Does Dash Cam Use Data and How Much Does It Use?

There are dash cams that does not need data to function properly as well record whereas certain dash cam requires data usage for their proper functioning.

So, the dash cams are that rely on data for their functioning their usage of the data is based on factors such as video resolution, frame rate and frequency of recording. In most case high quality video resolution requires good amount of data.

The requirement of data comes in to the scene when the dash cam is connected to the cloud unless you do not connect it to the cloud the requirement of data does not come in as the video recording in such dash cams does not require data for the purpose of capturing footages.

How much data does dash cam use?

As we had talked about the factors that decides the data usage relies on the features of your dash cam above, these features of dash cam are like the video resolution, frame rate and frequency of recording.

The data required for a video of about 720 P resolution will be lower as to what a video of 1080P with 60fps might require, the amount if data required for bigger file size is much bigger than for smaller size, the data usage on video recording as well as for storing the video gets higher for video resolution of 1080 P.

Let us say for a video of about 1080 P resolution with 60 fps will require about 1.5GB -2.5 GB for per hour recording.

Another way what we can say is that about 6.5 GB will be required for any model of Dashcam for 24 hour remote live viewing and the chances of data usage is high if you are someone who backups the footage from the SD card to the cloud ,the transfer of original footages to the cloud has totally higher data requirement.

Why does a dash cam need Wi-Fi?

The Wi -Fi dash cam are well great for the purpose of transferring you dash cam videos directly to your smartphone or laptop without looking for physically taking out the SD card and transferring the file, these WI-FI dash cam are an way of ease for seamless transfer of original files apart from that this WI-FI connectivity allows you to changes the settings of your dash cam from their dash cam such as video resolution ,frame rate as well as other settings.

As with the feature of Wi-Fi connectivity helps you easily download the dash cam footages at the instance of any accident or threat situation that your car might have got involved at such case the footages can be availed to the authorities with ease and no delay to prove your innocence.

Can I use a dash cam without Wi-Fi?

In the dash cam market, there are dash cam that comes without Wi-Fi connectivity as well as there are dash cam models that have this feature with them.

The matter is that you can use a dash cam without Wi-Fi what comes along with that is when you are not using this feature or you are having a dash cam does not have Wi-Fi connectivity the only way you can transfer your dash cam footages it to manually remove the SD card and connect it to the device of your choice like laptop or smartphone.

What is the difference between Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi dash cam?

The difference between Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi dash cam is that traditional dash cam models have no Wi-Fi features that is footage sharing happens by the approach of physically removing the SD card from the dash cam to the smartphone or laptops for the ease of viewing and saving files there,

with Wi- Fi dash cams there is seamless transfer of footages from the dash cam to the devices of your choice as well as these dash cam can become very useful to you at the time of emergencies of collision or accidents which will require you to submit proof or evidences to authorities within a designated period of time.

Summing It up

There are dash cams in the market that comes with Wi-Fi connectivity as well as without Wi-Fi connectivity as well.

The data usage of the dash cam comes with variables such as video resolution, frame rate, so higher resolution means there is higher usage of data as compared to videos of lower resolution.

The Wi-Fi connectivity comes with seamless transfer of files at the instance of a requirement at hand such as a collision. The seamless way of transferring files will not be there if you are using dash cam without Wi-Fi and if you are someone who looks out for seamless transfer of files to your device the Wi-Fi connectivity should be there in your choice of dash cam.


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