How To Zoom In On Dashcam Video?

To zoom into the dash cam video is to use the pinch to zoom option on the touch screen this is one method and there is another method as well that is to right click on the footage and select from the menu the Zoom in option ,

by applying these two methods you can Zoom In on dash cam video. If you want to focus on a particular object then Zoom In feature will help you and most dash cams will carry that. There are advantages as well as disadvantages to having Zoom In on dash cam video.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Zoom In


  • The visibility factor will be improved as now you get to see details of footages where you can elements on the roads like sign boards, or license which comes very important at the instance of an accident or a collision.
  • Possibility of detailed analysis of the footage.
  • Present itself as concrete evidence.
  • Aids in improving road as this can help the driver to take informed decision as per seen on the road like any hazards, as well as driving patterns which helps the driver to going to threats or leading to accidents.


  • As most dash cams comes with a resolution of 720 P to 1080 P there is chance of losing the footage quality when you Zoom In.
  • There is only scope of focusing on specific details when you zoom in at the same time it does not promise you to give additional details, there is a high chance of missing out on additional details.
  • Dash cams are prone vibrations so the footages would have certain degree of shakiness in them, but the chances of getting your footages totally distorted when you zoom in is very high.

How do I view dash cam footage on dash cam?

The most easiest way to view the dash cam footage is use device’s display as this display gives you access to replay and view the footage then and there.

To see you the selected video on your dash cam click on view button on the display and watch your selected footage. Apart from that you also have the opportunity to view footage using companion app that sync over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity in order to see whether your dash cam have a companion app do check your dashcam’s manufacturer’s website.

Can I watch my dash cam from my phone?

Most modern dash cam does not rely on their display for viewing the footages, these footages can be watched over your smartphone by the WI-FI connectivity your dash cam carries, with the WI-FI connectivity there is seamless transfer of files of footage from the dash cam to your smartphone as these dash cams comes with their own apps, through which you view the footages and stream yourself through the video library.

So just install the dash cam’s app and sync it with your dash cam for easy viewing in your phone.

Why is my dash cam blurry?

The camera lens if covered with dust or debris will give a blurry footage if it is not cleaned thoroughly, so take a micro fiber cloth and clean it properly to avoid blurry footages. If the cameras lens is dirty from inside then you require professional assistance for the cleaning purpose ,this can also make footages blurry.

If there are loose connections in the interior wires (can be hide)can also make the footages blurry and there is also chance of hardware damage as a result of broken lens or stabilizer as well.

Do dash cameras lower insurance?

They cannot lower insurances but these dash cam footages can get you concrete evidences for claiming your insurance as well proving yourself innocent in the scenario where the opposite driver have claimed you as responsible for causing the accident.

Can Dashcams be used against you?

These dash cams can be used against you when you have become the cause of the distress that is if the footages recorded by your dash cam have evidences that your driving have caused the accident then these dash cams can be used against and you will pressed with charges

Summing it up

The Zoom In is possible in the dash cams as the option for this is there in the display of the dash cam itself it is also possible to view the footage from the phone you have to sync the companion app with your dash cam through this way also, we can zoom in the footages. Well, there are advantages as well disadvantages to zooming in the footages which includes distortion of the images leading to poor quality images and advantages is there that includes detailed analysis of the footage and improved visibility.


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