How to Connect the Vava Dash Cam App!

If you are planning to buy or already bought Vava Dash Cam it gives you a lot of freedom, but! how to connect to the vava dash cam app.


Because! without this how can you take all the benefits from the app, It doesn’t matter, Whether you prefer to Livestream your driving footage or review past trip footage,

Not only that when you connect through its built-in wifi you can control your dashcam with all the app settings, easily share any photo/video with anyone, see your drive on a map layout, and much more.

Our expert guide will know “how do i connect my vava dash cam to my phone smoothly and easily.

How to Connect to the Vava Dash Cam App with iOS

If you are using an iPhone make sure its for you to follow the steps iOS:

  • First of all, you need to download the app named ‘Vava Dash’ from the App Store.
  • now go to the Wi-Fi setting and toggle on Wi-Fi connectivity portion.
  • you have to choose from available networks so, turn on the dash to connect
  • next, you can see the network name starting with the name of Vava with the model number.
  • and now its asks for Wi-Fi password: enter the default -12345678
  • Finally, it is time to launch the app on your iPhone
  • In the app press the Connect button
  • In a few seconds, you can see the live feed from your dashcam.

How to Connect to the Vava Dash Cam App with Android

It is also possible to connect with an Android Smartphone by following the steps below:

  • first of all, you need to download and install the app dashcam app named “Vava Dash” from Google Play Store on your Android Smartphone
  • so go to the and install it on your smartphone.
  • After you did the app installation, it is time to turn on your smartphone’s wifi
  • and turn on the Vava dashcam itself
  • enter default passcode: 12345678 when the wifi network askss for it.
  • Finally, it is time to launch the app and press ‘the connect button‘ on it.
  • In a few seconds, you can see the live feed from your dashcam.

What You Have Inside the Vava Dashcam App:


  1. One of the best features you get in Vava app is you can watch the live video feed directly in your phone app, It actually starts automatically when you connect your dashcam to app.
  2. One more freedom, if you want to capture photos just you have to press the camera icon in the app, and for videos press video icon also in the app, those videos and pictures will save in your app itself.
  3. The “Path” feature is there if want to document road trips or if you find the best driving routes, through its built-in GPS.
  4. you have parking mode feature in your vava dash cam so, through the app you can control and set the perfect setting for yourself. like set sensitivity of the G-Sensor which detects motion.
  5. Not only that ‘Vava app’s emergency recording feature’ now come into picture, you can literally set the parking more ‘ON Timer’ (you do the engine off and after how many sec or min parking mode will on) with this feature G-Sensor works together, if any event and collision happened will capture suddenly.
  6. You can dashcam updated with firmware update notifications in the app, Whenever the latest firmware is available for download and installation directly in the dashcam, you will get the notification in your app itself


Does the Vava camera have an app?

yes VAVA as a dashcam company provides an app for their customers that helps to use seamlessly (Android and IOS both)

Can I connect Vava to my phone?

Yes definitely, no matter whether you have Android or an iPhone you have.

How do I connect my Vava to Wi-Fi?

You need to turn on the dashcam and at the same time phone wifi and choose Vava network in available network area and enter the default -12345678.

Does Vava dash cam have GPS?

Yes Vava dashcams have GPS, which offer ‘Path’ feature.

How many cameras can you have on Vava?

Its really depends on model to model as they offer signal and Dual cam setup dascam.

Does Vava baby monitor have Wi-Fi?

Yes, they offer Wi-Fi in their dashcam, as this is very necessary nowadays, through wifi you connect dashcam with mobile app,


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