Does the Dash Cam Affected by Sunlight [5+ Ways to Protect]

Dash Cams are great way of camera security system provided to your vehicle; this becomes your silent witness to any incident of threat that can produce a valuable piece of evidence to proceed further.

These Dash cams comes with various specifications and requirements that can be matched to your needs. Dash cams also comes with its own pro’s and con’s, and what you should not be missing out is that when it gets exposed to extreme temperatures it can malfunction, along with that they also tend to get overheated.

As we move further through this article, you will be looking at how this can be taken care of as well understand the reasons behind this to be happening. We will be also talking about tips and tricks to avoid this along with exploring the various steps to take care of your dash cam from overheating as well.

What Are The Dangers Of Heat Exposure To Dash Cams?

If you dash cams are exposed to extreme temperature or happens to be victim of over heating there are possibilities that your footages are going to be affected as well. These extreme adversities can damage the components of the dash cam and can get overall working of the dash cam utterly messed up. What is most likely happen to the components are as follows:

  • The internal circuit get melted up, at the scenario where the circuit get all melted up due to exposure to extreme temperature, or device goes gets in to overheating the chances of losing the power supply as the circuit gets melted and this leads to shutting of dash cams. At the cost of this your expenses are going to be high to replace the circuit and get the dash cam working.
  • The camera lens can get damaged and leads to developing footages of poor video quality, because of this you might have to replace the camera, as it will be recording footages that would be missing out the details you want while your car is in motion.
  • The other aspect over heating is it can give irreversible damage to your dash cam batteries. The lithium ion batterie’s capacity reduces because of exposure to extreme temperatures and overheating that can happen, the damage is very real to the battery.
  • If you are someone who goes for a suction cup to hold your Dash Cam you are least affected by extreme temperature, as suction cups do not get melted away like an adhesive.

Going along we will be looking at steps to avoid the above scenarios from happening, and we will be looking at those steps in detail as well, to know them better and safeguard the dash cam from the dangers of overheating or heat exposure.

How To Keep Your Dash Cam From Overheating?

  • When you are mounting the dash cam look out for mounts that can withstand exposure to extreme temperature, if not the exposure can make the mount fall off and lose the dash Cam. Special care should be taken on selecting the right mount for dash cam in considering this factor. The position can be ideal for mounting would be near the rear-view mirror or the area close to the windshield that does not get heat exposure to a level, and that area has a bit of shade.
  • Choosing capacitor over a battery-operated dash cam, the capacitors are known for great heat resistance and stability, which would be beneficial in the case of scenario of overheating and extreme heat temperature. The supercapacitor reduces the chance of finding a swelled-up battery that is a byproduct of exposure to extreme heat. The high-quality dash cam carries capacitor as not in the case of the latter, as they are operated on lithium-ion batteries, that falls prey to extreme temperatures and overheating.
  • Parking the car where there is shade, when the car is parked at an area where there is big exposure to high heat and temperature it should not be a new matter that you dashcam can get damaged to the over exposure to heat and high temperature. Avoid parking your car in areas there are no shades, check for alternative places where there is enough shade.
  • Give proper maintenance to your car’s dash cam, this can save your time as to when you check the dash cam well you will be able to find any kind of damage on the camera or over the lens, if any. If you are constantly checking and taking care you are more likely to find damages that might have comes due to exposure to heat or other discrepancies, you can find it first hand, if the dash cam still tries operates with it. The problems are taken care of and delay can be avoided leading to further damage over the time if not looked after carefully.
  • Application of using a heat resistance case, this can protect your dash cam at times of unprecedented heat and exposure to high temperature.
  •   Look out for firmware updates, this can be of very beneficial to your usage of dash cam. As firmware updates comes with features that improves the overall working of the dash cam, with certain features can be added to improve the heat resistance as well that comes with the firmware updates.
  • A good usage of sunshade is recommended as this can block the exposure to extreme sunlight over the dash cam and save the dash cam from getting heated up and falling into other damages that comes with such exposures.
  • Understanding the temperature limits of your dash Cam, this helps you understand what temperature at the time of parking can damage your dash cam usually they come in between -10 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius ,so  if the temperature outside your car goes beyond it can be very damaging to your dash cam ,so have constant care to look out  for the dash cam at the times of varying temperatures.
  • Trying attaching small fans behind the dash cam this can provide a constant supply of cool air around the dash cam, and can become very helpful at the times of heavy heat and the dash cam needs care, this hack can come very handy and avoids the dash leading to overheating.

The dash cam that beats heat at its best

  1. Thinkware U1000 -this dash cam beats heat ai its best as it comes with super capacitor instead of lithium-ion battery
  2.  Street Guardian SG9665GC -it comes at affordable price with this features and other features like GPS logger and a good night performance.
  3.  BlackSys CH-200-This is made up of metal that helps in dissipating heat and along with that it comes with deflective cover over the lens that is very helpful in preventing glare.
  4. The Black Box B40-C Dashcam-This designed to withstand about 140-degree F, and most looked out heat resistant dash cams in the market
  5.  Z-Edge F1 Dashcam
  6. Wolfbox G900
  7. Vantrue N2 Pro
  8. Rexing V33

What makes the dash cam heat resistant?

The features that a dash cam carries decides how well its resistant to heat, as well as how it can do its functions in such extremities. Let us look at them one by one

  • The design-If the design of the dash cam does not come with proper ventilation its cannot, dissipate the heat and leading to overheating that means the design must be compact.
  • Materials used -The dash cam that is made is superior quality materials are least likely to get melted away at the exposure to high temperature and overheating, if the makers compromise on the materials that make up the dash cam, they can get overheated and melted away.
  • Battery type-If your dashcam comes with lithium-ion batteries, there is huge limitation to what well it will work under the extreme times of temperature and heat, but at the hand of a super capacitor you are at good position as they are super resistant to high temperatures. Dash cams of Black Vue, Thinkware, and VIOFO comes with super capacitors.
  • Temperature range-While you are selecting for the dash cam, look out for temperature range on what maximum it can withstand up to, if the dash cam can withstand about -20 degree Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius it is going to be off great help to you as they are withstanding the extremities at the time.
  • Mounting position-Keep the dash cam at that place on windshield where is least direct sunlight coming to, this can avoid your dash cam getting exposed to direct sunlight and getting heated up from the extreme light outside as well. The positing is the key here.

What are Super Capacitors?

The super capacitors have a huge advantage over the lithium-ion batteries. The super capacitors are also known as electric double layer capacitors, they get easily charged unlike the lithium-ion batteries. These super capacitors have longer life and high energy density as they can store energy and higher amounts of energy in much smaller space.

Their capabilities over the traditional lithium-ion batteries are much beneficial due to the following factors:

  • They have resistance to extensive temperature range
  • Life span and high energy density which leads to high reliability
  • Easy to charge capacities
  •  Safer to use
  • Quite Durable

These super capacitors performs well as they are being designed as such which gives a huge win over the lithium-ion batteries, they provide a safety and their capabilities to survive extreme cold and hot temperatures are definite factors that makes them win over the lithium-ion batteries. The super capacitors are expensive for the functions they do unlike the lithium-ion batteries

Summing it up

The dash cam gets overheated due to extreme heat and temperatures when exposed to them, so its very dutiful to take care of them with proper care to avoid bigger damages to your dash Cam. We have given simple steps to look after your dash cam in the cases of overheating.  Look out for your dash cam with proper maintenance and care, from the above steps mentioned. These steps can improve your dash cam workings and leads for a longer lifespan.


Can you leave a dash cam in a hot car?

There are high chances that are your dash cam will get damaged because of being exposed to extreme light and temperature.

Where not to put dash cam?

The dash cam should be positioned in way that it does not obstruct the view of the driver.

Does the sun affect dash cam?

Exposing the dash cam to extreme sunlight can damage the dash cams internal components and adhesives it’s being mounted on to.


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