Type S 4k Dash Cam Review (Full Explained!)

The Type S dash cam has a 3-inch compact display and comes with built in GPS feature as well.

The wide dynamic range of the dash cam gives superior clarity footages during day and night with the availability of compatible Type S Drive app that comes making viewing and downloading footages at an ease.

The dash cam come with 4K UHD resolution along with 150-degree wide angle lens which gives you crisp and clear images without missing out on no details on the road including pedestrians on the road, license plates, those vehicles that surrounds your car all this is not missed out any cost which can become very valid at the time of an accident or collision that presents as concrete evidence for your support.

This dash cam comes with built G-sensor which makes the dash cam does smart incident recording through which footages of the collision or the accident gets recorded and locked which can be presented as evidence for authorities at the time of requirements ,these footages will not be lost due to loop recording.

The park and mode feature in the dash cam enables you to record footage even when the car is turned off and this can be done for about 24-hour surveillance and when hardwired this dash cam can capture 20 seconds of footages as per the trigger detected by the G-Sensors to give you footages when the car has turned off and any type of threat had occurred and this dash cam is very easy to use.

The dash cam is priced at $169.99 which is not very expensive to look for considering the features it offers and ease of use.

Is 4K worth it for Dashcam?

If you do not want poor low quality video footage it is always recommended to go for dash cam with 4K resolution as the footages that comes out will carry superior quality that shows crisp and clear images or videos that carries details on the road which could become pivotal at the time when your car has got involved with a collision or an accident on the road.

The high-resolution footages show up as the concrete evidence when produced before court or authorities as well. It also comes with the benefit of getting good quality even while you are zooming in on the footage as well the night time recordings will not loose out on any quality would be clear as possible.

What dash cam has the best video quality?

The dash cams that have the best video quality is the following:

  • Nextbase 622GW-The dash cam comes with 4K resolution with wide angle lens of 140 degrees it also has parking mode feature and GPS connectivity, the touch screen is about 3 inches.
  • Thinkware U1000-The dash cam has 4K UHD recording with a 150-degree wide angle lens along with the dash cam also has super night vision. It also has built in Wi-Fi and road alert systems.

What are the disadvantages of 4K cameras?

The disadvantages of the dash cam with 4K resolution are that they are quite expensive, so cost is the main disadvantage of the 4K camera.

Adding on these 4K cameras are susceptible to motion blur especially in low light conditions.

The footage that comes in 4K resolution will require large amount of space on your storage device apart from this the processing power of 4K camera are high which will have a huge impact on the battery life and the performance of the device as well.

Is 4K dashcam better than 1080?

In 4K dash cam the clarity is four times of 1080 P that is there on video playback as well as partial zoom.

The more clearer the images the better details the footages will be having and experienced drivers recommend the use of 4K dash cameras.

1080 P resolution dash cams have excellent quality images and footages but 4K offers clearness and crispness to the images and footages.

But not all dash cam that says they have 4K will be in reality would be having them in reality only a few of brands keeps that promise.

Summing it up

Type S 4K dash cam is the dash cam that comes packed with features,

which includes superior quality day and night vision along with a wide-angle lens of 150-degree lens giving greater view of details in your car surroundings, the dash cam also comes with built GPS and G-sensor as well as parking mode features.

The pricing of the dash cam is not a premium as well there is ease in use as well. We have also discussed about dash cams that have superior video quality above along with their other features and experienced drivers always recommend usage of 4K dash cameras.


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