How to Earth a Dash Cam? Expert Guide!

When the dash cam’s wire is connected to the fuse box the next step is to find an appropriate grounding point and ground the wire to it.

The ground is defined as the conductor between positive and negative terminal in a circuit or in other words you can call it as a bridge between the power source of your vehicle and the electrical components like headlights.

The earth is done to make sure that the dashcam gets good supply of power and it does not run out power at the time recording.

What Are the Different Quality of Ground?

There are good quality and bad quality ground, good quality ground is unpainted metal that can supply good amount of power whereas bad quality ground would be covered of rust or paint which might be helping in providing power to the dashcam as it is not conductive as good quality ground.

These good quality grounds and bolt and metal screws which can be found around the fuse box so complete the grounding process with the help of screw driver connect the negative of wire to the bolt after loosening up ,now tighten it up complete the process.

How Do You Find the Earth Point?

The earth points are mostly the metal studs and bolts but this has to be in near the place where you are planning to install the dash cam another choice can be ground lug which is good at providing proper connection to the grounding wires. Make sure the place of your choice is free of dust as any instance of dust or debris over the bolt or metal stud can affect the good supply of electric power to the dash cam.

Is Hardwiring Dash Cam Bad for Battery?

Hardwiring your dash cam is not bad for battery in turn it can save your car’s battery life. So, when you hardwire your dash cam basically the dash cam will turn ON when the engine is ON and gets OFF when the engine is OFF, so at instance when you had left your car for parking you forgot to switch OFF the camera the dashcam gets automatically OFF and this way it won’t drain your car’s battery. It also gives you another benefit of not replacing your batteries frequently. So, it essential to hardwire your dash cam as it is beneficial to your battery.

Is It a Good Idea to Hardwire a Dashcam?

Hardwiring the dash are very beneficial as the reliability on dash cam gets improved as the dash cam gets constant supply of power and so any minute moment will not get lost. The hardwiring makes the dashcam installation looks discreet and clean giving a total concealment without no lose on the aesthetics as with loose wires the interiors looks mess and not tidy as well along with this it also eliminates the reason of the dash cam turning OFF as result of vibration.

What Does It Mean to Hard Wire a Dash Cam?

Hardwiring the dash cam means to connect the dash cam directly to the car’s electrical system this ensures constant supply of power when the car is ON, this is a better method than connecting the dash cam to traditional methods of connecting to USB port or cigarette lighter port.

This also comes with benefits such as improved video quality , and continuous recording with no discrepancies as such altogether hardwiring avoids tangling or lose wires and aids to maintain a discreet look to placement of dash cam.

What Fuse Is Best to Hardwire a Dashcam To?

The recommended fuse slot to hardwire dashcam is to chose a fuse that comes between 7.5A -15A such that the dash cam gets enough supply of power for working as a constant fuse gives power to the dash cam when the engine is turned OFF.

Can You Hardwire a Dash Cam Yourself?

Yes, you can hardwire dash cam by yourself with the help of tools like a hardwire kit, fuse taps and on average it can take about 30 minutes to do it yourself but if required you can go professional assistance to avoid any kind damage to your dash cam.

Summing It Up

We have to earth the dash cam by finding the ground points on your car. This has to be close proximity to the dash cam placement as well. The ground acts like the bridge between the power source of your vehicle and its electrical components, and these ground points include metal studs or bolts. The hardwiring of the dash cam comes with good benefits to your car’s battery as well as improves the video quality of the dash cam as it protects it from vibrations giving a superior quality video.


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