Suction Cup Mounts vs Adhesive Mounts for Dash Cams

 The dash cam is very important for the vehicle owner as it provides the driver with concrete evidence at the time of any accident or threat when the car is in motion or at the time the car is at parking mode.

The importance of dash cams is not be missed out at any cost as they are quite life saving as they can alert you at the right time when a threat is detected, this is very important purpose of the dash cam and various type of dash cam that are available in the market comes with these features that can detect vibrations and works as an alert system.

The dash cam installation needs to be appropriate for it to stay properly on to the place of mounting whether it is on the dashboard or the windshield, the mounting must be done with proper care as if it is not mounted accordingly it can fall of the dash cam can be lost or damaged. There are two commonly used mounting agents they are Suction Cups and Adhesive Mounts.

Through this article we will be discussing about these two mounting agents, and get to know about them in detail along with that we will be discussing about the advantages of adhesive mounts and suction cups and they key differences between them.

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Which is better for a dash cam?

Suction Cup  Adhesive Mount
    The suction cup is a mounting agent that helps you to attach the dash cam and remove the dash cam at ease from the place of dashcam being mounted on such as your car’s windshield or dashboard.Suction Cups can be repositioned, or adjusted according to your placement requirements of the vehicle owner or the driver, bringing quick and convivence.Prone to vibrations and can fall off easily from the place of mounting.Lacks a compact design.No chance of set and forget, you must double check on the dash cam to know them securely in their place.Not as highly reliable unlike the adhesive mounts. It cannot withstand high extremities and will fall off to the ground.      Adhesive mounts are thin and flat piece of mounts that comes with an adhesive or glueing agents that sticks the dash cam to the place of mounting. The adhesive mounts cannot be repositioned as with the same convenience of a suction cup as the surface of mounted on will have the glue residue in which needs to be cleaned thoroughly for repositioning if the dash comes loose.   Least prone to vibrations Comes with a compact design Set and forget, no chances for double checks Highly Reliable for longer period Can withstand the extremities.  

Suction Cup Mount Advantages

The suction cups offer ease of installation, making the very easy for the vehicle owners to install the mounting agent with no assistance and at an ease as the installation setup to put the dash cam on the dashboard or the windshield is quite handy. Suction Cups brings convenience and quickness to the setting up process. The Suction cups though does not offer permanent dash cam set up when mounted unlike the adhesive mounts but if you are at the cost of leaving your mounting free of adhesive or the glue agent then suction cups should be your choice. These suction cups come as a quick choice to hide the dash cam wires can keeping a discreet look overall.

Adhesive Mount Advantages

Adhesive mounts are not prone to vibrations keeping the dash securely placed on their area of placement, as they are least affected by the vibrations because their place of attachment is directly to the surface. The adhesive has fewer moving parts unlike the Suction cups giving more rigidity to the placements and reduce the shakiness of video and blurriness, as adhesive mounts have simple setup. The reflections are also reduced in the dash cam in kept closer to the dash cam, leading to reduced reflections being developed. The reliability of the adhesive mounts is much greater than that of suction cup as once you set it up it can withstand higher vibrations and extremities for longer period.

How to take care of your adhesive mounts and Suction cups?

  • Do not park your cars in direct sunlight as this can lead to melting away of the adhesive in your mounts and getting the dash cam coming loosen off.
  • The surface of your mounting the dash cam should be free of dust and debris as at the time of mounting the dash cam those residues can make placement loose so use a micro fiber cloth to clean the surface of the placement.
  • Trying installing small fans to give circulation of cool air behind the dash cam to prevent overheating in hot temperatures that can lead to adhesives being melted away.
  • Go for a thorough check on your adhesive agents around the clock to see any type of damage to the suction cups or the adhesive mount this can prevent any type off damage from not seen and leading to losing or falling off the dash cam.
  • Check for alternative options as mounting agents, we will be discussing this in detail below.

Check on this while mounting your Suction cup and Adhesive mount

  1. Find out you place of mounting the dash cam on to your car, this is of your choice the dash cam can be placed on the windshield, dashboard or behind the rear-view mirror this is accordingly how the dash cam will not block the view of the driver.
  2. If the placement is decided the decide on the mounting agent of your requirement, before placing the mounting agent onto the surface clean the surface thoroughly and make sure the mounting of the adhesive mount or suction cup is not done under the direct sunlight, and surface of placement should not be too hot or cold as well.
  3. Make sure not to mount the suction cup on to plastic surfaces or leather as they work best on glass surface.

How to Install

Suction cup

What all tools you require: The dash cam, mount, suction cup and rubbing alcohol

Steps to follow

  1. Remove the protective film from suction cup
  2. Then clean the windshield with rubbing alcohol and wipe dry with lint free cloth.
  3. Clean the back of the suction cup with rubbing alcohol and wipe dry with lint free cloth
  4. Then apply moisture to the suction cup
  5. Then open the lever of the suction cup and place it on to the windshield and later close the lever after the placement.
  6. Take the mount and press on to the suction cup
  7. Now fit the device on to the top of the mount into the slot.
  8. Connect the dash to power source and check whether it is working

Adhesive Mount

Steps to follow.

  1. The first step is to clean the area of the placement of your mounting agent.
  2. The area chosen should be free of dust and debris, if not then clean the place properly.
  3. Next position the adhesive in a place where placing the adhesive mount will not obstruct the view of the driver.
  4. When the positioning is done the apply firm pressure for about 30 seconds on to the surface with the adhesive mount, until it sticks to the dashboard or the windshield.
  5. Leave the mount for about 24 hours before connecting the device this would make sure that the mount is stuck strongly.
  6. Now you can attach the device to the mount and later the connect the device to the power source and see whether it is working or not.

Alternative options

The alternatives to suction cups would be dash mats or vent mounts they also give firm and secure attachment like suction cups.

In case of replacement to adhesive mounts is Static Windshield Stickers.  

Summing it up

The dash cam installation is key to getting your footages from the events that occur when the car is in motion. The placement of the dash cam is key to getting that proper footage from the area of the placement which includes dashboard, windshield or behind the rear-view mirror.

The placement of the dash cam must be firmly and securely as if it is not the case due to vibration on the windshield the dash cam can fall off and you might end up loosing both the dash cam and footage.

So, to keep the dash cam we commonly use mounting agents such as adhesive mounts or suction cups. We have discussed about these mounting agents in details such as how reliable they are what are they lacking as well.

These mounting agents must be taken care of to be lasted over a period, we have also discussed about the maintaining it and steps to do that as well. In certain cases, you will look alterative to suction cups and adhesive mounts so alternate options have also been mentioned above. These mounting agents are to be chosen according to your requirements ,if long lasting is what you look for go for the adhesive mounts ,or for ease and convenience go for suction cups.


Do suction cups damage windshield?

Yes, they can damage the windshield which included dented panel, shattered window.

What is the best place to mount a dash cam?

The windshield is the best place to mount the dash cam.

Are suction mounts good?

Suction cups can detach at the time of an accident whereas adhesive mounts are a reliable solution in keeping your dash cam in place at the time of moderate shocks or vibrations.

Do suction cups weaken over time?

Yes, over the time due wear and tear they can get brittle and come off

Why is my dashcam not sticking to the window?

If the temperature of the suction cup is completely different from than off the temperature of the windshield the suction will lose its grip and will fall off.

How do I keep my dash cam recording when my car is off?

The parking mode feature is the one that makes the dash cam record the footage when the engine is turned off and the car is at a parking place.


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