No1. Nextbase Dash Cam Sd Card in The Market?

If you have already bought a Nextbase dashcam or may be planning to buy it, make sure it requires the same SD card that the company especially made for their dashcam.

I noticed some cases where some of my friends are using the same company dashcam with another cheap qulaty SD card but end of the day they do not achieve better performance but over that, they loosen important video footage.

But in this scenario, they learn they use proper SD cards in dashcam and enjoy their Off roading, road trips and small city rides also, Let’s discuss in below.

SD Card Requirements for Nextbase Dash Cam

Like other company Nextbase dash cam also keep recording and overwriting while it’s in position, so it requires a high-endurance SD card,

for your better understanding, you can’t use those SD cards that you use daily in your smartphone or computer those SD cards are made for high write/erase work which dashcams are mostly do loop recording. they end up with freezing, frame skipping and overall file corruption.

That is why always prepare U3 SD card in next base dash cam, which is CCTV standard SD card.

You will amazed to know u3 rated SD cards are haveing minimum write speed of 30MB/secent. compared to the u1 sd card which is less than 10MB/s. its very important for dash cam to use U3-rated SD cards only

Source: SD Ratings for New Applications

Size & Recording Time Matters?

When it comes to Size and recording Time Nextbase offers you many storage sizes 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB, don’t go for a smaller size because it gives you less recording time and it frequently needs to write/erase cycles which is bad for sd card health.

with that, if you are using a Rear Camera Module then it would be very hard to record long footage. always got for 128GB.

so, its better to go with a bigger size it not only give you peace of mind and a long write/erase cycle but over that more capacity = more flash cells to give away wear and tear.

Why Use Nextbase Branded SD Cards?

Very important to understand that’s why Nextbase Branded SD Cards are only required in this case, normal SD cards are not that speedy, as this u3 standard card actually is over that cheap quality SD cards focus on read speed, not writing and erasing.

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As a reputed Nextbase company, they developed the dedicated SD card for their dashcam after research for smoother experience performance, and optimized way. in one word fullfil the excet needs for their own dash cams.

If you compare Nextbase SD cards are more on the expensive side than other chip brands, but they also work differently than others.

right? The price is absolutely justified because of their research and development of durable cards.

Risks of Using Non-Nextbase SD Cards!

You have the answer to your question itself if you can see it here.

It’s very affordable to buy a cheap SD card but over time it creates problems because it’s not made for use in a dash cam. like missing frame rate, and black& multicolor lines in the footage.

If are still using it, it’s not safe better to give extra money for your own security because if are using it with no granted footges, it does not make any meaning.

do you know, how much does it cost to install a dashcam?

What Will Be the Maintenance in Nextbase SD Card

when you are using the Nextbase SD card in your dash cam it constantly writes/earth in loop recording, so it’s having a lot of wear and tear. the company Nextbase guideline says if you are using a dashcam a lot format your SD card every 2-3 weeks but in normal usage do format it every 3-4 weeks. because it’s properly clean now it’s very smoother to record footage by dashcam.

In some cases, I found many video footages aren’t deleted automatically even under loop recording conditions. so you have to be very careful to check weekly basis.

Nextbase SD Card Differences You Should Know!

The company always recommends Nextbase SD Card only (No matter even you are using a Nextbase rear camera module)because they have faith in it they have years of research and developing the card.

The good news for those who are buying the Nextbase dashcam is that they will be getting one free SD card from the company.

Nextbase’s own sd card gives you extra piece of mind, assurance, and reliability that your dash can take footage don’t worry.


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