Installing Dash Cam Without Wires | in 5 Minutes or Less!

When you don’t have company-fitted dashcam or any other dashcam facility in your car when you realize the priority of that thing.

Because you don’t have dash cam but we have to main train The Road Safety, Time, and Convenience.

right? Why Install a Dash Cam Without Wires?

Maybe you are a parent who wants to easily fix the dash cam in your secondary car don’t want into complicated camera wiring or you are using a rental car that just needs a dash cam for some days, or you are like me using a lower trim car company don’t the dash cam

in that scenario, there is way to Installing Dash Cam Without Wires,  without drilling holes, and without cutting wires.

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if you are someone who doesn’t want to play with your vehicle’s wiring and electronics, as originality is very precious.

How to Install a Dash Cam Without Wires

USB port or Cigarette Lighter Socket, you can take power from those sockets in a second very easily and then stick the dashcam through Suction MountDouble-sided tapeAir Vent Mount.

so, you mount and give power to the dashcam very easily, SAY NO TO COMPLICATED DASHCAM WIRING. Below cameras are battery powered dash cam no wires

1, Suction Mount: 

This type of mount is very popular for such scenarios, attach your dashcam using suction cup, actually very easy to install and easy to remove from car windscreen, it won’t leave any unwanted marks or any damage.

2, Double-sided tape: 

This type of tape is also very popular to stick your dashcam in the windscreen or the dashboard, always make sure that before you apply the double-sided tap to clean the surface properly.

3, Air Vent Mount:

If you don’t like that upper 2 option because you are using small hatch bag car and have limited space in windscreen or in total dashboard, you can go for Air Vent Mount for your dashcam mont.

Tips for Installing a Dash Cam Without Wires

as we have already discussed many ways , which method is working for you go for that way, without any drilling holes or unwanted cutting wires.

Now, Installing dash cam without wires front and rear

Mounting location:

First of all choose choose camera mounting location, i recoment behind the rearview mirror so camera catch proper road view, no matter if you have a big SUV or small haatchbag.

Cleaning windshield:

its time to clean the properly windshield before attaching the suction cup or adhesive mount, without clening it doesn’t make any sense to attach the dashcam because its not recommended it can fall down in a bumpy ride.

Prefer high-quality suction cup mount:

make sure it should be high quality only because it keep your dash cam securely in place, no matter the rides bumpy.

Format micro sd card:

its very important to erase existing data from your sd card, because your past data might be uncomfortable with dash cam. So, do that before you start the dashcam.

Test and drive:

if you are done with all the installing processes make sure to record few minute video with a sort drive, the footage should be clear and sharp.

Very important as we are using a wireless dash cam, so make sure to charge regularly. Lastly, battery life depends on model to model make sure you read the product manual book.

Can you power a dash cam from a battery pack?

Yes you can power a dash cam from a battery pack. In market, there are particular battery packs available for running car dashcams. As Those batteries are made for dash cam they are very high capacity batteries and will give you long-range battery backup.

The dashcam battery packs come with many advantages like- it giving you the freedom to use the parking mode function which provides you full car safety, when your car is in parking mode dashcam keeps on always and will record unwanted activity.

Very easy to connect the dash cam to the battery pack through just the power cable given in the battery pack box.

Where do Dashcams get their power from?

The question is genuine, where exactly take power for dash cam, when I’m a beginner I had the same question before buying dashcam for my car.

dash cam mostly can take power from 3-4 way, from any of them you can provide power.

1, cigarette lighter socket (12V)/cigarette lighter: which also known as an accessory port from this socket mostly people take power for their dash cam and also for other accessories like mobile charger, tire inflater, extra cabin lights, etc.

2, OBD Cable: This is also popular method, for this connection your job will be

first, locate your OBD outlet mostly on every car it will be under the steering wheel and now just put the OBD adaptor in the port and connect the other end to your dashcam, and your dashcam ready for get power.

find out more ways (cam hardwire kit,hard wire kit, fuse box)

Can I leave my dash cam plugged in to cigarette lighter?

the answer is yes and no also it depends your electronic,

not understanding! well if your car cigarette lighter port stay on even your car is off than, its very important to don’t leave your dash cam plugged into cigarette lighter. it will harm your dash cam extremely unless your dashcam offer parking mode.

If in case your dash cam doesn’t offer parking mode function, then in most cases your dash cam will Overheat and it will do Battery draining. end of the story will Damage the dash cam!

Does dash cam reduce car battery life?

like as i mentioned upper section it can reduce noticeably if you stay on your dash cam always, make sure if your dash cam has parking mode function keep on when you are in parking. otherwise, it will reduce battery life unnecessarily like other accessories.

Can you use a portable charger for a dash cam?

yes! You can use it for a shorter time in case its urgent but make sure its not recommended always it can overheat and damage your dash cam if you are useing it too long.

Does a dash cam have to be plugged in to work?

when dash cam starts initially you don’t have to plug in because it has in built battery in dash cam, it will start for shorter time but if you want to stay on it needs external power in normal dash cams.


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