How Much Does It Cost to Install a Dashcam?

in today’s market if you want to install a dash for a vehicle it’ll cost you nearly 70$ to 300$ and more.

It depends upon various situations like the Video capturing resolution of the camera, how many Connectivity Technology options have, how many camera options are available ‘Front and Rear with Inside’, your Brand selection preference, after-sell service, and reliability proposition.

If you have installed it through a professional or DIY method and of course, if it comes with a Special Features option price will be a little higher.

in this article, I am going to show you in-depth how much does it cost to install a dashcam, types of dashcam, and a lot more things.

Because when we use our car to get done work, or long drives with our lovely family,  it comes down to road safety and financial security, Right dashcam is very much needed in that situation, to get quality footage when you need it the most. The quality of footage we have the safer we are actually from any unwanted event of a collision.

How much does it cost to install a front and rear dash cam:

Type of DashcamProduct Cost
480p, 720p dashcam54$-85$
1080p dashcam78$-180$
1440p (2K) / 1944p (3K) dashcam100$-300$
2160p (4K) dashcam250$-589$
360 Degree 449$
Built-in GPS169$
Night Vision149$
Parking Monitor250$
Touch Screen139$
Front and Rear120$
Front and Rear with Inside200$
The price may be a little up and down depending upon the area to area..

Do Dashcams Need to Be Professionally Installed?

It’s not necessary to hire any Professional Installer, because it won’t take any special tool or any high expertise to Install the dashcam, It’s basically plug and play.

But if i hire! how much does it cost to professionally install a dashcam? or Can I install a dashcam by myself?

if you are a car lover or enthusiast like me DIY method will be great, you don’t have to pay for additional installation cost which in include cost of installing dash cam, which is 55-100$. which money you can use to buy a better dashcam for your vehicle.

How long does it take to set up dash cam?

We all know the dash cam is an essential part of our car safety and if you don’t have it in your car most people ask for time for setup, so a dash cam hardly takes 15min to an hour depending on if its a small hatchback, big sedan or a big size SUV like  Jeep Wrangler, on another hand type of dash cam- is it an only rear setup or front and rear combo.

obviously, takes a bit of time to work a big car and when you have a dual-cam setup you have to set the rear cam all the way to the back with a connecting wire.

Are dash cams hard to install?

The answer is yes and no, try to understand if you are a person who just loves DIY method with your car it not will be hard for you.


but on the other hand, if you don’t have enough time and passion for your car and you are just using car to go from point A to B. Then it will be hard for you even if it’s very simple posses.

How Do I Wire My Dash Cam Directly to My Car?

It doesn’t matter what car brand and model you have it is very important that you install your dashcam properly with the car electronic. it may look complicated but it’s not that much hard as it actually is. you can install it very smoothly from the below guide.

1, Install through cigarette lighter adapter

A cigarette lighter adapter is the only thing available in the market, which is the easiest and fastest way to install your dash cam in your car.

By just plugging in the cigarette lighter adapter in your car’s cigarette lighter port and through you can give power to your dach can within 5-6 minutes.

But, make sure with this process you can’t use the parking pode function if you have that function in your dash cam. Over that use other available functions flawlessly like Wifi, GPS, Connect App, etc..

2, Install through Fusebox with Hardwire Kit.

This method has been very popular for a very long, mostly people for this way who need parking mode in their car through a dashcam, which takes a little bit of time.

But yes, When your car is in the parking and you are not in your car it will keep your dash can on more so that it takes video footage of any mishappenings.

3, Install through OBD Cable

If you don’t want traditional hardwire method but still want parking mode function in your dash cam this method you should go for.

very simple connection, first locate your OBD outlet under the steering wheel and now just put the OBD adaptor in the port and connect the other end to your dashcam, and your dashcam will get power and it will be enabled in parking mode, and you will be easily use other dash cam functions flawlessly like Wifi, GPS, Connect App, etc..

4, installation with Dash Cam Battery Pack

this method way is for those who don’t want to put pressure into a main car battery, because many times I have seen, a dash cam with parking mode drain all the batteries after that I cant able to start the car at the proper time.

Not only that much benefit, but Dash Cam Battery Pack will also give you longer time recording duration, smartphone integration -Check Battery Status with App, Multiple Connection Options, Faster Charging,

Does installing dash cam void car warranty?

In my first experience i also worried about the same thing but, Generally if you install a dash cam in your car correctly it will not void your car warranty from the brand.

on other hand, The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act protects you from void warranty if you use aftermarket products right way without creating problems in car electronics.

One protip from my side will be unplug out your dash cam when you take your car in company service center, it will not create unwanted issues further you can read how much to get dashcam installed faq!


Why do people install Dashcams?

First of all, guys who have installed dashcam they are very smart and intelligent because they are already aware that if any accidents happen easily you can have Evidence that will help you with insurance claims and legal cases.Not only that you can capture any road rage, reckless driving, illegal activities, and memorable road trip footages.

Is there a dash cam with no wires?

For people who don’t want to go with from rear or 360-degree setup, because of wires, time, and set up complications, GOODTS D013C 2K will be very handy from them just attect it to your windshield with a Suction cup mount given in box and charge the dash cam from simple car cigarette lighter socket disconnect when its charge is full, Now you good to go!

GOODTS D013C 2K also gives you 2k quarter high definition recoding, 150° wide angle camera potential, seamless loop recording function, 24-hour parking monitor with g-sensor, emergency recording , up to 64gb sd card support with easy to set up- easy to view & easy to transfer.

Are Dashcams legal in all 50 states?

In all 50 states across the USA is generally legal. but there are some regulations and restrictions you have to follow in mounting placement, audio recording, and record-specific areas.


AspectWindshield MountingDashboard MountingAudio RecordingUse in Specific Areas
Mounting PlacementProhibited in some states (e.g., Alabama, Connecticut)Generally allowed in most statesMay be restricted in government buildings and private property
Audio RecordingOne-Party Consent: Permissible in most states with consent from one party inside the vehicle. Two-Party Consent: Required in 12 states (e.g., California, Florida)
Use in Specific AreasGovernment Buildings: May be illegal in some states. Private Property: Permission is generally required.


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