How Does a Dash Cam Charge?

The dash cams are powered by a lithium-ion-based battery or capacitor battery, so the dash cam gets turned on when the engine is on as power to the dash cam comes from being directly connected to the car’s battery with help of cigarette lighter outlet or an USB outlet.

A dash cam can function with continuous power that is why it is being directly connected to car’s battery and we will be using two methods for charging which are hardwiring the dash cam to the fuse box along with that connecting the dash cam to cigarette lighter which we have mentioned before.

But you can use additional battery packs to improve the performance of your car battery as if you are using the dash cam over extended period can lead to battery draining which can cause wear and tear to your car battery.

How do Dashcams get their power?

The dash cams get their power from cigarette lighter socket also known by the name accessory socket. There are advantages and disadvantages that comes along when the dash cam is getting power from cigarette lighter socket that includes:

  • This setting up of dash cam to the car battery via cigarette lighter socket is a very easy installation and it can be done without any further technical assistance, under very less time.
  • As long as the car is in motion the dash cam keeps recording as dash cam receives continuous supply of power which comes very beneficial at times of accident or collisions as there was continuous supply of power and continuous recording taking place.
  • But the disadvantage is that when the car is off no recording possible as a result of this when the car is parked any threat scenario happened will not have any kind of recording of that incident.
  • The dash cam comes more off on road type of recording, so drivers who prefer those can go for this setup.

How long does dash cam battery last?

The dash cam can last up 5- 15 minutes when unplugged ,and what decides the life span of the car battery is based how the usage ,varying climatic conditions

as well how well are you taking care in providing maintenance to your car battery and when the battery is in full charge the dash cam battery can last up to 30 minutes to many hours as per the usage and features such parking mode and motion detection helps to save the battery power when car is not moving or not in motion.

Is it worth hardwiring a dash cam?

The worthiness of hardwiring the dash cam comes from where it keeps the cigarette lighter free as well as it enables the parking mode features that takes surveillance of your car when car is parked at a place this can give you footages of event that had happened while your car was kept at parking.

The benefit of hardwiring dash cam is that it avoids any chance of frequent recharging as well as replacement of the battery adding on it makes the most safest way to use the parking mode feature as it eliminates the power disruption from happening when the ignition is off.

How does a dash cam get power when the car is off?

The dash cam can get power when your car is off with the help of a hard wire kit that is hardwiring your dash cam to car’s fuse box which makes sure that the dash cam receives constant supply of power when the ignition is off or you can take use of OBD2 power lead.

The dash cams that come with parking mode features keeps functioning when the car is off and this feature is not a common feature.

Do you need a subscription for a dash cam?

You need to subscription for using the dash cam but you might require subscription to require additional features in your dash cam and this can vary different models of dash cam from various dash cam companies in the market and these features include storage ,as well as GPS tracking but basic dash cam will not offer these features so based on the model chosen decided the subscription matter.

Summing it up

The dash cam gets power from lithium ion-based battery or capacitor battery, dash cam gets turned on when the engine is on and gets off when the engine is off.

When unplugged the dash cam can last up to 5-15 minutes on usage on full charge the dash cam can last up to 30 minutes to several hours.

Dash cams shut off when the engine is off but dash cams that come with parking mode will continue to record footage when the ignition is off and the usage and maintenance decide the battery life, so it always recommended to unplug the dash cam when not in use.