How Do I Charge My Dash Cam At Home? [Don’t Do This]

Having a dashcam in our car will always be safer side, so we invest in dashcam and attach in our vehicle. but many people face some problems and ask for how do i charge my dash cam at home? or not.

Yes! you can charge at your home first of all check user manual how much power dash takes to charge (ex. my dashcam take 1-5v) your dashcam, and you can do charge from a mobile phone wall adaptor at your home.

In this article, I discussed in depth about charging your dashcam proper ways, and what processes you need to follow to long-lasting dashcam battery health.

Do Dashcams need to be charged?

yes, it needs to be charged regularly in order to maintain dashcam battery health, obviously does not require traditionally plugging them into a wall outlet

all you need to use car’s USB port or cigarette lighter port, it will charge your dash cam and also provide power to run long time while you drive your car.

but! if you have battery inbuilt in the dashcam as some of premium dashcams offers, it hardly offers you a 5-minute backup so, don’t relay on this, its for checking dashcam statute and some small task.

Can you charge a dashcam with USB?

May be you dont have USB port or cigarette lighter port in your car, and that’s why you are worried about it.

In this case you can go for 1, good quality aftermarket USB or cigarette lighter port which can be easily installed in the car dashboard area, and through that dashcam can be charged.

2, you can power your dashcam through a hardware kit, this type of kit is easily available. In this type of setup gives the benefit of getting all of this connected in a safer setup in your car and all at once, as it has come along with a fuse, fuse holder, and fuse box making it all lie in one place and not being scattered out.

hardware kit will help you run long parking mode backup so it’s very usable product.

its available into USB Type C and Micro USB, with 10-15 ft, some of them comes with Low Voltage Protection

3, you also can use dedicated dashcam battery pack, if you some one who are really very concerned about car safety, this will not interpret car electronics, will give you long hr of dashcam parking mode on, and last not drain your main car battery as this will power the dashcam.

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How long does it take to charge dashcam?

this question is ask by mostly those people who not using car regularly because of many resoan might be that’s your 2ndery car or a truck you are using once or twice in week. in order to protect dashcam battery health or over all dashcam health you need to charge your dash cam.

and then question is asked how long does it take to charge my dashcam! right?

charging time depends upon the dashcam battery capacity and the charger’s output you have. you easily find the exact time in the user manual, but you ask in general 2-4 hours for a full charge using a standard USB charger, if dont know does a dash cam need to be plugged in all the time?


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