How to Hide Dash Cam Wire! [Do not miss out 5+ Steps]

There is no business without dash cam on your car, by knowing what all it can provide you with you might have comes at a conclusion on whether to have a dash cam by now. The dash cam must be installed at the cost not losing out on the wiring while its being installed on to your car.

The dash cam comes with hardwiring kit for making the setup and installation an ease to driver or the vehicle owner so that they can do the installation with no prior help or assistance as such and certain case of dash cams their installation can come very sophisticated so as you might need professional assistance for installation and set-up.

If the installation is done by yourself, you might come across a problem of hiding the dash cam wires, this is quite commonly seen inconvenience that can be done at the cost certain tips and tricks that we will be discussing here, we will be talking about the tools required for the purpose along with why it is important to do dash cam wire management as well. Let us understand by diving into this article

Tools for Hiding the Dash Cam Cable

There are certain tools required for the purpose of hiding the dash cam wire and they are as follows:

  1. Adhesive clips -These wire clips come with an adhesive mounting that can hold the wires in their respective places in the interior areas. They can be used to stick the wire on various surfaces on your car, what they do good is they hold the wires places for your dash cam and aids in managing in proper management of wires keeping the car ‘s aesthetics.
  2. Suction Cups -Usually vehicle owners have two choices when it comes to mounting their dash cam that is to use adhesive mount or a suction cup, in either case make sure the place of mounting is free of dust and debris that is the mounting place should be properly cleaned prior to adhesion this makes sure that the dash cam is properly mounted.
  3. A trim removal kit-The kit comes with tool that are required in trimming pieces that are required in the placing the dash cam in discreet into interior panels of your vehicle. The tools include plastic pry tool as well as metal pry tools which aids you remove the trim the exterior and interior panels of your vehicle. In certain case the upholstery needs to be removed to tuck in the wires, in that case there are tools available that comes to you for doing the removal and placing the wires at your need of keeping the wires neat and clean.
  4. Electrical tape: The next tool that comes at your help is an electrical tape, they keep the wire safe and by preventing the wires getting loose over the time or at the instance of installation it can get tangled, in both the cases the tape can come to your rescue. The electrical tape gives the need of keeping the wires intact and can protect the wires from getting lose over the time if not the discreet look of the dash cam will not suffice.
  5. Wire covers: This trim tool is used to tuck the wire under the door, window, body panels and this free of scratches as well.

Now we have spoken about the tools needed to keep your dash cam wires in place now let us look at the steps to keep them in place that makes them look discreet. We will be looking at those steps below.

5 Tips for Tidy Cables

To keep your dash cam wires in discreet and neat in your car, try these steps

  1. Make sure to turn off your vehicle-Before you start of anything make sure that the car is turned off, otherwise this can lead do hazards to you and other electrical issues that can damage the car, this should not be missed at ay cost.
  2. Put the wires along the headliner-This is said as an effective step to keep your dash cam wires in your car discreet, and this done to keep the wiring look neat and clean. So, tuck your dash cam wires to the headliner lining which would give you a neat and clean set up dash cam wiring setup. This avoids any wiring falling off and obstructing the view of the driver, this method is a commonly used method that keeps the dash cam wires in place.
  3. Bring the wire to the place of trim -Now at this step you bring the dash cam wire to place of you have removed the upholstery or interior panel this can be called as bringing the wire to the place of the trim piece ,buy this time with the help of trim removal tools you have removed the piece and made the space open for the dash wire to be placed ,so tuck the wire to place and gently place it down in a way the place that wire get’s in neat and clean covering the spaces you made for the placement of the cable. This will give a neat and clean overall look.
  4. Now place the wire to the dashboard -This another to keep the dash cam wires neat and clean by tucking it to the dashboard crevices and gaps and thereby giving a neat and clean look. This is done routing the wire through the end of the windshield which makes the wires reach the dashboard, usage of wire clips and electrical tape is recommended.  
  5. Restart the car -As you have closed all the wiring with tape, as you are done tucking the wire of the dash cam in place and discreet, you can restart as electrical wiring are done and closed, go further to turn the vehicle turn ON vehicle has been turned OFF to avoids any electrical issues, now let us check the dash cam is working as we have done changes in wiring placement. To find any issues as well we must do this
  6. Now test the dash cam whether it is working-Connecting the dash cam to it power source and test for working if it works as usual the dash cam is working with no worry on the look of dash cam wire as they have carefully hidden and kept discreet.

These are steps that you need to keep in mind when you want to give a discreet look to your dash cam and keep the dash cam wires neat and clean, that enhances the look of your car aesthetics as well as gives you an ease as there are no wirings that are hanging loose or tangled up as well.

Professional assistance

We should know certain dash cam comes quite sophisticated with their wirings as well so at a situation as such do look for professional assistance to avid any type of mishap to your dash cam and their wirings. This is recommended as to protect the dash cam as any type of discrepancy to the wirings can damage the dash cam workings so it is better to seek technical assistance at those times.

Wire Management is must, why so?

  • It can reduce the risk of loose wires or tangled wires and improves the safety of the driver as keeping tangled wires or lose the wires at the view of the driver can get obstructed which leads to accidents, so prime factor is safety.
  • The overall look of your vehicle is enhanced as the wiring goes into a neat and clean look as no sort of wiring is seen if tucked or taped appropriately, the aesthetics is never lost and the look is clean and sleek.
  •  Avoids any type of damage that can occur improper handling of wire on the dashboard, that if not taken care can ride into the moving areas of your vehicles and invite you accident or total damage to your dash cam.

These are the wireless dash cam

If you are someone who does not want to be bothered about the wiring of your dash cam, there are plenty of options available in the dash cam market that are at your rescue, they are given below.

  1. Nextbase 622GW
  2. Vantrue E1
  3. Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2
  4. REDTIGER 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear
  5. Viofo A119 V3 2K Dash Cam

These dash cams come as wireless, so to give a clean and neat look aesthetics without the worry of dash cam wire hiding you can check these options as well.


The dash cam wiring needs to be done as neat and clean to avoid issues leading to obstruction of view of the driver which can lead to accidents if not taken care and steps are not taken to prevent. When the dash cam wire is tucked into definitive places it gives a neat and clean look enhancing the aesthetics.

The dash cam wire is hidden in discreet to avoid any damages to the wire by keeping it tangled as well to prevent it from getting lose and running into parts of car that goes into motion that can lead to fatalities or damaging the dash cams.

There are tools used for this purpose which are used according to where and how the dash cam wire must be placed and hidden, those tools and their purposes have been explained above. Through this article we have explained why it is necessary to hide the dash cam wires and follow those steps that can keep any kind of damage from happening to your dash cam, so follow those steps mentioned above if your aim is to hide the dash cam wires.


How do I hide the wires on my dash cam?

You can hide the dash cam wires in the headliner, A-Pillar, and cabin panels

Can I hardwire my dash cam to the cigarette lighter?

If you have planned to hardwire install your dash cam, then you will be hardwiring cable instead of the cigarette lighter outlet.

Can a dash cam get you in trouble?

On submission of your dash cam video, you can be charged with privacy violation if the footage taken is captured is used without the consent of the individual seen in the recording.


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