam: These dash cams are employed at commercial purposes as well as for the various works of the governmental authorities. What makes them very functioning is that they offer higher field of view, high video quality and the GPS functionality making it a great choice for the governmental agencies for purpose of work.

In Car Dash cam: This is for purpose for viewing inside of the cabin, it very beneficial for both the parties in the car that is the driver as well as the passengers on board.

How Long Does A Dash Cam Record For?

For dash cams to record for certain period, it depended on few factors they are of the following

  • SD Card Capacity: The Dash cam volume of recording is directly proportional to the capacity of the SD card you are using, let us put it this way, at about 8GB SD card the cameras can record about footages for less than an hour approximately about 55 minutes at a stretch so for higher capacity it means about longer duration of footage. For about 32 GB SD card they camera can record about 2 hours of footage.(How Long Do SD Cards Last?)

So be sure in choosing your SD card according to your requirement to get your required volume of footage for the number of hours needed.

What is the parking mode in your Dash cam?

Dash cam is designed to record footages when you are motion, however certain types of Dash Cam come with the feature to record the surroundings of your car when the car is not in the motion. The dash cam gets turned on when the union is ON, turns off when the ignition is OFF. This is only available if you are using a premium dash cam.

What happens in this parking mode?

This technology carries sensors which captures any events of triggers that are happening in your surroundings. This mode puts your car into a hibernation mode and records events happening by saving time and energy. So, any type of trigger can incident this to start recording based on the triggers detected by the sensors. According to the time lapse setup the camera captures the trigger event at a two frames per second in a such a way that it uses the space not its fullest to capture the footages in this mode the camera captures the amount of footage on the storage device at a level where the occupancy of footage is not compromised to any extent. However, the setup is only available on certain premium dash cams as mentioned above which limit the purpose and beneficiaries. This is of great benefit if the users are in places of vandalism and theft as this mode captures such incident of threat and gives evidence for proof.

How to maintain your Dash Cam?

The Dash cams must be maintained thoroughly to get their full benefits, so we must keep up them with certain step of maintenance that follows’:

  • How well you keep the Dash cam clean free of debris and dust -with the help of micro fiber cloth clean the cameras thoroughly in instance of finding any type of dust and debris found on the lens.
  • The placement of your dash cam – the position of the dash cam should not be distracting to the view of the driver, and ideal placement is behind the rear-view mirror.
  • The storage device used should be of ideal storge capacity to record the footage as per requirement of the driver. The idea is to invest in highly quality Micro SD cards with the desired storage capacity to avoid issues like overwriting.

What is the legal side to owning a dash cam?

The dash cams are legal are in certain countries and in certain countries they are not. Even if they are allowed, they come with certain regulations to follow to function as well. In certain countries you are allowed to get video footage whereas not the audio footage. The usage of dash cam has its own legal regulations to follow by.


Does dash cam record location?

The Dash cams records time, date, and location to the SD card along with audio recording as well.

Can I use normal SD card in dash cam?

In most cases all Dash cams uses SD cards

What is the largest SD card for a dash cam?

256 GB is the largest SD card for Dash Cam

Can a dash cam hear you?

If the dash cam that you are using comes with a set of microphones, it can scapture the audio and you get the audio recording. This can be great evidence for submitting proof any threatening conversation that can happen at any stance of threat.