Know 7+ Things About How Do Dash Cams Work

The dash cam is designed to capture footage of the car when it is in motion as well as when the dash cam is equipped to capture the footages at the time of parking when the vehicle gets parked in to a place and the footages gets recorded.

The dash cam is also known by the name of silent witness which had come as the result of what it performs by providing the driver or the vehicle owner with concrete evidence of the incident of collision or any other threat that had occurred.

The dash cam is very critical of what they capture according to their areas of placement, and special care must be taken care while deciding the placement of the dash cam as if it is wrongly placed it can obstruct the view of the driver and can lead to accidents.

There are number of dash cam models that comes various features that are of great benefit to the driver or vehicle owner as well which comes with easy installation techniques. The dash is available in various types from budget model to premium dash cams.

Through this article we will be understanding what is a dash cam, how it works and its various components along with that we will be also looking at the benefits of having a dash cam as well whether purchasing a dash cam is worthy, let us dive in.

What is a Dash Camera?

A dash cam is windscreen mounted camera that captures footages in front of the vehicle when the car is in motion giving a complete view of the surroundings of the car that aids the driver to drive the vehicle at ease as any incident of threat or any type of collision would be recorded without missing out on any kind of detail.

The dash cam gets turned ON when the ignition is ON and goes OFF when the ignition is turned OFF.

The dash cam when attached to the rear end of the vehicle it can give footages of what is happening behind the vehicle this can give you with details of the car’s license plate if the incident of threat has occurred at the back of vehicle, when the dash cam comes in both front and back it gives a clear and concrete evidence of the collision occurred which comes very important in proceeding it to the police or to produce it for insurance claim.

Pro’s and Con’s of a Dash Cam

Here are the pro’s and con’s of having a dash cam:

  Provides you with concrete evidence for insurance claim as well as at the time of road rages, collisions, or accidents.The driver is at ease, as it provides a peace of mind as diver gets a view of what is happening when the vehicle is in motion or when it gets parked.Aids in preventing insurance scams.Can help in improving the driving skills as you get a view of your hits and misses while your vehicle is in motion as well as when do reversing or parking.Parental assistance to first time drivers.An additional layer of security.        Invasion of privacy Can become distracting at times. It comes quite expensive as it comes with various features if you are looking for aftermarket dash cams as your vehicle lacks a built-in dash cam.The footage gets recorded when the car is in motion as well as when the car goes into parking so this would require a higher storage capacity than currently used which comes down with cost.Is at the risk of theftLegal issues as certain locations prevent audio recording of the passengers along with video recording.

The components of a Dash Cam

Now you have understood what is a dash cam as well as what are the benefits it will provide you, to understand how dash does this footage capturing we need to know the components of the dash cam that gives us this output.

The components of the dash cam include:

  • Camera Lens -The camera lens is the star of your dash cam if the lens is not of good quality the images and footages that gets captured would of low-quality leading to blurriness in your images and video that lack the details needed leading to poor evidences. The lens quality varies in different dash cam as certain models of dash cam comes with 4K resolution as well as equipped to capture footages in low light conditions.
  • Processor -This what it is called as brain of the dash cam as it controls the settings of the dash cam to convert signals to digital images and videos and storing them in storage device of your dash cam, your dash cam’s processor is also responsible for features like WIFI and GPS connectivity, motion detection. The processor is key to the features functioning.
  • Image sensor -The image sensor is converting the light to signals which later is processed by the processor of your dash cam.
  • Memory Card -This device stores the footages collected from the surroundings of your car, this can come as bult in or must be external bought and placed to the dash cam.
  • Power Source -This either done with cigarette lighter outlet or USB outlet, if the dash cam wires are connected to these two its supplied with direct power source.
  • Display Screen-It placed behind the dash cam, smaller size is less preferred over the larger size display screen as this can give you the chance see the footages in clear and clarity, and not all dash cam comes larger screen.

How Does a Dash Cam Work?

Here we will be looking at how dash cams work to give us an output to see the footages of the surroundings of your car:

The dash cam gets turned on when the ignition is ON and gets off when the ignition is OFF. The dash cam is powered as they are connected to cigarette lighter outlet or and USB outlet which powers the dash cam.

Now you position the dash cam towards the vehicle in the front and start recording the footages of what is happening in front of your vehicle, if the dash cam is in the rear end of the vehicle, you will get footages from the back of your vehicle as well. These footages will be collected and stored on to your storage device which can be seamlessly transferred on to your PC, Laptop or smartphone as most dash cam comes WIFI connectivity to see the footage at your choice.

Do not miss out on loop recording features due to which when the device storage capacity get’s full it overwrites the newer footages over the older footages so keep in mind to transfer any important footages to device of your choice to avoid losing of any important footage.

Who should buy a Dash cam?

The dash cam works as alert and security system, so anyone who needs to bring that element to their driving should employ this as it gives full view of your car or vehicles surroundings.

  • Business owners
  • Rideshare drivers
  • Emergency drivers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Parents of those who are new to driving to give an assistance

Are Dash Cams Worth Buying?

The answer is yes, as there are benefits, they provide are worth the money you pay. Most dash cam comes with features which can make that dash cam work as safety and alert system as certain models of dash cams comes with advanced features of G-sensors that detects smaller vibrations while the car is in motion.

The benefits of the dash cam come as handy in:

  • Provides Concrete Evidence
  • Insurance discounts
  • Avoids Insurance scams
  • Added layer of security
  • Brings peace of mind to the driver
  • Aids in understanding the driving pattern

All of these are worthy enough to make the dash cam worth buying for.

Can Police Confiscate Your Dash Cam?

The police have the right to confiscate your dash cam if they have come to conclusion from the circumstance of the incident of threat or accident that you are the cost of erasing the footage from the device or damaging it for your own benefits, so under this circumstance they can confiscate the dash cam, however if they do this confiscation without any justification the its not fair under the given circumstance, and you can seek legal aid and owning dash cam isn’t illegal unless there proper law for their respective location according to governing local body.

Types of Dash Cams

These are the following type of dash cam:

  • Single lens -This dash cam comes with single lens that does forward facing recording with one fixed angle mounted on to the windscreen.
  • Dual lens -This is the type of dash cam that comes with dual lens that does front and rear recording
  • Professional Dash Cam -this dash cam is used for commercial and governmental fleet.
  • Wide angle-This dash cam captures footages with wider field of view from the surroundings of your car.
  • GPS enabled -This dash cam gives you footages with location, speed and direction .

Summing it up

In this article we have talked about what is a dash cam and what is the importance of having them in your dash cam. We have also discussed about the components of the dash cam in detail along with types of dash cam available in the market. The articles also cover various aspects of whether buying a dash cam is worthy to you and the cost of having dash cam comes with disadvantages as well.

I hope this article have given you better understanding on the dash cam as well benefits of it and overall working.


Do Dashcams drain car battery?

The battery can get drained at the time when the dash cam continuously records overnight.

Do you need Wi-Fi for a dash cam?

If you do not have WIFI, you have to manually removed the SD card and transfer the files to the computer.

What is the lifespan of a dashcam?

A good quality dash cam would last for 1-2 years and fair quality would come for around 6 months maximum.


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