Is 32GB Enough for Dashcam?

A SD card of 32 GB is enough for those who want to get footages of their driving at the use of dash cam with 1080p resolution with the usage of 32GB SD card you can get about 3-4 hours of recording with the resolution of 1080p.

The higher the resolution the file generated out of video footages would take up more amount of space on your memory card.

What we can say with a SD card of 32 GB and with a video resolution of 1080 p at 25 fps can give you about 40 hours on continuous basis and adding on with the same video resolution of 1080 p with 20fps the footages can be recorded for about three days. On about a SD card of 32 GB can hold up to 47,000 images.

The 32GB SD cards are of great use for those want to invest for best of its use for drive recording and most drivers prefers this as well.

So, a dash cam with 1080p resolution and with a bit rate of 10Mps along with the frame rate of 30fps can record up to 6 hours of footage on your SD card.

Again, the usage of dash cam that is how long you are using, features of your dash cam whether it comes with parking mode at the cost of this might make you require an SD card of 64GB for extended period of use along with the video resolution of your cameras decides the amount of space taken on the SD card, those dash cams that comes with 4K resolution will require SD cards that has higher storage capacity.

How long will 32 GB last on video?

The dash cam with 1080 p resolution at 25fps, that uses 32GB SD card for storing the footages can record up to 40 hours non-stop and those dash cams that has 1080p resolution at 25fps, with the usage of a 32GB SD card can record footages up to three days non-stop.

The most dash cams of today come with loop recording features so the storing of footages along with SD cards happens with the loop recording which overwrites the older footages on the SD card manage the storing of newer footages on the SD card.

By chance you are using dash cam that comes with a video resolution of 720 p with the usage of 32 GB card it can record up to four days of dash cam footages.

How much memory is needed for 1 hour of video?

This can be explained on the basis of SD and HD ,on a standard definition video an hour of video can take about 0.7 GB to 1.5 GB this is also based upon the compression now taking along the areas of HD or high definition an hour of high definition video that is at 720p or 1080 p can take about 1.5 GB-3GB as per the compression as based upon full high definition or full HD at 1080 p resolution can take about 3 GB-4.5 GB and on Ultra high definition or 4K resolution or at 2160p  it can take about 12GB -20 GB or even more than that as well.

As per your storage device we can say for one hour of recording would take up 1 hour of storage at 720p resolution and for 1080p resolution the space taken up would be of about 2.5GB as such.

What SD card is best for 4K video?

The dash cam that comes with 4K video resolution at 30fps would require a SD card of 128GB as about one minute 4K dash cam video can take about 450 MB from the memory of your storage device ,higher the resolution more the file space you can also go for 256 GB as per your needs.

What brand of SD card is most reliable?

There are reputed SD card brands that are available in the market that includes companies like Lexar,SanDisk,Sony,Pro Grade these companies manufacturers high-quality products that lasts longer and would be able to handle the stress of loop recording ,and enabling the storage of files easier.

Summing it up

In the above we have discussed about the how much of memory would be taken up if you are using dash cam with 1080p resolution along with the duration of time until which the recording would be captured.

The higher the resolution the file space taken up would be much bigger, so for a 4K dash cam resolution a 32GB SD card is not your ideal choice you can go for a 128 GB SD card or 256 GB SD card as well. Along with this we have also discussed about the reputed SD card brands that produces high-quality products.


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