Is 128gb Enough For 4k Dash Cam?

A 128 GB SD card is enough for 4K Dash Cam but this dependent on two factors that includes bitrate and frame rate of your dash cam.

What you should know about 4K footages is that they require higher bitrate as well as frame rate which draws down to the fact that on a128GB SD Card you will have shorter recording time when compared to that of a dash cam with 1080 p resolution, it said that a 128 GB SD card can record up to 4-6 hours of 4K resolution footages at the rate of 6O Mbps with frame rate of 30 fps.

One factor that should not be missed out any cost is the fact that the recording time would vary depending on the dash cam’s setting as well its video quality.

Along with the fact if you are someone who use your dash cams very frequently then it is always a good choice to go for SD card with larger storage space and while using the 128 GB SD card you get the benefit of going for longer period of time without the need for you to download and clear your dash cam footage and by cleverly using the loop recording feature and setting it to every 3 minutes on your dash cam it comes with a bonus of getting the footages recording up to 24 hours of recording time.

This is works well for the needing of getting for longer period of time.

How much GB should I get for dashcam?

The storage capacity that you need get decided up on your dash cam video quality as well as your requirements of use.

So, if you are someone who want the SD card for drive recording the recommended is a 32 GB SD card that comes as well for 3-4 hours of 1080 p resolution video recording again here if you are using your dash cam very frequently this storage capacity will not be enough for you, you will have to get SD cards of much higher capacity.

Those dash cams that comes with parking mode feature might require a SD card of 64GB which comes in improving the durability as well extended period of parking mode that you require as with higher capacity storage device there is no worry on whether the memory will get full as well as it gives it aids to the camera to stay active and get the captured footages stored to the SD card simultaneously throughout the night.

The situations will again change if you are using a dash cam that comes with 4K resolution, here smaller SD cards would come of no use as well as the matter that higher the resolution the bigger the files would be which makes you to have SD cards that have higher storage capacity, those SD cards of 128 GB and 256 GB can be preferred in this case.

Factors to choose SD cards

The SD cards are considered as per these factors which includes:

  • The rewriting factor -so when you go for SD card of larger capacity it reduces the number of write cycle as well extends the life of SD cards, as most dash cams comes with loop recording features so choosing SD card of larger size could come very useful to you.
  • The next should be your usage time -this is based up on how long you are using your dash cam, as about for one hour of 1080 p resolution would take about 6GB of your card, so if you are someone who have longer hours of drive time go for those SD cards that comes with 64GB or even higher to this as well.
  • The higher the frame rate you prefer for your videos the more would be the amount of space it would take upon the storage device of your choice.

Always go for high endurance cards for higher usage instead of going for general cards that cannot take the load and might end up getting damaged or corrupted as well.

Is 4K worth it for dash cam?

The dash cams that come with 4K resolution would have footages that are crystal clear along with more details and sharpness to the images as well as the footages what you should again miss out is these files would be much higher size which would require you to use SD cards of larger capacity.

These dash cam con offers better quality than full HD cameras as well with the offering of live streaming can lead to better or longer battery life, and these dash cam with 4K resolution are quite expensive as well, so get it if your needs and requirements are matching to what it offers along with the matter it matches your budget as well.

What happens when dash cam SD card is full?

Most dash cam of today comes up with the loop recording features through which when the memory gets it automatically overwrites the older footages on the storage device with the newer footages this happens for longer period of time and this happens one a continuous basis ,but what you might have take care of is that when you choose the SD card make sure that the SD card will be able to hold the stress that comes when video files are overwritten all the time.

Summing it up

The dash cams with higher resolution will require SD cards of larger capacity as more the resolution or the frame rate the more would be requirement of space for the footage to be stored.

In the above we have discussed about what all factors we have to keep in mind while choosing a SD card for your dash cam based upon on your usage time, resolution, along with factors like rewriting as well as frame rate. We have talked about that it is based upon the need of the vehicle owner the SD cards should be chosen as.


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