Using Your Phone As a Dash cam [7+ Reasons keep in mind ]

In Today’s era everything we do using our smartphones like capturing photos, listening to music, chatting with friends, playing games, showing our identity on social media, shopping online, reading blogs online, and even sending money through our smartphone.

so why don’t use our smartphones using a dashcam? right?

Our smartphones have better cameras compared to low-budget dashcams, you have to attach your smartphone with a strong phone holder in your car while driving. and save money

Smartphones can be powerful dashcams with the right app, and there is no shortage of dash phone and recording apps in the Apple App Store or the

If you have a smartphone iPhone or android, then here is your dash cam that lies at the very hand of you. There are dash cam apps that are available in the Apple App Store

as well in the Google Play Store that can covert your smartphone in a fully functioning dash cam. (Google Play Store: AutoGuard, AutoBoy, Daily Roads Voyager, Smart Dash, and Driver Dashcam App, to name a few.)

But we see its pros, so make sure it has its cons also!

If you are someone who can afford high-quality dashcams without any objection to your budget then go for it, in this case, there is no alternative for a dashcam

Through this article!!

we will be knowing the benefits of carrying the smartphone as your dash as well as what are the disadvantages of it as well.

Does Using an Old Smartphone as a Dash Cam Work?

Now we will be also be looking at on how to convert your smartphone into a dash cam by discussing the steps to do the same and the legal issues that can come up if used as dash cam. Let us dive into this article and understand this better.

Yes, versatility that your smartphones carries be it iPhone or Android is major and should not be missed out making it as fair alternative to make it work as dash cam for your vehicle.

In simple way we can say that with use certain dash cam apps we can convert the dash cam apps we can convert your smartphone and make it function like a dash cam, giving out similar benefits like your car dash cams.

It is not just that only new phones can be used for this purpose any old phone that works decently and has fair camera recording capabilities can be used for this purpose.

These smartphones work well enough if the dash cam app you have clubbed with is good enough to pull out the features and functions that gives you the same benefits of dash cam, so the punch is lying in the dash cam you are using.

These dash cam apps are capable of using the phone’s accelerometer which brings in effective monitoring of how the phone moves in the cases of heavy braking or threat like situation as well collects the footages and saves it immediately on detection of small vibrations or at instance of moving through a bump road.

Phone is a Good alternative of dash cam

The dash cam is silent witness that you should not miss having in your car, at no cost you should not miss the chance of having one and getting it installed

if your car does not have dashcam even not built in, then there are multiple after market dashcams that come with various features at different a price tag.

Is it Legal?

It is fairly legal enough to use your smartphone as your dash cam, unless you physically interacting with the smartphone while you are driving your car or motorcycle at that instance of holding or touching the smartphone while being involved in driving becomes a legal offense.

That is once you have mounted your smartphone as a dash cam with the required mount on to your car dashboard or other place of your requirement you should not touch the smartphone. The smartphone has to be mounted in a way that it is not obstructing the view of the driver,

so do the placement accordingly and once you have mounted the smartphone then the only point where you can touch it will be when car is parked at safe area while being the car is not in motion.

Before installing the smartphone as your dash cam check for legal matters of your location as based on your country of living they might have certain regulation this will differ from state to state and localities as there are certain such legal implications in the states of USA and Canada that has certain amount of restrictions on the usage of electronic devices by drivers .So check before you plan to mount your smartphone as dash cam.

Cons of Using a Phone as a Dash Cam

There are set of disadvantages that comes because of using smartphone as dash cams there are as follows:

  • Camera quality that comes with certain limitations -The dash camera comes with a quality of 1080 P full HD but it is not necessary that a smartphone will comes with good video resolution in cases of having lower video resolution your smartphone can burn a hole to you as the footages captured comes with a low quality that lacks clarity and details. The smartphones can only be good as a dash cam if they come with ultra-wide-angle camera that does a good job in capturing footages from wider view but your smartphone lacks these features mostly the footages captured comes with their own limitations that these footages captured may not be considered as fair evidence due to it lacking of details and clarity.
  • There are high chances of your smartphone getting heated up as most of the smartphone are not designed to capture footages of high resolution for longer or extended period, they fall prey to overheating issues because of this the camera can stop working and you will end up losing footages in half.
  •  Smartphone comes at the cost of being at the risk of theft, it can easily take away and looted out.
  • There is limitation placed on storage capacity as most smartphones comes with about maximum storage of about 28 GB,30-32 GB, so once you run of these you are at the cost of improving the storage by purchasing removable SD cards that comes larger storage capacity of about 128 GB that will be helpful in managing the storage space at the cost of not losing the footages over it gets overwritten.
  • The battery life is limited in older smartphone and better and higher in newer phones, so accordingly to your requirement set up the power source for your smartphone so as the phone does not die after extended period of use. We recommend to use good charging cables for this purpose also do the placements of cables in a way it does not get dangled up and becomes a total chaos.
  • The smartphone can obstruct the view of the driver as smartphone are placed in the mount it can block the line of sight and obstruct the view of the driver leading to hazardous accidents.

Pros of Using a Phone as a Dash Cam

There are added benefits that comes while using your smartphone as your dash cam they are as follows:

  • The setup is quite simple as it does not require any additional wiring or anything as such of a dash cam, as you just must place on to the mounts, it easy and convenient.(Suction Cup Mounts vs Adhesive Mounts)
  • You do not have to spend an additional penny to get the dash cam as all of us carry smartphone in our everyday life whether it is new one or an old one, so the accessibility is good.
  • You are the cost of using at a time where this can become an easy substitute to dash cam at the time if the dash cam gets stolen, at such a scenario smartphone becomes an easy alternative that can attached easily to your car’s dash cam mount as you will not require additional tools to install smartphone into the place of the dash cam.
  • The smartphone comes handy if you are planning to rent a car in the area of your choice, so to keep bit of reassurance it is always good to go for a smartphone as dash cam as you might not need require any other tool for assistance except a mount for the placement of it.

Knowing Your Needs

The need of a dash cam depends on what is off the dash cam footages brings to you as it is not strict requirement to have one however for a casual purpose of driving having a dash cam might not be big requirement but if you are ride share driver, or a truck driver then having dash cam is of concern to you ,at any cost smartphone should only be alternative if at a moment when your dash cam is lost or is not working at a minute.

If you are very concerned about safety on the road then go for dash cam or smartphone as an alternative if that comes handy to you.

Materials Needed to Use Phone as Dash Cam

These are the materials required to use your smartphone as your dash cam.

  • A smartphone– it can be a android or a iPhone
  • Smart phone car mount –for the placement of your smartphone on the windscreen or areas of your choice.
  • Charging cable –that aids to connect the smartphone to power source in giving a constant supply of power.
  • Dash Cam app –this app when clubbed with your smartphone gives it the features and functions of a dash cam not completely but to certain extent.

Apps needed to use Smartphone as dash cam

  • Smart Dash Cam App –it works for both IOS and android platform and this dash cam app have flexible settings.
  • Navmii AI Dashcam –works well for IOS and android and it is a free app.
  • Nexar AI Dash Cam App –warnings are prompted in real time and it works well for both android and IOS.
  • Auto Boy Dash Cam App –It comes auto crash sensor and it is a very simple app that works well for android users.

Is it worth it?

  • This comes down what you to intent from the use of it for a long-time purpose go for dash cam as smartphone is not built for the job and can wear off over time.
  • For small trips or purpose of vlogging as such you can go for smartphone instead of dash cam.
  • For sake of safety, smartphone being used as dash cam will not do good as they lack features of dash cam like G-sensors or parking mode features that do not come in smartphone.
  • Quality of video and battery life is compromised if you are going for smartphone as dash cam.

So, give a thought about this before you come at a conclusion on what it will work for you.

Summing it up

In this article we have discussed how to use smartphone as dash cam with steps and tools required for the same. As per your ease and requirements you can decide to go for a dash or use smartphone as dash cam,  as we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages and apps that can come of help to you if decide to go further.


Should I use my phone as a dashcam?

Any smartphone old or new can be used as dashcam.

What is the downside of dashcam?

It can become distracting to drivers making them lose their attention on driving.

Can Dashcams be used against you?

The dash cam can be used against you if you have got yourself involved in any illegal activity or your driving has resulted in a collision or an accident.


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