Ring Car Cam Vs Dash Cam [Most Detailed Comparison!]

A ring camera is a type of security camera developed by the company Ring, it provides real time footages and alert about any threats to your phone.

Now coming to dash cam are called silent witness as they capture footages to what is in your car’s surroundings while the car is in motion or while being parked at place.

Ring cam and dash cams can be used for surveillance, and they differ from each other in certain degree of matters. We will be discussing about the dash cam and ring cam in considering different factors which are the following:

Dash CamRing Cam
Video Resolution -The dash cam can offer up to 4K resolution in their video.Can be placed in discreet in their area of placement.The dash cam comes with no limitations as there is more flexibility of removal storage.Dash cams are compatible to most type of cars available in the market.Dash can tolerate a wide range of temperature.  Video Resolution -The maximum what ring cam can offer in their videos is about Full HD 1080 P.Does not show as quite discreet and lead distracting the driver.Limitations on the storage as it lacks removable storage on maximum it records for 7 hours of video post you should use subscription of Ring Protect Go-Service.Ring cam is not compatible to most types of cars and there is a list of cars that is pertaining to it.Rings cam can only withstand up to temperature range of -10 degree Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius.

Does ring car cam work as a dash cam?

The ring cam is not compatible to most cars they are only compatible to Acura MDX. Honda Insight, Infiniti QX60, Buick Regal, Tesla models Y and 3, Honda CRV, Ford Explorer, Mercedes models, Porsche 911 so if you do not have a car that belongs to this set of company’s models it will bring no use to you.

On the other hand, your car belongs in the list above then you can go in for making ring cam as dash cam but as there are good elements as well as bad elements to this.

The Good and Bad

The Good

  • It comes with a sleek design
  • Comes with dual facing HD camera that gives inside and outside footages.
  • Any collision or threat alerts are sent in real time to your phone.
  • The dash cam comes as easy to setup and install.

The Bad

  • The subscription service you have to go for extensive period for storage of your recording.
  • Price is worthy to the features offered but are not there are dash cams in the market that will carry those feature not as being pricey as this.
  • 20 seconds Limitation is placed on downloading videos
  • Limitations placed on integration downloading videos.

So, to work it as dash cam there are elements where limitations being placed which you might not see on most dash cams in the market. If those works for then make ring cam as your dash cam.

What is the best car camera to record when car is off?

Nexdigitron NEO Dashcam is considered overall as the dash cam that does the best job when the car is off.

This dash cam comes with full HD recording in 1080 P that provides you with crisp and clear footages along with that it also has built in motion sensor aiding in collision detection and gives superior parking surveillance as well.

The battery of the dash cam is based on capacitor type giving better battery performance.

Does Ring car cam record continuously?

The ring camera records while you drive as well as capture events of threat or any thing hits your car when it is being parked at a place.

Will Ring car cam drain battery?

The ring car cam do not drain car battery as it comes with a power management system in advance of when it detects there is chance of battery depletion on the vehicle’s battery and it has a setting for parking mode to keep the power consumption as low-power this device does monitoring of the power used.

Summing it up

The ring cam are the latest addition to the surveillance cam along with dash cam, these ring cams are manufactured by the company on the same name.

The dash cams as well ring have features which are similar as well as there are huge differences that exist between both.

Most dash cams that are available in the market today are compatible to lot of different car models but the ring cams does not offer this compatibility as they are only limited to certain car models which we also have discussed above other than that we have also talked about their features as well.


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