How Long Does a 256 Gb Sd Card Last in a Dash Cam?

A 256 GB SD card can record up to 16 hours of footage but the recording time can vary based upon the dash cam settings as well as the video quality as higher the resolution more would be storage space needed for the files to be stored.

The dash cams come with a feature called as loop recording which over writes old footages when the storage device gets full so in order to store the new footages captured the older footages are over written for newer footages.

The choice of storage device and its capacity is based on how frequently you use the dash cam along with using dash cam for longer period of times as without the need for constantly transferring files you should look for SD cards with larger file space and if you are someone who use dash cam very occasionally then you require SD cards with smaller storage space.

How long does dash cam footage last?

Most dash cam now comes with a feature called a loop recording so as per this once the SD card full with footages of older videos then the newer footages captured by the dash cam would be stored by the way of the older videos bring overwritten by the newer videos so as per this feature your SD card never runs out of space or storage or rather the dash cam does not shut off when the memory gets full.

Even while the loop recording feature works the emergency videos would not be affected by this as they still be locked and never interfered when the loop recording happens.

So, a person who for trips on a regular basis should carry a SD card of maximum capacity but who is not falling into this should carry SD card with slightly smaller storage again as a lot dash cam comes with cloud management options thereby making the transfer of your videos or files to your online storage when the storages get full on the SD card with a smaller storage capacity.

The footages get recorded when the dash cam is on, but certain models of dash cam does not come SD card with them when you purchase for those you must get SD card additionally as per requirements.

Those factors like recording quality, size of your SD card and certain other factors decides how long dash cam captures footages for. For example, 8GB SD card can capture 55 minutes of footage, whereas 16 GB can capture about 1.8 hours of footages and for a higher 256 GB SD card can capture about 16 hours of footages.

How often should you replace SD card in dash cam?

The SD cards on an average can last up to 1-2 years, but backup SD card recommended.

As a maintenance step it is recommended that you format your SD card every 2-3 months as this can keep your SD work well as doing this will make sure that there are no corrupted files on the SD cards that can be blocking the loop recording as well this formatting SD card is important in keeping check of any manual recordings stuck on the SD card.

What happens when dash cam SD card is full?

When the dash cam SD card gets full it goes in loop recording feature that is most dash cam has this feature through by which oldest videos on your dash cam SD card will be overwritten with newer footages and this happens like a loop matter.

But there should be an amount of care while you select SD card for this purpose as there might be cards that cannot handle the strain of this loop recording which can lead losing the SD card totally along with the footages as the strain can lead to damaging the SD card.

Again by reducing the recording quality to a certain level can prolong the time that it would make up the SD card full.

Is 128GB enough for 4K dash cam?

A 128 GB would be enough for a 4K dash cam as it can record about 4- 6 hours of footages.

Summing it up

The dash cam with higher resolution would makes footages that are of bigger file size which can take up lot of space of your storage device, so it is recommended to go for SD cards of larger capacity in such cases.

Most dash cam comes with loop recording features such that memory card does not run out of space as older footages gets written over by newer footages thereby managing the overall space.

We have also discussed about the what SD card with designated storage space will capture footages for a particular amount of time in hours as well as minutes.


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