Thinkware U1000 vs BlackVue DR900X-[5+ differences]

The Dash Cams are the forefront in capturing the footages of the incidents that brings threat to the vehicle owner or the driver, these dash cams make sure that the footages are not missed out any cost to avoid any chance of losing the footages of the collision or at the time where the vehicle is parked at a place as well.

There are number of dash cam models in the market, but among those Thinkware U1000 and BlackVue DR900X are worthy to what they promise to the end user, let us understand each of them in detail as well their features what makes them set apart.

As we move through this article, we will be briefly looking at both and come at a conclusion who does what better and who keeps their promises well and good enough.

The Thinkware U1000 Dash Cam

In short if I must talk about Thinkware U1000 Dash Cam, I should say it is a dash cam that offers superior quality video with its front cam that comes with 4K resolution and the rear facing camera with 2K UHD resolution and this model of Thinkware is its largest flagship dash cam as well as the in the dash cams in the market it comes with highest resolution in the whole 2 channel dash cam market.

The brand as such is very reputed brand and this model from them is at premium pricing, so if you are looking for a high-quality dash cam at the cost of spending a certain amount without any budget constraints, this dash cam can become very handy for you.

This dash cam comes with features that are well built and serves their purpose to the vehicle owner along with capturing of superior quality footages. The Dash cam comes at a dimension of 65x110x36mm and it weighs around 149 grams approximately, the dash cam can be mounted on to windscreen using adhesive pad making it firmly attached to the mounting surface. Check more ways

Pro’s and Con’s

Easy to install and set up with 12 V power supply kit.Superior Quality video and images GPS and WIFI connectivity Zoom in works perfectly, without losing out on details on the image.Aids you in lowering your insurance premium The low light videos, the footages at night are recorded without losing on quality.UV lens to protect images and videos losing clarity due to exposure to direct sunlight.Comes with voice command.  Very Expensive.Compatible SD cards are only its own company SD cards. The SD card capacity should be increased.The voice command on continuous use can mess up as loosing on other functionality while being connected on to GPS.  

The BlackVue DR900X

The BlackVue DR900X Dash cam comes as the third generation in their 4K series. The dash comes with 4K UHD Front camera that gives crips and clear images that comes as superior quality images and videos adding along the rear camera comes with 1080 P resolution that captures footages from behind your vehicle. The dash comes with superior night vision as its built in Sony Travis Images sensor that does the wonder as the sensor is sensitive to the low light at the night and deliver exceptional quality images or video in low light conditions. The dash comes with built in GPS and WIFI connectivity along with cloud compatibility that offers easy transfer of videos to the BlackVue App.The features of the BlackVue DR900 would be discussed in brief below.

Pro’s and Con’s

Can withstand high temperature and comes with great heat tolerance ranging from -20C (-4F) up to 80C (176F).The design of the dash cam comes quite modern.The vehicle can be tracked in real time due to cloud connectivity.The file size is smaller for 4K videos it helps you to save up on micro-Sd storage.Gives premium features at the price it comes at with no compromise.Buit in GPS and WIFI connectivity.Comes with capacitor in the place of lithium ion-based battery.Buit in 24/7 impact and motion detecting parking modes.Video quality should be improved.  

Thinkware U1000 vs. BlackVue DR900x: Which One is Better?

The Thinkware U1000 and BlackVue DR900x dash cams vary with each other and if you have read above, you have might have got a small idea on this. We will be discussing about these two dash cams in detail in terms of the following, by going along with this you will understand who is better than who and what might suit to you and your requirements. Now let’s dive into them in detail and come to a decision who is better Thinkware U1000 or BlackVue DR900x?

What is in the design

The Thinkware U1000 comes as sleek and black matte finish and modern design, its fts as discreet making no distraction to the driver, as it placed on the rear-view mirror. It also comes with ventilation systems that looks cool and gives a stylish look to the dashcam. There are no LCD displays on the cam so you must see the footage on the app, and there are buttons on it which are ON and OFF button for the WIFI.

The BlackVue DR 900x comes in rectangle tube shape unlike the Thinkware U1000, almost like a cylindrical shape due to which installation can look very discreet that comes in all black design.

Image and video quality

The Thinkware U1000 shoots videos and images at 4K Resolution 3840 x 2160 @ 30 FPS for front cam that comes with 8MP Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678 sensor that does the function of capturing images and videos at all lighting conditions and this sensor is for the front cam that covers an angle of 150 degree and for the rear camera comes with Sony STARVIS IMX335 sensors that covers an angle of 120 degree, this dash cam works best for low light condition and offers great super night vision. The image quality on this dash cam draws down to superior quality as result of the high resolution the dash offers.

The BlackVue DR 900x comes with 4K – 3840 x 2160 @ 30 FPS for the front cam and rear cam comes with 1080p HD @ 30 FPS video resolution with 8MP OmniVision OS08A10 sensor covering 162 degrees whereas the rear cam comes with 2.1MP Sony STARVIS sensor and covers about 139 degree of angle. The image quality is clear and decent in this dash cam as their noticeable difference in both 4K and 2K.

Storage Capacity

The maximum Micro SD capacity in BlackVue DR 900x is 256GB and in the case of the Thinkware U1000 is 128GB.

GPS and WIFI Connectivity

The Thinkware U1000 come with built in GPS and WIFI Connectivity that tracks the location, speed   when the car is in motion, in the case of BlackVue DR 900x comes with built in GPS and WIFI connectivity.

Easy to install

Both the devices are easy to install with the requirement of 12 V power converter, that can be mounted on to the windshield with the help of adhesive mount on to area of our requirement.

Do they come with Parking mode

The both dash cams come with Parking Mode Features but there is a slight difference between both. The Thinkware U1000 comes parking mode plus RADAR sensor what is the benefit of this is that it can extend the parking mode capabilities to longer period whereas BlackVue DR 900x just comes with parking mode and no radar sensor.

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How about the pricing

The Thinkware U1000 comes at $499.99 and Black Vue DR 900x comes at $459.99, these both comes at premium price which is quite to the premium features they offer.

Battery or Capacitor

 The Thinkware U1000 and Black Vue DR comes with capacitor and lithium-ion battery.

Any advanced Features

The Thinkware U1000 has Cloud Capabilities, Parking Surveillance and Driver Assistance System and BlackVue DR 900x doesn’t come with such features as much the latter and so the price difference.

Compatible to Ios or Android

The apps of both are very much compatible to Ios and Android platforms

Who should choose

Thinkware U1000 –

Those who look for 24/7 connectivity and control on their vehicle

  • Drivers and business owners who want premium video quality and security surveillance. 

This dash cam is for those who wants the best out of it irrespective of the budget.

BlackVue DR900x –

very ideal for taxi drivers and truck drivers who wants enhanced protection and surveillance.

Final Verdict

The dash cam market is filled with variety of dash cam models that comes with various features that are highly required by the driver’s and vehicle owners.

Thinkware and BlackVue are two reputed companies who have been developing dash cam for years in the market with premium quality and features, both come at premium price as well. The features are well enough to give you best quality footage at any time with varying light conditions, there are features that are available in them that are quite advanced making a clear difference among the both ,this means that Thinkware U100 comes with features like driver assistance which gets missed out on BlackVue DR 900x.

This feature is good as it the driver will receive alerts at red light warning system as well as speed camera warning system bringing added benefit to the driver in the way of alerts and assistance. These both dash cams differ in their video quality as well as on the Field of view, bringing set of difference that comes in the video resolution and the footages that come out of their rear and front cam.

We have also discussed the dash cam based on Storage, pricing, and ease of installation, so come at a conclusion for the dash at your requirements and what price you are ready to pay for it.


What is the difference between BlackVue DR900X and DR900X Plus?

There is an image processor that has been installed in the DR900X plus

Is Thinkware U1000 good?

Leaving out the compression of video, this offers great 4K UHD quality video footages.

Does Thinkware U1000 have GPS?

Yes the GPS comes built in here


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