How to Attach Dash Cam to Windshield [5+ Ways]

If the dash cams are not mounted on the windshield properly, it is nothing new they will fall off windshield, and get damaged because of that.

This can become fatal if the dash cams fall off before the time of a threat, as at the cost of this, the footage will not be recorded and the driver is at no mercy to provide the footage to the authorities, the dash cam falls from its placement if adhesive used or suction cup used does not’ do the work it is being assigned to, this can happen can because of various reasons.

Let us look at this matter, on what basis this is most likely to happen and how can go about it, to stop the dash cam from falling of the windshield and leading to a situation where you have recordings of your footages.

What Are The Reasons Dash Cameras Fall Off?

The reason behind why your dash cam keeps falling off can be because of certain problems that comes along when the dash cam was mounted on to the windshield. The dash cams are mounted on to the dash cams using an adhesive or suction cup. Well, if the adhesive is not strong enough to hold the dash cam in places of jerky movements, or is not used at appropriate way to hold the dash cam, these dash cams can easily fall off from their place. Apart from adhesives we also use suction cups to hold the dash cam in place, if the suction cup used is not fixed appropriately to the dash cam they will fall off as you go along bumpy road. The reasons we can draw along as

  • The placement of dash cam with suction cup
  • The fault in the adhesive used
  • Jerky movements as car moves through the bumpy roads

For every cause, there is reason why it happens, in this scenario as well we got to know why dash cams falls off and what are the constituents in that.

How To Prevent Your Dash Cam From Falling Off? 5+ Ways

The dash cams are mounted on to dash board or windshield using the suction cups and adhesives. Its always suggested to mount it over the windshield, as the mounting goes well not fall off in case to glass as suction power works well in windshield and not on the glass.

Let us look at the ways in which we can prevent dash cam from falling off the windshield or the dashboard and they are as follows:

  1. Using the right type of mounting agent-If you want to do good fix to your dash cam it selecting the right type of mounting agent could become very beneficial to prevent the dash cam from falling off.
  2. Avoid parking your car in direct sunlight -When the car gets parked in direct sunlight the adhesive can get melted from the direct sunlight leading to loosing the dash cam from its place.
  3. Its good to for a lighter dash cam -When the dash cam gets heavier there are chances, they will get out of place and fall off, as the mounting agent used will not be strong enough to hold the dash cam in place.
  4. Engage in thorough cleaning on your windscreen -if the window screen does not get clean and gets filled with dirt and dust, its most probably going to fall off the dash as the result of not able to mount the dash with the adhesive agent appropriately. Use a wet cloth instead of cleaning agent of any type, do not forget this hack when you install the dash cam for the first time.
  5. Over the time the suction cup will lose the stickiness-As time passes it is going to be very common to see that the suction cup will lose it firmness because of that the dash cam will mostly like off, you might end looing the dash cam, so keep a check of this.
  6. The choice of adhesive should be right
  7. Encourage the use of adhesive mounts over the suction cup, suction cups are more convenient in the case mounting the dash cam to windscreen, will be further discussing this below .

Tips to keep your dash cam in place

Here are few tips to be kept in mind when you are looking for hacks to fix your dash cam in place, they are as follows:

  1. Clean the place of your mounting neat and clean that is keep the area free of dust and dirt and this step should not be missed at any cost, especially when you are mounting the dash cam for the first time, as applying adhesive this kind of a place would makes the scene wherein most likely the dash cam will not get stuck properly and will fall off because of this.
  2. The adhesives should be applied for mounting the dash cam only at the time of normal temperature, and not in the time of high temperatures what should not be missed out is that when adhesive is applied at a high temperature it is more likely to get melted out and has higher to chances of falling off.
  3. Apply adequate pressure while applying the adhesive to the dash cam, press it harder as in the way the adhesive sticks to the dash cam for mounting it on the windscreen.
  4. Try to go for a suction cup over an adhesive, this can hold your dash cam in place, in the places when there is jerky movement because of moving through bumpy roads.
  5. The placement of the dash cam should not be at the cost of obstructing the view of the driver, so accordingly mount the dash cam.
  6. The mount might be overused, so think of replacing it with a new one, this is as genuine reason that’s more likely reason for the dash cam to fall off, cause as time changes the firmness would be not that strong and over times it gets worn off, so its good look for replacement in those times.
  7. Go for additional mounting accessories in case of more stability to the mounting, see this is something to think about if the above scenarios are not working out in your favor. These accessories include stabilizing brackets or adhesive mounts, and the stabilizing bracket keeps the das cam in firm and reduces the chances of the dash cam falling off during vibrations by attaching itself to rear view mount or the any interior part of the car. The adhesive mounts are efficient as they attach the dash cam into the windshield without the use of suction cup, as these adhesive mounts are made of more materials that makes stronger bond with the surface and dash cam placement.
  8. Take professional assistance for installation and mounting would be recommended -certain types of dash cam is better installed with the help of a professional, as in certain cases the mounting might be a bit of sophisticated and cannot be done easily on your own or as in these cases the mounting done by you might not be not correct leading to the dash cam falling off.
  9. Look out for angles while placing the dash cam it should be placed just below the rear-view mirror to get better coverage of surroundings and as well not missing out on details that includes licenses plates in cases of accidents, so the tilt of dash cam should be monitored and looked out for as if it is not placed downwards, you will be missing out on a wider angle of view.

Why to Choose adhesive over suction cups?

The vehicle owners should get a preference for adhesives over suction cups, we will be listing out why you should be developing this type of preference, the reasons are as follows:

  1. The access to easy installation-The adhesive mounts are easy install when compared to the suction cups as you just have installed the dash directly on to the windscreen with no additional tools as such.
  2. No distraction to driver -The dash cam is mounted in discreet to the windscreen with the adhesive mount not bringing any kind of distraction to the driver in view as they concealed under the rear-view mirror bringing no distraction to the driver.
  3. Cost of replacement is very less
  4. Free of legal issues as suction cups gets worn off because of being exposed to direct sunlight and heat to prolonged period, they fall of and replacing another one can get a bit expensive unlike the adhesive mounts that comes at a very reliable cost for replacement.
  5. Once you have set it to the dash cam, then go easy -so once you installed your dash cam using the adhesive mount in apt there is no need to worry about the placement of the dash cam, but in the case of suction cups you might have to give a look a result of rapid jolts that can come along when car moves through certain types of roads.
  6. It has an impact on the image quality-see lesser the vibration the better the footages would be, as in adhesive mounts can lesser parts when compared to suction cups so lesser parts means least would be shakiness to the footages as dash cam gets hold tightly.
  7. Gets highly reliable as the occurrence of dash cam being fallen off from an adhesive mount are least likely when compared to suction cup mounted dash cam, as adhesive mounts can keep the dash cam strong in time of high vibrations and jolts.

Summing it up

The dash cam come off easily when their adhesive agent is of no good to its mounting, and sometimes we miss out to pick the right adhesive agent for the dash cams. There are many reasons to which the dash cams can fall off even if you are using the right agent of adhesive, reasons and quick fixes are discussed above. So, hope this article gave an insight on why dash cams fall of easily from your vehicle.


Can I mount a dash cam on my windshield?

This depends on the placement as it should not obstruct the view of the driver at any cost, so place it accordingly.

Can you stick dashcam on tint?

Yes, we can easily mount the dash cam on tint using adhesive mount.

Does Vaseline help suction cups stick?

A small amount of the Vaseline will make the suction cup stick


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