How Long Do Dash Cameras Keep Footage? Exposed!

The dash cam works on keeping their footages for longer period of time with the help of their loop recording feature by the means of this the older footages gets overwritten when the new footages gets recorded and saved on to the storage device.

This comes very handy to drivers it reduces the amount of energy and time the driver has to spend individually on each clip to viewed and deleted in order to make up space for the newer footages to be stored.

So, coming to the case of dash cams that comes with G-sensor on detection of any vibration or other threat the recordings get locked and would not get overwritten by the loop recording.

As per the loop recording feature there is in definite time for the dash cam keeping footages. The footages get stored on to the SD card so coming down on how long the footages last on SD card is based on its storage capacity which will differ from SD cards of varying storage capacity.

Do Dashcams delete old footage?

The dashcam are designed in the way to delete older footages when the SD card gets full and but the length of time that is required to delete old footages is based on the SD card’s capacity as well video recording resolution.

Based on this loop recording feature the SD card stores the footages as shorter segments like about 3-5 minutes of short clips of recordings.

There are dash cam that comes with such features and older versions of dash cam lack this.

How long does dash cam memory last?

The dash cam memory is based on the storage device you are using and as per that’s capacity to store the footage until it becomes full.

The life span of a SD card is about 1-2 years but this will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and it is recommended to keep a check over your SD card every 2-3 months to find any type of issues that can reduce its life span.

If your memory card has a storage of 32 GB it records around 2 hours of footages, and coming to 64 GB SD card it records 4 hours of footage and 128 GB SD Card records 8 hours of footage and 256 GB SD card records about 16 hours of footage, and if your 128 GB SD the dash cam is set to every 3 minutes of Dash Cam, then it can do around the clock surveillance for 24 hours as such.

Is it illegal to delete dash cam footage?

If the deleted footage is pertaining to any incident of collision or accident that had occurred as the result of driver’s mistake then this can lead to tampering of evidence which is illegal and the driver or the vehicle owner who has done the act will be pressed charges against this act.

This evidence might be necessary to prove that the collision or the accident that had occurred was the result of the person who drove the car and there are footages which proves the same. It is always recommended to keep the footages safe and secure to avoids such type of scenarios, but if the case is not as what is the above the authorities cannot confiscate the footages without any valid reason.

Do Dashcams run out of memory?

The dash cams have loop recording features which save from running out of their memory, in this way the older footages get overwritten to compensate for the storage required to save the new footages and this happen when the memory goes full with current footages and newer footages needs to added and stored as well but if your aim is to keep the footages for longer then you can think of switching to Larger Storage capacity of SD cards.

What are the disadvantages of dash cam?

Apart from the advantages the dash cam carries certain amount of disadvantages as well:

  • The very fact if used around the clock it can get attention unwantedly leading to getting the dash cam stolen
  • It brings distraction to the driver.
  • If the collision occurred was the mistake of the vehicle driver and there is footage in the dash cam that shows this then dash cam can be used against you.

Summing it up

Most dash cams today come with loop recording feature which means once the storage of your device gets full then the older footages get overwritten to store the newer footages and based on how long the footages last on the SD card is as per the storage capacity and the video resolution, more the resolution higher will be the file size. In the above we have discussed about different SD cards and their varying capacity to hold footages for designated period.


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