VanTop H612T 4K Mirror Dash Cam Review [Top 5 features]

When it comes to vantop h612t review!

The Vantop h612t 12 4k mirror dash cam is very intuitively designed and comes with a 1080 p rear cam for recording the details in clean.

The VanTop H612T 4K Mirror Dash Cam has highlighting features that include loop recording, emergency recording, a parking monitor, a touchscreen, and a 23-foot-long rear camera cable.

Apart from these distinctive features they also have been building to offer voice control, making it a very cool product that brings the next level touch to it by making it easy for the user in the form that the user can use as a total hand-free!

Well now you have got to know this Dash Cam in jest let us look at it in a more specific and detailed way to know more and dwell on the VanTop H612T 4K Mirror Dash Cam features.

Any product that we come across does not do well is it is not user-friendly, so here the promise has been set as it not only comes with that totally cool design apart form that they carry what might look like more of a user-friendly interface. The coolness does not limit itself to just the design but more to the fact it is sleeker and cleaner to what it comes with it.

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The quality of ease to be provided comes with a price, and well in this case of VanTop H612T mirror dash cam is priced competitively and is worthy of the price you pay for the dash cam.

The compatibility factor brings the edge to the table, as this VanTop H612T mirror dash cam as this Dashcam is vividly compatible to most of the cars in the market as well it adds on the coolness to it by having a built in GPS system that makes to the icing to the cake its already is, and fits well what it says and performs.

What is said is less as we move along, we can understand that when a product becomes user-friendly the limitations does not interfere as its user-friendly interface brings the function of navigating through the menu options at ease and makes the user at ease for using it. 

The products always have their good and bad and it is not new when we do not have mixed thoughts about this and their use, so the experience to me is more likely a mixed one as well. So, now let us move ahead and understand why I had these mixed thoughts about these, and I will break this down further to get it better.

The main point that to be said, is that Dash Cam shouldn’t be missing out on any cost so when narrowing it down to this the image quality in comparison is poorer from both cameras, this shouldn’t be one thing the manufacturers could have missed out any cost even if they did this has definitely made the user miss one of a kind of experience, or it made the user miss the best of best experience they definitely could’ve gotten if this didn’t exist as such.

As said above everything has its own good and bad, and now we have spoken about what we miss, let us investigate what makes the product worthy and considered to be bought by any user for their purposes. Next, we are proceeding further and making the review in depth Vantop H612T by diving in depth to learn about it features and enumerating my experience on the Vantop H612T Dash Cam.

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What Is Their Good and Bad At?

It is not new if any product gets that review that it is overrated and, in this case, it is not still missing out.

Even if the pain points are very annoying as the good points bring ease to the use one of many are nice sharp display as well as the decent camera quality, this still does not make it a perfect one as well.

We have spoken about the easy-to-navigate menu options but we should know is that it’s very slow to respond and there is no other way or option to vertically flip the rear camera – in the case when you need to mount it upside down, the dash cam brings at this case only to know that you are out of luck.

Bag the Product Highlights 

4K Ultra HD Front Recording Dash Cam: The night vision is what makes it par apart aspect to this the 8MP Sony STARVIS sensor IMX415 on the front camera makes the night vision crisp and what makes the provision of sharp night time video, the 8MP Sony Starvis sensor and advanced chip bring the 4K (3840x2160P) resolution. 

Hands-free Control with Voice Commands

It brings simple functions at ease to perform and giving the most convenient way possible to the user by providing hands-free access at the time of driving and providing the comfort to the user as safe, convenient space along the driving environment.

GPS for Tracking Route and Speed

Compatible with More Vehicles: The compatibility to the fact is what it makes a star. the 23ft. rear camera cables is designed as to suit different types of cars, making it a very compatible one that includes cars like Sedan, SUV, minivan, pickup trucks, etc.

The features are what it brings this as a compatible one that comes as to the fact it includes a12″ full touch screen That is designed to capture view on the driving way and brings it to the table a great visual experience when done as in comparison to a 10″ screen. These features make very compatible and brings the ultimate test to its function to perform well.

What’s Worthy to Your Pocket?

The Vantop Dash cam has the decent video quality, and the installation to this product is easy as well. We have spoken about the pro’s the dash cam, as it comes with ample number of worthy features which includes the GPS sensor, and what is more relevant to this is the matter is that it comes at great price that does not burn your pockets, and making it easy to choose. The dual recording it does works as wonders as the camera has features that it records both front and rear video at the same time. These features include the following 

  1. 4k front and 1080P rear camera 
  2. GPS tracks route and speed
  3. Rear view mirror is touch screen
  4. Waterproof rear camera with super night vision
  5. Voice controls
  6. Parking mode

The bad’s are to be talked and dealing to that it is that as the compatibility is the most talked about the dependency of the dash cam on the vehicle its installed is very much to be talked and spoken about.

There is no debate that is dash cam is very worthy of money and you will not regret spending your very penny on this however this very subjective as such as you pay for the good you expect the con’s wont trouble you much but this can vary as per the user as different customer comes with different needs and wants.

What Can Burn Your Pockets?

The VanTop Dash cam is with-it con’s and many of you it can be quite challenging as well to navigate through these features, these are dislikes to my like to the Dash Cam and they include as these 

Voice Settings:

The height of disappointment that its coming with quite unimpressive cause often its responsivities slightest of slightest commands are leading to get messed up making very lagged, adding along there’s other things that adds on that it taking the act of forcing you to take the user’s hands off the wheel so bringing the discomfort to the user, what it brings to user is the fact it derailed itself from so called claim like other products of being “hands-free access experience when overall taken get disappointed as the clubbing of the user’s visual experience in gel with the voice control won’t take the user to much place as it in all sense a very disappointing experience. 

Touchscreen freezes / Unresponsive

It has been noticed that the screen freezes and get unresponsive, however the reason to these discrepancies is quite known and the solution to this yet to be found. 

Reboot loop

This has also been happened wherein the camera does the act of rebooting itself while you are off for the drive meticulosity.  


Its also noticed on the fact that the camera on the warmer days get into being getting very hot and that leads other problems that can jeopardize driving by blurring out the videos, and as well bringing the other two issues mentioned such as the reboot loop or other instance of your touchscreen being getting unresponsive. 

PROTIP: don’t forget to get a hardware kit (What is a Hardwire Kit for a Dash Cam?)

In the End, What Are My Thoughts on Vantop H612t Dash Cam?

I have shared the pro’s the con’s of Vantop Dash cam, and what you have understood is that is all worthy features and certain debatable cons to the product to different needs of the customers as well.

The good comes with it fairness and brings appreciations to the features of the Dash Cam, and cons can lower your expectation on contrary. The pricing is done smartly and those pros are worth investing to the competitive price they have done.

Moving on, we can see amicable features in carries with its performance in accordance to the features it holds up mark, and this is said in comparison as per the function it does with the available features when compared to other dash cam in the market that are heavy competitors to VanTop H612T Dashcam. 

By working along these features, I give 3.5/ 5 stars, to enumerate this Dash cam’s pros and cons. The unresponsive screens, reboot loop, and overheating are bringing all the pro’s to down as it makes you question whether you need to get this product as per comparison done to other Dash Cam in the market.

If users are looking at a Dash cam that is not aiming at burning your pocket this VanTop H612T is very affordably priced, to matching to their promised features that gives great user experience. But if you would ask me are other Dash Cam that can be explored, I would suggest Dash cam like   URVOLAX 12″ Mirror Front and Rear Dash Cam, Vantrue N1 Pro. That comes in a quite competitive pricing as the above.


Are mirror dashcams worth it?

Its worthy and comes handy in cars with no rear visibility.

Is 4K worth it for dash cam?

The experienced drivers who know the fact that clearer the image, can give out easy evidence in removing any uncertainty in traffic incidents. So as in such uncertain events to produce proper evidence, one must need 4K Dash Cam 

What is the downside of dashcam?

It can become pain point as it brings distraction to some drivers, in cases where are looking into it beyond a limit during the time of driving, or instances such as fiddling with it while they are on the road (for off road Best Dash Cam for Jeep Wrangler)leading to getting their attention away from the driving on to the camera and inviting danger to themselves.