How to View Tesla Dashcam Footage [5+steps]

Tesla’s synonymity to sustainability and scalable design sets its apart in the times of now. It features, and ideas of sustainability clubbed with scalability, with sheer performance making go to for the car users in market.

The must watch out is for the Sentry mode and Dash Cam, that is pulling off a great deal for performance and function they are assigned. In detail, let us move around and understand this in detail with no further delay let us procced and understand this step by step.

We Will Learn This Step by Step: How to View Tesla Dashcam Footage

1.On your Tesla’s touch screen, once you have put your Tesla in the parking mode the screen will start showing you Sentry mode event reports, now you have tap to view the recordings of the footages of your Tesla. This can work only in parking mode

2.So next step is to use the Dash Cam icon, through this way we can see recordings but for this to happen we need to launch the Dash Cam icon, let us see how we can do that. Again, note that these all works in when the Tesla is in the parking mode. First you have launched the dash cam icon so how do we do that tap on the Dash Cam icon on the app launcher, when you do this, you would be given the option to see something called as ‘’Launch viewer.” Based on which you will be able to see recorded clips. So, once you are on the Dash cam icon, as you navigate through the Menu on the screen following this step, you will be able to three icons which give you the footage as to which date, location, and the time the clips would be segregated and given to you for an ease to watch for the Tesla driver.

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What is Tesla Sentry Mode?

For every valuable object that is made on this planet, or every expensive item that we carry they all come around with a lock.

The Tesla’s sentry mode is one such lock system that we see around its more of a like anti-theft systems made in purpose of giving protection to the car in case of adverse events. This comes into action when leave your car in the parking lot or any other space after locking it, works like a lock in disguise.

The purpose that it serves is that of a high security camera to the very own Tesla. This kind of system gives the user or Tesla owner a sense of peace and safety, and the cameras are integrated in a way that it performs these functions in great manner dutifully in comparison to other cars in the market.

How to activate the Tesla Sentry Mode

Now we ‘ve talked about what is the sentry mode in the Tesla, let us know how to activate the sentry mode in Tesla step by step:

Step 1: Look for your touchscreen of your Tesla to enable this mode, this is the prime responsibility of the driver to do once he enters the car.

Step 2: Moving to the next step go to Controls and then next go to Safety and Security, and from here you must select Sentry Mode and this goes along with a voice command feature, Tesla has features that makes user very ease with it to drive and go in the motion, and this comes in the Tesla App, other than this we can use Tesla app control pane to activate the Sentry Mode.

Here is what the Tesla says about Sentry Mode, this mode would remain active until the battery goes low up to about 20% battery. On further cases, like any threats or discrepancies are notified this scenario off low battery will be notified to tesla owner through the Tesla App.

How Do I Know if Sentry Mode Recorded an Event?

We know that if any object that is under surveillance or aimed to detect any threat in its presence if that kind of an incident occurs, be it case of lock system of your phone, or any other electronic device that is kept by a system.

The same scenario applies to here as well the driver or the tesla owner would be notified on the touchscreen of their vehicle in the context of any threat to the car. Apart from that, the Tesla has another set of alarm signs that it sends out in the case of any such threat are: headlights are pulsed as well as the alarm sound is rung. If any of the above events have occurred you can see that Sentry Mode has recorded an event.

Are you benefitted out of Sentry Mode?

Well, the answer is a definite yes, why is that a big yes is so it more functioning and enabled than security camera systems as it is covering 360-degree view of its surrounding when its in that parking space, so any minute event gets eventually captured and leaves no room any such kind of events not being recorded. There is an added benefit to this apart from this live footage recording and theft detection, it also instantly connects to the car with no lapse to the owner or who is in the driving seat. The app is very beneficial to the car owner in two distinctive as discussed above.

Where is Sentry Mode Event Footage Stored?

The footage that comes from the sentry mode would require quite an amount of space on the storage devices as it records live footage of the surroundings it is being parked in.

There are different types of storage devices that can be used for this purpose which are available in the market. The company gives USB flash drive of certain capacity for this purpose of recording the live footage. This is available in the USB port in your Tesla with definite amount of space required for the footage storing.

However, after a certain amount of time, this space can get occupied with footages and you need to find other alternatives to this, a few suggestions for this would be:

  • Switching to higher capacity USB drive that are available in the market which are Samsung T7 Portable SSD 500GB, Jeda’s Tesla Sentry Storage Drive, SanDisk 500GB Extreme PRO Portable External SSD, WD 512GB My Passport SSD Portable Storage.
  • Remember to delete footages periodically that you do not require or transfer the old footages to other devices.
  • Always aware about How Long Do SD Cards Last

Always Check for Software Updates

The Tesla integrates software updates to enhance the viewer’s experience, and gives great experience to its users. In 2022 the company gave the software update that resulted in pulsing headlights that works well with sentry mode to work as total security system.

As per reports the 2022.42.2 software update with this update its said that you will be able to turn off camera-based detection, and this comes to the matter that now the sensors of the vehicle must be activated resulting in reducing the number of trigger recordings. This comes with its goods and bads.

Does Sentry Mode Drain Battery

It drains about 10 % to 15% of battery and the 2023 model drains about 13% per day, making to the fact that Sentry mode definitely drains battery at any cost. Keep In mind about How Much Does It Cost to Install a Dashcam.

This comes from the fact that in this mode the car is under continuous surveillance ,and footages are recorded meticulously at every hour in the from the surroundings where its parked.So,all in order for the camera’s to capture footage power would be taken as such leading to battery drain as you are provided with live footage.

How to minimize this battery drain in Sentry Mode

  • First step to minimize this battery drain, is to use this mode only when it is needed. As unnecessary usage leads to battery drain. Like in the case, when you leave you Tesla for only about a minute in a parking space that too in a safe surrounding you do not require to keep this mode on. It should be taken as necessity to avoid battery draining.
  • Avoid getting frequent triggers, this can be done only while the settings could be adjusted accordingly to stop this from happening.
  • These modes work as per certain parameters so adjusting and adapting those are of very important steps to stop your battery getting drained. This includes climate settings as well.
  • In the case of heavy day where your Tesla is to be parked at a heavy parking space you are to keep the sentry mode on, as most likely there is an unpredictability and threat are bound to occur in such a scenario plan head of finding parking space that is carries as parking station. This makes easy charging in instance of severe battery drain.

Sentry Mode Event Videos

The Sentry mode is very innovative and smart way to get total security to your cars in a parking space. The continuous live recording it does the huge work of capturing any events of threats or other unprecedented events that can happen when you are away from the car. The benefits of this mode are a totally killer to watch by and the software updates have given added features to this which has made the whole system a total package for ultimate security camera surveillance as it comes with 360-degree view.


How do you recover a Tesla footage?

All the footages that are recorded into tesla’s memory and can be recovered through the Tesla App, you can find this option in the safety and Security option.

Where are my Tesla recordings?

To get access to the live footage of the recordings go to Security and choose Sentry mode from there you can get the live access option from which you will be able to get love footage and access the video or your Tesla Recordings.

Can you retrieve deleted Dashcam footage Tesla?

There are various options available to retrieve your deleted Dash Cam footage in such a case you can use, for mac users take advantage of   EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard as well as try using Disk utility.