How Long Before Dash Cam Drains Battery?

The dash cam draining battery depends on two things which are capacity of your car’s battery and the condition of your battery ,this is what decides the fact how well the dash cam can impact on the draining car battery.

But this can be avoided if you have installed the dash cam and have been using it appropriately ,apart from the battery’s capacity and condition ,the battery draining is also impacted by model ,brand and usage of your dash cam.

Usually, the dash cam can work continuously for few days before completely draining the car battery the impact does not get over here leaving it like these few days can have a big impact on the car’s battery life as continuous working of the dash cam might gave caused huge wear and tear to the car battery leading to decrease in car’s battery life as well.

Will Leaving a Dashcam Drain My Battery?

To answer this, we have to look few factors to come at a conclusion leaving your dash cam can  drain your battery, now these are:

  • The type of dash cam you are using, let us put it across this way if you are using a dash cam that is ignition powered there is less chance for battery draining as such the dash cam connected to ignition circuit for power will not drain battery but those dash cams will not have parking mode functioning.
  •  If the dash cam connected is a constant power circuit as their main power source will drain car battery causing wear and tear to your car battery and other good thing is that these dash cams have parking mode facility.

However, there are methods you can do to prevent this battery draining which can be connecting it to rechargeable battery which will give power to your dash cam while car ignition is OFF and surveillance footage from the parking place is connected without causing any type of wear and tear to the car battery or reducing its battery life as well also you can install dash cam with built in voltage system that works to shut off the battery when it drops to a certain level before draining the battery.

Can I Leave My Dashcam on 24 /7?

There are certain models of dash cam that shuts OFF after certain period whereas the other models of dash cam can work continuously for 24 hours. If you dash cam carries tjis 24/7 recording then you can leave it for that extended period of time .Those dash cams that can work for 24 hours are beneficial in bringing you features such as parking mode which keeps a surveillance on your car when the car is parked at place and records footages if any threats happens to the car, apart from this it also brings your proper evidence to all the events that had occurred in time frame of 24/7 as well giving a sense of peacefulness.

These are the few dash cams that does 24/7 recording:

  1. Vantrue X4S
  2. Thinkware U3000
  3. BlackVue DR970X-2CH

Should I Unplug Dash Cam When Not in Use?

It is recommended to unplug the dash cam when not in use as this can save the battery life of your car and would not cause not type of wear and tear too.

Another thing that should not be forgotten is that your dash cam will get unwanted attention when not in use which can lead theft and vandalism that ultimately leading loosing of your dash cam and the relevant footages as well.

Is Parking Mode Worth It on Dash Cam?

When a dash cam comes with parking mode features it means that when the car ignition is OFF your dash cam will continue to record footages from the place where your car is parked at that point of time.

So, you basically get footages from the surroundings of your vehicle’s parking space when you are away from your vehicle if any incident of threat or theft have occurred which would be there on the recording.

In most dash cams this not a common features and this is seen in premium dash cams.There worthiness of this feature is that it comes as a concrete evidence or witness to any type of incident that had happened to your when you were away from it and helping you to go further with evidence to the authorities as well as for insurance companies.

Summing It Up

The dash cam should be used for what your requirements are, if not then used round the clock for no reason can lead to ruining your car’s battery life. Most dash cams in the market do not come up with 24/7 surveillance,

so this is more like an option for going for premium dash cam if you want to imply parking mode surveillance. If your dash cam is continuously used it leads to battery draining and reducing it life span so it is recommended to use the dash cam when needed as well as this type of usage can also invite your dash cam getting stolen as well. So usage is the key.


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