Does Kia Telluride Have 360 Camera?

Kia as a brand they introduce there car Telluride in ‘USA’ market in 2019, it’s famous for many reasons like spacious interior, comfortable ride quality with lot of features  as standard.

But, Does Kia Telluride Have 360 Camera?

‘360-degree camera system’ one of them, although 2019 model not had but from 2020 to 2024 It standard feature in SX Prestige trim and available as an option on the SX trim.

Did you know,  Kia Telluride also call as North American SUV of the Year for two consecutive years (2020 and 2021)

Does Kia Telluride have birds eye view? or Does Kia Telluride have surround camera?

birds eye view and surround camera those are two different terms but its indicate the same camera system, those two are using same multiple cameras which providing you  360-degree view of your car

so, one answer for those two question is yes, as we already discuses in upper section Kia Telluride have surround camera and birds eye view.

Kia Telluride 360 Camera

Like any other car Kia Telluride 360-degree camera system also gives you bird’s-eye/360 view of the car and cameras located on the front, rear, and sides of the car

Talk about living life in the lap of luxury! If you’re rolling around in a top-of-the-line Kia Telluride SX or higher trim, you’ve got that sweet, sweet 360-degree camera system at your fingertips. With that bad boy feeding onto your massive 10.25-inch screen,

it’s like having a team of eagle-eyed spotters guiding you through even the trickiest parking situations.

Tight spaces? No sweat, my friend! With a setup like that, you can kiss those stressful squeezes goodbye and cruise into those spots like an absolute boss.

Which Kia Telluride Has 360 Camera?

Model Years with 360-Degree CameraApplicable Trims
2020SX and SX Limited
2021SX and SX Limited
2022SX and SX Limited
2023SX and SX Limited

If you opt for Kia Telluride make sure go with 360-degree camera, because there are many important reason behind that like Telluride is a large SUV so its help the driver to park and maneuver very easily in tight space, Its also decrease the accidents probability blind spots detection. Including 2022 kia telluride 360 camera, 2023 kia telluride 360 camera and farther.

How Do You Turn On The Camera In a Kia Telluride?

Mainly you can Turn On The Camera in 3ways:

  1. There is a button in the center console beside the gear selector press and activate the front camera.
  2. Another ways from steering wheel by Pressing The view monitor button can see the any of 4 side camera view
  3. At last and easy one through Shifting into reverse gear, when you keep in reverse camera will automatically turn on.

Pro Tip- You can also use arrow buttons on the steering wheel to change the camera angle and zoom in and out, When your car reach the 9 mph (15 km/h) camera will off automatically, By pressing settings button on the center console you can easily adjust the brightness and contrast of the camera

Can We Install 360 Camera in Kia Telluride?

Installing a 360-degree camera system on your trusty Kia Telluride is no walk in the park, my friend. It’s a delicate operation that requires the skilled hands of an experienced professional – trying to DIY this one is just asking for trouble. But let me tell you, once that bad boy is up and running, it’ll be like having a team of eagle-eyed spotters watching your back, giving you the ultimate peace of mind on the road. Sure, it’s a bit of a time investment, but oh-so-worth it in the end.

1, Weivision Super Hd 1080P Car 360 Camera Degree

2, AMTIFO Dual 360 ° Rotation Cameras -Wireless with Plug and Play

if you are someone who doesn’t want to play with your vehicle’s wiring and electronics, as originality is very precious.


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