Garmin 57 Vs 67w, Find Who is The Best?

 The Garmin dash cams comes as a very reliable and wireless dash cams, everything gets covered up in Garmin Dash Cams.

If you are looking for discreet and voice-controlled dash cams Garmin Dash Cam are at your hands, are well equipped to meet your specified requirements as well. The Garmin Dash comes in models like Garmin Dash Cam 47, Garmin Dash Cam 57, Garmin Dash Cam 67 W and Garmin Dash Cam Live.

In this article we will be looking at Garmin Dash Cam 57 V/s Garmin Dash Cam 67 W. We are going to be talking about the features, and getting to know each of these models of Garmin Dash Cam in detail to know what might work for you and what aspect these dash cams might not work well. Let us go further and make you understand about these two, who is best among the both.

Garmin 57 Vs. 67W: Which One Is Better

The Garmin 67 W is an upgraded dash cam over the Garmin 57 W dash cam, why as it so is that Garmin 67 W dash cam comes with superior video quality in comparison to Garmin 57 W dash cam as well as the Garmin 67 W dash cam is quite expensive over the price if Garmin 57 W dash cam. Adding on they come with 2-inch LCD display that gives all kind of details without missing out on anyone.

Let us go further and get to know about each of the features of both Garmin 57 W dash cam and Garmin 67W Dash Cam in detail 

Garmin 57 W Dash Cam

The Pro’s

  • The connectivity features are total mark to the dash cam as they come with smartphone and cloud connectivity.
  • It comes discreet enough that it goes behind the mirror and would not obstruct the view of the driver.
  • There is enough detailing in the footages captured as nothing gets missed out even if it is in the day and night.
  • The mounting gets easy and comes hassle free.
  • The dash cam comes with voice command.
  • The dash cam gives 180-degree field of view.
  • GPS location
  • Works as alert systems and gives lane departure warning as well as Collison detection

The Con’s

  • The dash cam comes with no rear camera.(Do I Need a Rear Dash Cam [3+ Benefits])
  • It has no accessibility for a touch screen.
  • There is no protection on glaring as there are no anti-glare filter.
  • There are higher chances for the images to get fuzzier at times of low light.
  • The dash cam can only record up to 30 minutes as the battery loses out power post that.
  • Cloud storage only free up to 24 hours.

Now, let us look at dissect the entire look and features of Garmin 57W one by one

What about design

The Garmin 57W dash cam comes as a very compact design as its quite small, giving it the name Garmin Mini wherein the protruding lens has been placed on the front of the dash cam and in the backside, you see the button adding on the display gets placed on the same as well, with the placement of windscreen is done with the help ball and socket at the top.

Overall, this brings the dash cam a very compact look. The display of the Garmin 57 W dash cam comes about as 2-inch color display and the buttons have been placed along the right side and icons are quite large to easy making easily readable and navigation is not hard as possible.

The USB port is on the bottom side of the dash cam that supports Micro SD card and other side of the dash cam has USB port for power.

Video Quality

The Dash cam comes with video resolution of 1440 P that gives your sharper videos where you are not missing out on details as the video is quite sharp with a field of view 140 degree giving a decent coverage of the surroundings.

This gets better as the video footage of the day and night comes great and in the case of moving along bumpy or rough roads the dash cam brings you complete stable videos as well.

Battery Performance

The battery lasts up to 30 minutes which means you must plug in every now and then for any kind of extended use.


The built in GPS gives lane departuring alerts as well as accident or collision alerts along with details of location, speed to the recordings.


The button is placed at the ease of the user which are at the side of the camera, the feature of voice command enabled does the works of ON the recording or OFF the recording at very command of the user.

The Garmin app setup was free of hassle and gives you good control of the setting, enabling the live streaming feature.

The security system

The dash comes with parking guard mode which helps in giving the safety and security to the car at times of when the car is parked, giving a double security to the car with coupled with incident detection sensor that can give alerts in the detection of any kind of threat to the car.

Garmin 67 W Dash cam


  • The discreet design of the dash cam
  • The easiness in installing the dash cam
  • Acts a double layer of security by monitoring the car in parking mode
  • The voice control comes very handy and useful
  • Quality of video is top notch
  • The camera comes with a 180-degree view of angle
  • Built in GPS and WIFI


  • It comes very expensive
  • The draining of energy in the parking mode
  • To backup the files to the clouds requires a WIFI connection
  • The footage can be only stored up to 24 hours

What about the design

The design is quite compact like the Garming 57W dash cams and there are not much differences to drawn in as the design is alike with buttons placement and 2-inch display screen.

Video Quality

The video quality comes top notch as it comes slightly higher than Full HD, at 1440P bringing more fine detailing to the video given to the driver. What is new is the 180-degree angle of view that comes with a bit of distortion and detailing as it has greater coverage due to bigger view of angle. The quality of video in day and night are of superior quality as well.

Battery Performance

The Garmin 67 dash cam battery lasts for about 30 minutes, so it advised to users to have Garmin hardwiring kit for providing constant supply of power to the dash cam.


The GPS functions the same as the Garmin 57W dash cam by giving you footage with location and speed.


As the both dash cam comes similar in their usage and set up, the navigation works well in the Garmin 67 dash cam and saving footage is just at the step of a single button making the ease of use.

Safety and security system

Their double layer of security on dash cam as this too comes with Parking alerts as well as collision alerts along with lane departuring warnings along with parking mode features which gives recordings when the car’s parked at the place and any threat is detected.

The ease of installation

Any device that comes compact is easy to install, so as in the case of Garmin 57W and Garmin 67W dash cam are both compact in design making the installation quite easy and hassle free. It might take up to maximum about 10 minutes to set it up by following the owner’s manual.

The dash cams come with an adhesive mount to set it up for the place of your convenience, once its set it comes as discreet by giving the driver a proper view without blocking.

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The Storage setup

The videos get uploaded to Garmin’s Vault storage device that keeps them there for about 24 hours maximum on removeable SD cards, this works on the subscription basis and you require additional storage comes with paid services.

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The Verdict: Garmin 57 Vs. 67W

If you are someone comes with a budget Garmin 67W is not your type of dash cam as you know it is quite expensive but the added benefits include high quality images and videos, and that is what you are looking for then Go for Garmin 67W Dash Cam.

If that is not your case then you are up with Garmin 57 W dash cam that comes more affordable for you with the benefits as mostly same except the video and image quality, if you are ok with the output of the Garmin 57W dash cam, go for this choice.

As you have gone through the article you might have seen the features of the both the dash cams in detail and all add up to similar except that view of angle in Garmin 67W is 180 degree and on the Garmin 57W is about 140 degrees. Apart, from that the battery performance, storage, design, and navigation come same, the software set up brings the easiness for both, so go for that Garmin Dash cam that fits your requirements.

Summing it up

We have discussed about Garming 57W dash cam and Garmin 67W dash cam in terms of their working as per the features they are carrying and we have explored them in detail by laying out each of them and assessing them accordingly.

The Garmin 57W dash cam comes with lesser video quality and the Garmin 67W dash cam comes with a higher video quality with view of angle of 180 degree ,making a clear difference among the both when compared.Well,the other features are very much same and doesn’t change much .

These tow Garmin Dash Cams comes with their own pro’s and con’s that we have discussed above, so if you are up to for purchase of any of these two dash cams give a thorough read up this article to get a better idea on both these dash cams.


Is Garmin 57 worth it?

It comes with features like collision detection, and GPS which aids in making an alert system to give you alerts upon lane departure or threats.

How long does Garmin 67W battery last?

It lasts upto 30 minutes.

Does Garmin 67W continuously record?

It starts recording when its turned ON and records until its turned OFF.


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