Is 1080p Dash Cam Enough?

A dash cam with 1080 p resolution is recommended as good as the footages captured by the dash cam will have total pixel of 2,073,600 which gives superior quality high-definition image.

This 1080 p resolution works well in identifying license plates, along with faces with individuals as well the benefits does not end there as 1080 p resolution dash cams can work well in low-light conditions as well.

While in comparing to 4K resolution dash cams will give you footages with superior clarity with crystal clear images at the cost of having footages that comes with larger file size from that of 1080 p resolution.

These 1080 p resolution dash cam does not overload your storage device’s memory or the processor as well and this resolution is the industry recommend standard for dash cam recordings.

At the use of these dash cams with this1080 p resolution comes to those vehicle owners who want go for dash cams that comes in their budget without not being compromised on the quality of the video footage, as the video captured by the dash cam comes with enough clarity as well as sharpness with good performance in low-light condition which aids you to identify license plates, as well other details for your need.

Is 4K dashcam better than 1080?

Dash cams with 4K resolution will give the vehicle owner with superior quality images and videos as the footage captured would be crystal clear.

The 4K resolution also known as UHD or ultra-HD would give you high quality footages at the cost of taking up huge amount of space on your storage device what the 4K resolution provides you with is the superior zooming possible which works very seamlessly even at the height of super high zoom levels.

The 4K is four times 1080 p resolution, since this has a greater number of pixels the image of the dash cams with this resolution while being viewed on a larger screen comes with a benefit of having any sort of distortion happening.

What we should not miss out the fact is that not all dash cam that promises you with 4K resolution in their dash cam might not provide you the same quality as some of them have cheated on the true 4K resolution, but there are reputed companies in the dash cam market that provide you with true 4K resolution in their dash cam.

How long will a 1080P dash cam record for?

The dash cam with 1080 p resolution can record for about four hours of recording as in before loop recording feature starts to jump in but this is also decided upon by the size of SD card you are using on your dash cam and this finally decides what amount of data or volume of data would be stored on to the storage device.

We can say about for which a SD card of 32 GB can record about two hours of footage and a SD card of 64 GB can record about eight hours of footages as well a 128 GB SD card can record about eight hours of footage as well a 128GB SD card can last about 16 hours of footage and 256 gb sd card last

So, for dash cams with higher resolution like that of 4K dash cam whose footages would be of higher file size should go SD cards with larger space.

What is the difference between dash cam 2K and 1080P?

The main difference that comes between a 2K resolution dash cam and a dash cam with 1080 p resolution is that 2K dash cam would have more number of horizontal pixels that make up their resolution that on a total the 2K resolution will have about three million pixels whereas

when you are looking at dash cams with 1080p resolution they would have a total of two million pixels ,the more the number of pixels higher would be the sharpness and details of the footages captured by the dash cam ,

this 2K resolution is considered minimum resolution for digital cinema projectors and the details you will find 2K resolution dash cam footages would be much more detailed especially if you are looking for tiny details then you can go for dash cams with 2K resolution.

What dash cam has the best video quality?

The Nextbase 622GW is considered one of those dash cams that comes with best video quality along with other dash cams like Thinkware U1000.

Nextbase 622GWThinkware U1000
  This dash cam comes with video quality of 4K resolution along with wide angle lens of 140 degrees.It comes with built in GPS connectivity.The dash cam carries parking mode features as well as advanced safety feature like emergency SOS.    This dash cam comes with a video quality of 4K resolution front cam and rear cam of 2K QHD with a wide-angle lens of 156 degrees.Does not support GPS functionality.This dash cam comes with parking mode along with advanced safety feature of RADAR sensor.  

Should dashcam be FPS or resolution?  

The more the frame rate the better and smoother would be the footages when you slow down the video, the higher the resolution the quality of the video would top notch along with more details as well as the sharpness of the images or footage captured as well.

Summing it up

In the above we have discussed about the 1080 p resolution in dash cams as well as about dash cams with 4K resolution as well.

The 1080 p resolution is the standard resolution in the dash cam market. Although 4K resolution would give you footage with superior quality along with more details as well as sharpness the footages captured would be of larger file size that can become a load on the storage device you are using.

We have also talked about dash cams that has superior video quality as well their other features they carry along. Those dash cams with high resolution should go for storage device of high capacity.


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