How to Format Sd Card for Dash Cam! [Expert Guide]

It’s very important to know how to format an SD card for dash cam because you invested in dash for your road and parking safety, what happens if the dashcam can’t capture the footage in event’s time? so, necessary for performance and smoother experience.

Basically in 3 ways you can do the job, but exactly how to format an sd card for dash cam? what will be the possess.

1, If you are having Mac, using a Mac’s SD card reader connect insert the SD card, go to Applications then find Utilities, Disk Utility. Next, select the SD card now click the “Erase” button and in the “Format” option select “FAT32” or “exFAT”, Done! those two formats are mostly used for dashcam.

2, If you have a Windows system, insert your dashcam SD card in your system, now go to “file explorer” > “this pc” and select your SD in “External drives” Now click and select the format option with “FAT32” or “exFAT” type only and you are done.

3, Through your dashcam itself you can format the SD card, most of the dashcams offer this option, go to your dashcam settings > file > SD card > now click Format SD Card> Confirm SD Card Format now after waiting for some time your sd card will be format.

For more in-depth knowledge read further below, on how to format micro SD card for dash cam

What Does Formatting an SD Card Mean?

SD card is the main storage of our dashcam, it keeps writing and erasing in the loop, but this deletion can leave empty spaces and make the card unorganized.

Here formatting comes into the picture, this process eras your all past data(with errors or fragmented files) completely and gives a new file system “FAT32” or “exFAT” with better smoother performance and makes it reliably on a freshly organized.

How to Format Sd Card for Dash Cam Nextbase

Nextbase is a reputed Dash Cams company, people have a good time with their cam setup, but everyone needs refreshments and again starts the work, so the SD card requires refreshment in the sense of formatting.

windows and Mac have different ways of formatting checkout below.


fit the SD card into to cardreader slot, and plug the cardreader into to PC/laptop USB port, you can see the popup on the screen click on this and select your SD card, now right click on it and select the format option > untick in ‘Quick Format Box’ checkbox and click on the format. it takes time and after that, it will format completely.


First, you have to insert an SD card on your Mac if you have a port in your system if not use a good quality card reader, go into storage, and elect your sd card, now select ‘Overwrite Format’ and not ‘Quick format’ option > and after some sec finally, your sd card has done formatting.

How to Format Sd Card for Thinkware Dash Cam

When it comes to Thinkware dashcam it’s very important to format sd card to keep working smoothly and to format it depends which specific Thinkware model you have.

Check Which Thinkware Dash Cam Model You Have

As we all know Thinkware has different different dash cam models, with and every model has a different way of formatting the SD card, so first check the model you have,

for an M1 model user, connect with your phone app through wifi and in Memory Card Settings you can format the sd card.

if you have models like the F70, F50, F200, FA200, and F200 PRO you have to hold down the REC button for 5 seconds and dashcam sound formatting will now be done.

but if you have models like the F790, F800, F800PRO, Q800PRO, and Q1000 it’s very easy to format just press the format button for 3 seconds and you’re done with it.

what if you have U3000, just press REC and the Wi-Fi button for 3 seconds, for U1000 press the Record Button for 5 seconds, and after the dashcam responds to you with sound and format process will start.

and at last for X700, X1000, Z3000+, and X800 touchscreen models you can find the format option in Memory Card or System Settings.

How to Format a Garmin Dash Cam SD Card

Garmin Dash Cams have been very popular since 2012 because they offer dash cam functionality in VIRB action cameras and also for a smoother experience, but you have to maintain it for a better output so formatting SD card is one of the main things to do.

First of all, turn on your dash cam in your car, and make sure it is not in a parking mode if any those kind of those mode is on please off them in order to format it smoothly.

now you have to press the microphone button for eight seconds until your dashcam turns green, it’s indicates your formatting in process, then wait for some time, it may take for longer time, and after formatting is completed turn green to red.

But if you want to format your Garmin Dash Cam SD Card through Garmin Drive App Instead phone app:

It is going to be very easy, a lot easier compared to a manual process. steps will be, first open the app connect your dashcam, and then click the app setting option (gear icon) select the Format SD Card option, and press Format SD Card” again after the second it’s formatted.

Why You Should Format SD Cards Frequently

In devices like dashcams with loop recording, professional photoshoot cameras capture and delete. continuously doing their job with SD card write/erase, it those cases frequent formatting is very necessary. if not it will create problems like reduced performance in data flow, and file corruption. so do regular formatting, it also increases SD card life.

Benefits of Formatting SD Cards Regularly

When it comes to reason for regular SD cards, we have many points for that in order to extend the SD card’s life.

Move photos, videos, or documents that you rarely open to another device or cloud storage. This frees up space card and you can use,

or format it before you use it in another device for your first use, do Regular defragmenting to reduce unnecessary writes, and do not use extreme temperatures it can damage the flash cells only use it in cool, dry places,

Protect your card from physical damage and unwanted dust it can Ruin your SD card life.

Protip: always use same brand SD card in same dashcam like Nextbase SD card and dashcam.


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